Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!

Awww, it's our little Pumpsy-Pumps birthday today. And he would be... 8 today, I believe. He's still a goo'd-looking cat!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Shenanigans

The Fridge Message of today brought to you by the letter X:

After all the Political talk these past few days, we have our short list. Here's our choice for Vice:

Memorable Quotes of the Day:

X: Like McCain, I also pulled a fast one. People thought it would be scotch or vodka but no, I pulled the carpet out from under everyone and chose an Italian instead - classic, good looking and caramel.

Also, X and I discovered that home-made khurma doesn't go good with home-made amaretto sours. And who knew the maraschino cherry was so important? Never you mind we used the meat-washing lemon juice to make our sours. It's just lemon juice in a bottle!

Keeping Track of Shady Buisness II

This time, we're monitoring the situation with Pongsri and Good Humour Ice-Cream Trucks.

A lunch less Thursday it was, so H1 and I ordered from Pongsri. The food arrived quickly but when H1 answered the phone, it went something like this -

Delivery Guy: You have food delivery downstairs.
H1: OK, I'll meet you in the messenger center (the place we're supposed to go to for food deliveries)
DG: You want to meet in the messenger center?!
H1: Yeah...
DG: No, I meet you downstairs on 48 Street.
H1: No, we'll get yelled at. We're supposed to meet at the messenger center for food pick ups!
DG: No! I'll be OUTSIDE the doors, on the street. 48.
H1: ::disgruntled:: Fine!

So we went downstairs and conducted shady buisness of our own. There was the guy, on his bicycle on the sidewalk, barely obscured behind the building.

Why are most Asians always so shady? Time is money, I guess.

The other shady occurrence today happened this afternoon when X and I were lounging in the living room.

Or 2: Oo! You hear that?! An ice-cream truck!
X: Oo!
Or 2: I wonder if it's a Mister Softee!

As we were pondering this, the truck had stopped somewhere up the street. Then we heard a familiar sound.

X and Or 2, to each other: Ummm, you hear that right? Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer?!
X: What the hell is up with that truck?! Why would an ICE-CREAM truck ever have the need to play that song?!

Memorable Conversations and Quote of the Day:

Momma HOchie: You are the Queen of Mean!
X: Oooo! I always wanted to be a Queen! At least I can be the Queen of something!

H1, on a facebook super poke discussion: If anyone throws Michael Phelps at me, I'll vomit.

Or 2, on a picture of Michael Phelps: I'd think those ears of his would keep him back in the water.
H1: Yeah... they're not streamlined.

Currently listening to: "LE BRANC sama Wa Nandemoari" by Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi, from the FFX-2 Original Soundtrack and "The Oath" by Nobuo Uematsu, from the Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack. It still pains me that this effin' stupid ass game had such a good soundtrack. It's almost trying to redeem itself by having that and Zell but nothing can save that game's horridness.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Devil Made Me Do It

Jeebus' Face has shown up on a moth according to some guy in Middle America.

I have to say this image makes it seem like a vengeful, eye for an eye kind of Jeebus. Also, quite frankly, I think it looks more like a Rastafarian.

In other Jeebus saving news, it was the devil who made me play Rock music on a plastic guitar.

Thank God for Jeebus who will convert that plastic for good.

I wonder when the Rock Band Praise edition of this will come out? I'll be there, front and center. Maybe we could name our band... Creed?

I have seen the light.

Like a Moth to the Guitar Praise, I shall be.

Currently listening to: "An Honest Mistake" by the Bravery. Really, it was. Please don't strike me Lord. There's no name calling in vain going on here. Just merriment and amusement.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camera Eye Crisis

I am so distraught right now.

Rush stole from a baby! They stole from me when I was one year old! I was born with Camera Eye so what the shart?! They wrote a song about it!

"The Camera Eye" by Rush

Grim-faced and forbidding,
Their faces closed tight,
An angular mass of new yorkers
Pacing in rhythm,
Race the oncoming night,
They chase through the streets of manhattan.
Headfirst humanity,
Pause at a light,
Then flow through the streets of the city.

They seem oblivious
To a soft spring rain,
Like an english rain
So light, yet endless
From a leaden sky.

The buildings are lost in the limitless rise.
My feet catch the pulse and the purposeful stride.

I feel the sense of possibilities,
I feel the wrench of hard realities.
The focus is sharp in the city.

Wide-angle watcher
On lifes ancient tales,
Steeped in the history of london.

Mist in the streets of westminster.
Wistful and weathered,
The pride still prevails,
Alive in the streets of the city.

Are they oblivious
To this quality?
A quality
Of light unique to
Every citys streets.

Pavements may teem with intense energy,
But the city is calm in this violent sea.

I demand royalties!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wasted Day

Reasons why I should not be allowed to paint will not be evidenced on this blog. Good lord, is that canvas a hideous mess.

Currently 'listening' to: MC "shizzling" at me in Gchat.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Idiots at NME

At first I was excited to see that NME had a story about Mindless Self Indulgence's performance at Leeds Festival in the UK.
Then I saw what they labelled MSI. I got angry.

They decided to call them 'electro-emo'. EMO. Who the eff calls MSI Emo?! The only reason NME wrote about them was due to the fact that in typical MSI fashion, Jimmy threw insults at the crowd, themselves, and went ahead and tossed some at Oasis and Blur.

Just because LynZ is married to emo king Gerard Whiny Way, does not make MSI emo, you stupids.

Besides, are Emo people even capable of insulting anyone? Don't they all just sit around and cry?

That is what happens when idiots are allowed to write.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Updated Zarnyx

Using the term loosely, I "shaded" Zarnyx. Maybe next time I will add "colour". I'm taking liberties with that word.

Currently listening to: "Roku Maboroshi Hatsudou" by Wada Kaoru, from the D. Gray-Man Original Soundtrack I. Ahh, goo'd times.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

And Then to be Hated on by Everyone: St. Mark's Misadventures II

After stumbling crankily out of Kenka with the bite-sized cotton candy, Beetchie and I went down the street to Toy Tokyo.

I can't tell you if there was ever time during my trips to Toy Tokyo that I was underwhelmed and walked out of there toy less. My continued hunt for D. Gray-Man paraphernalia once again turned fruitless. Additionally, Beetchie reached for an item up on a shelf and it hit another one diagonally from it and it came down with this huge thud on her head, braced by her arm. The store clerk asked us, "are you okay?" and was clearly annoyed. It would not be the first time he was annoyed because she knocked over two other items after that, with the second being right in front of him. At least the first time he couldn't see us even though the ruckus was loud. He must have thought we were drunk but it was only due to the fact that Beetchie was lugging her Guitar Hero guitar in one hand and umbrella in the other.

We stumbled crankily out of Toy Tokyo to our next destination: Paul's. A Burger Joint with some serious heart attack dishes, Paul's was packed and lively. That place was so much all about the meat that I took a picture of a fixture on the counter. How great is that cow with a baby cow for a cowbell? H1 was still at work, so we went there to get her some meat. While the burgers looked good, we couldn't quite decide what to get so we asked a guy (presumably Paul) what was good. He responded bitchly that everything was. Okay. Thanks for the help Paul. It's not so much that he was an asshole but he was kind of abrasive. That's just the kind of people they were though, funny but rough. I couldn't get a picture of one of the signs to show for the attitude but it said, "If you leave your kids unattended, we will sell them into slavery". Maybe that's not terribly funny but it is terribly wrong (and slightly amusing - in a wrong kind of way). We watched Olympics while I waited for my expensive assed burger. It did taste great though and I would like to visit there again to have a fresh burger.

On to the street we stumbled less crankily to go visit the Dessert Truck. Unlike the Treats Truck in Midtown, this one sells only about 6 desserts at the whopping expensive price of $5.00 a piece. Clearly not learning my damned lesson at Kenka, I opted to try the Goat Cheese Cheesecake, while Beetchie chose a good choice (you know I love me some custard) safety net, Creme Brulee.

When asked what was the goat cheese cheesecake like, we got a bitchy response of, "like goat cheese". Man, he was one bitchy gay man but then he explained something to us which I didn't hear. All I heard was black berries and pistachio but missed the 'other thing'.

It was that 'other thing' that I didn't care for. Beetchie and H1 think it was a guava flavoured sauce, which is probably why I've blocked that taste from memory and couldn't pin point it even though it was familiar. I'm not a fan of guava. It wasn't a horrible dessert but it's not something I loved at all. At least H1 liked it and Beetchie kind of liked it.
Thank goodness for safety nets.

Right after we ordered and were awaiting our desserts (including some great times chocolate bread pudding for Momma HOchie), this couple stepped up to order. A girl next to us interjected that she had been waiting there. She said it kind of quietly, so in case the people didn't hear her, Beetchie and I kindly told them that the girl was waiting. Then she says, "I was actually waiting before those two as well (indicating that she was waiting before us)". Well what the fuck girl. We didn't even SEE you there, nor did that couple and if the guy in the truck motioned for us to order next then we thought he knew all about his line.

Pissed off, we headed for a seat to eat our desserts. An open patio for Starbucks paying customers was nearby, so we stumbled there and sat down. Soon after, a barista came out and yelled at this couple to inform them that they had to buy to sit and then did the same to us. She was well nasty to us. We'd be damned if we'd pay for a cup of coffee just to sit down amongst privileged assholes who had nothing better to do. We took our leave but not before shouting to each other that what that Starbucks needed was "to be closed like the rest of them". I won't call it wrong and strong because I don't like to ignore rules and was actually considering going in there to buy some water but after being nastily spoken to, eff them and their effin' assness.

We took our crankiness to the Cube or "public property" as Beetchie said, and sat under it to eat. It was peaceful save my complaints about the goat cheese for all of two minutes until shady buisness started going down. Two idiots decided they would skateboard in the middle of the street. It'd be one thing if they could skateboard but they couldn't. At all. I couldn't understand why they wouldn't want to do that in the park where no one could see them. One of them threw his bag of shade next to a sign on the sidewalk and left it there. I was half expecting a bomb in that H&M bag.

It was after dessert and on our way out that disaster number 'too many to count' happened and it involved our worst kind - physical injury. Beetchie got up and knocked the back of her head on an edge of the Cube. It was hard and I was worried about her to the point of asking her if she needed to go to the hospital. She assured me she was okay and I guess she was fine because one of the 'skateboarding' idiots almost hit her when his skateboard came flying towards her and she gave him the evils. It wasn't quite the evils she could give, so I was still concerned she was not that well.

Really stumbling now because of a horrible headache, we stomped angrily off to Barnes and Noble only discover the place was locked up tight as if it was raided for drugs. Next was Beard Papa's for cream puffs. Of course, with our horrid evening in tow, the Tuesday Special was Mocha Puffs and not Pumpkin as I wanted which was on Thursdays. Ugh. And to think I chose to go to St. Mark's on Tuesday instead of Thursday which was what I was going to do.

Not much else happened that night - we went to Gamespot to discover that was also locked up tight even though the lights were on and employees were in there, then we went to Union Square to catch our respective trains back to the office for me and home for B. We saw the lamest break dancers there, and sadly watched each other from our platforms.

We attribute the misadventures to a number of factors.

2. She'll be away for a few months, so all misadventures that would have happened merely covered the bases in one shot.

1. It was a build up of Misadventure Energy. For the entire summer that Beetchie's been back, we've not been out alone together without there being some sort of buffer. We always ended up going out with at least one person present. Everyone knows at least 1 thing will happen when we're together.

Even though disaster occurred during every event that night and people were assholes to us every where we went, it was good to see Beetchie. She's currently back in Grenada as I type this but I'll see her again soon and it'll be Christmas, so we'll have tons of fun.

The time will fly quickly and before long, more misadventures will be had together.

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Here's a blog-worthy e-mail from this week.

MC sent us pictures of his trip to Michigan. While I understand all about raspberry picking and it's actually pretty fun, somehow, after I put things into perspective, it's just embarrassing.

It's a sad day when Robert Downey Jr. is blacker than MC.

Another Bleach Goodie Escapes Us

First it was Kon roaming the streets of NYC and now this shart that angers up the blood!

The Japanese and their continued hate of me is really taking its toll omy my well-being.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bigfoot, Not Be Confused With TenderFoot

It was reported in the news yesterday that two guys from GA have discovered Bigfoot and a den where others of its kind live. They had a press conference yesterday on the subject as well. Bunji was the first to break the news to me and the rest is as follows -

Memorable Conversations of the Day-

Bunji: Did you hear about the guys who found Bigfoot?
Or 2: No, really?
Bunji: Yeah, Angel doesn't believe but I think it could be.
Or 2: Yeah, like Nessie.
Or 2: WHAT?! You believe in Bigfoot but not Nessie?! If they could find a freakin' coelocanth then why not Nessie?!
Bunji: What's a coelocanth?
Or 2: ...

Later on (right before the press conference)-

Bunji: I think this is just some kind of prank from what's his name Borat. Sacha...
Or 2: Sacha Cohen. Yeah, this could be some kind of huge movie promo.

After the press conference -

Or 2: Here are the photos. They look really fake to me and as per usual, there's a fuzzy shot that maybe it looks better in hand but I can't see a thing. The reporters had a field day with those two guys and one of them was really belligerent.

Bunji (after inspecting said photos): Yeah really. It's fake. There's a house in the background!

Or 2: Bunji says there's a house in the background. I'm not sure how he saw that but he says there were other photos somewhere, probably the guy's website.
H1: Wha'? That doesn't mean it's fake, it's their house! Bigfoot's gotta live somewhere.
Or 2: Apparently DNA testing came back so far as 1 as a human, and two taken from the intestine as 'possum'. So apparently Bigfoot eats Possum. Who knew?
H1: I wouldn't be surprised. Trinidadians eat possum.
Or 2: What are you trying to say?! Trinidadians are Bigfoot?!

I've a question...

What does one even call a collection of 'bigfoot' creatures? Bigfeet?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Keeping Track of Shady Buisness

It should not come as a surprise to anyone but China's been pulling some shady buisness during the Olympics.

1. Digitally enhanced fireworks display for T.V.
2. Under aged Gymnasts
3. From one not so cute girl to another not so cute girl - one who sings and one who lip-syncs.

Our responses -

1. Meh. T.V.'s supposed to be entertaining, so whatever.
2. Meh. You Americans got beaten by kids younger than you? That just goes to show you that you should be ashamed of yourselves, Americans.
3. Awww, poor kid. I didn't think she was T.V. ugly. Everyone knows opera type singers are hideous. And as I stated before, I didn't think the face on that other girl was stellar either. I know it's true and I'm sure others do too but everyone's acting as if Milli Vanilla never existed.

Our overall take on the list thus far (I expect more, there's a whole week left) -

This isn't nearly as funny as the time China tried to switch out their entire football team at half-time a few years ago to send in not tired athletes to replace the tired ones, in the hopes that no one would notice since it's a common notion that all Asians look the same.

Clearly the Chinese underestimated our ability to tell who's who in the world of Asians. Though, that was a valiant effort on their part.

Goodness knows I couldn't tell.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Defeated at Kenka by a Root Vegetable : St. Mark's Misadventures I

What the eff.

Beetchie and I have been through a slew of dishes at one of our most frequented eateries. Some of the dishes have been excellent, some of them have been rather unpleasant tasting and some 'odd'.

Here's a quick recap for those who may not remember: Beetchie and I have downed frog, bull penis and my ultimate worst at the time - turkey testicles.

Notice I said, "at the time".

I have a new favourite to hate.

Before I continue, please bear in mind that Beetchie and I have never been so revolted by a dish that we could not finish it. In spite of her loathing of the bull penis' gelatinous texture, I ate it. In spite of my loathing of the turkey testicles popping in mouth, she had one extra to finish it off and in both instances we got our $6.00 worth of money in our stomachs.

The day has come, when Kenka has 1UP'd us. Twice.

If only it could be so simple as a little green mushroom that gives you extra life and not a poisonous cross bone purple mushroom that poisons you.

That is what we got last night, friends. A whole lot of cross bone purple mushrooms that poisoned us in the form of raw squid and julienne taro.

For. Shame.

"Notice how tiny the dish is?" said Beetchie, when our raw squid came to us.
"Yeah...", I replied.

The reason? It tastes of the smell of a fish that's been caught and gutted right on a pier. It was Briny, and when in the mouth initially, it just hit you. As Beetchie pointed out, chewing it just made it get tougher.

I kept eating it because I realized that I could cut the taste some by eating with some cabbage. Thank goodness for the Japanese and their obsession with cabbage as a garnish/vegetable side but alas, there's only so much anything can do to cut the taste of raw squid. Instead of feeling nauseous every time I put a piece in my mouth, I decided to stop after half of it was gone.

As a side note, I can taste the raw squid today if I think about it.

Next up were the croquettes. I don't know what the love is for some croquettes with the Japanese but it was a welcome dish. We got the creamy style.

We followed our delicious croquettes with a delicious side of beef intestines in a miso sauce. However, they were a bit too salty. They did however, work well with our salmon onigiri.

The salmon onigiri was a bit of a disaster because I don't think I will find one as good as the 3 for 150 yen we found on the streets of Ueno (the first neighbourhood we stayed at in Tokyo). It was disastrous because it was massive with not enough salmon and that was dry. Oh how I missed my fatty pork filling. ::tear::

Our fifth dish was the Hotate Butter. You can't really go wrong with scallops cooked in butter as we discovered years ago from this place but somehow it managed to be slightly off. For some reason they fancied up the scallops and decided they'd dabble in the arts of presentation. I miss the plain old plate. It just adds so much more backstreet shadiness/Yakuza to the mix when everything's kept simple.

Okay, so maybe I don't know what Yakuza behaviour is like (thank goodness) but I have experienced, and with great fondness, just sitting in a dinky hole in the wall place full of comfort, with a Hattori Hanzo of a chef and a few 'on their way to being drunk but harmless' Japanese buisnessmen. The food's great and simple because the experience is great yet simple.

And another thing before I carry on with the food misadventures - what the hell happened at Kenka?! The servers had all changed. The Chefs looked different to me as well and ::gasp!:: one of the servers was white! It's possible she was mixed but if that's the case then she really sucked up the white there. Beetchie missed the bitchy girl that hated on us every time we got there and I missed my guy who nodded and smiled at me like a smart-ass when I ordered the bull penis. Oh, and this one girl judged us when we couldn't finish the squid, "You don't like that?". You know what you, shut the fuck up! I'm sure she doesn't even like it. The ass.

Back to the food with the next dish being grilled fishies filled with roe. It tasted like grilled fish and that was that. There was nothing too spectacular about it other than the fact that the fish seemed to be talking to us.

We were not satisfied and opted to get two more items. We decided on fried oysters (which was rather disappointing - it too, tasted of ocean but not strong like the squid) and taro. Taro was probably the worst suggestion I could make (and Beetchie was distraught that she whole-heartily agreed) and this was the other dish to slay us and made us admit defeat.

 If there's one Japanese word/dish I need to learn let it be this one, so I know to avoid it like the god damned Plague.

Of all the things, Yamaimo Senbongiri is by far the most embarrassing and vile thing we've ever eaten there. Who knew that a root vegetable could be evil! I've decided that I will only eat taro mashed, deep fried and stuffed with meat i.e. I will only eat it at dim sum.

The texture was slimy but to the point of it almost being as though it was cut up and then spat upon by a 3 people who had massive collections of spittle. Honestly, you'd think Beetchie would be okay with dish considering she drank the Water of Thousands of People's Spit last year in Tokyo. Heh, heh. Sorry B., I had to go there.

Here's some video to better demonstrate why:

Beetchie likened it to the taste of vomit. I likened it to nothing because I tried 2 pieces and have since repressed that memory.

Can you believe Beetchie actually kept eating it, first trying to give it a chance by suggesting maybe we didn't eat it right - proceeded to douse it in soy sauce and wasabi? That didn't help the situation either.

At least no one can say we're not fighters.


We left unhappily and with our little cups of sugar for the Cotton Candy Machine.
Even that turned out to be a failure.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Ah, Fall in August

Today was a strange Operation Impending Doom II.VII kind of day.

It stormed fiercely in NYC. It's rare there's thunder of that calibur. A preview to 2012, I'm sure. I thought the Apocalypse was upon us for a second there.

It's evening now and it continues to be pretty cool. I swear the little puddle that forms outside of H1's house when it rains has frozen over. It feels a little bit like Fall, which excites me. I love Fall, as I'm sure I've stated before. H1 on the other hand, doesn't like it because it usually signals that Winter would soon follow. That's how I feel about Spring - I can't stand it because Summer's always at its heels.

See? It takes Fall Weather to make August less sucky.

Currently listening to: "Weird" by Menomena. Thanks to TD5 for helping me remember to listen again. I haven't in a while.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Friday, August 08, 2008


I felt it necessary to post on this day, the only time we'll ever get to see all those 8s together.

Apparently the Atom Smasher will be turned on September 12th, so Operation Impending Doom II.V is forthcoming.

In the meanwhile, I found a thing that looks really familiar to me, H1. Very, very familiar. It's called "Flock" and it comes out in September. Suddenly, I feel slightly scared.

Currently listening to and watching: The Marching of the Countries at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics on TV.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I drew last night instead of posting the many blogs I did tonight because Blogger had a scheduled maintenance that they claimed would last 10 minutes, said it was done then proceeded to lie to me by not working.

Here's what resulted and it's not that cute, nor does that look like Raguel's hand but it looks like Van Joshua's and that's scary. I'm thinking I need to write some horrible story to go along with this picture. Oh, that won't be pretty. Additionally, Raguel has no legs, H1. And I'm not just saying that 'cause I can't draw feet.

This picture looks suspiciously like one I've done before trying to model him after a Disgaea character with the same hand gesture and everything. Ugh, I hate when my brain is muddled, which now that I think about it is all the time.


Raguel, drawn with a good ol' pencil and unfinished. I only did this because I wanted to draw a hood because I had forgotten my initial design for him was that Raguel wore a hood. I remembered after I saw a picture of Allen Walker from D. Gray Man. "Oh Yeah...Raguel's got one of those to hide those non-eyes he's got..."

Currently listening to: "The President Evil King" by Yoshikazu Kawatani, from the Okage Original Soundtrack. Man, I'd love to finish this awesomely hilarious yet 'cheap' game.

A Summer Shot or Two and Some Eats

Let's go back to the before time when Chrissy Lee was here and then to last week when MC was here.

Here's a shot CLee and I took on one of our jaunts to Midtown. This thing was sitting outside Rockefeller Center. It's a pretty cool thing and has since been removed:

People, we gotta be like Kayne. We gotta be like that guy who is being like Kayne:

Here are some pictures I meant to post sometime ago but well, laziness is a hell of a thing I suppose:

Ah yes, the things I will do with chicken feet. Victory!

Ah yes, the things I will do with crab gundys. Victory x 2!

And now for some of our favourite Indian Sweets:

OMG, you people see that right? It's Parasad in a box! Microwavable! It's damned amazing.

Khurma, yum.

Jillabee (umm, yeah, H1 I was displaced so I can't spell)

Gulab Jamun, my favourite. Mmmm.

This just makes me think that H1 and I should celebrate Divali this year by making stuff. Let's plan, H1!

Currently listening to: "Seabeast" by Mastodon, and "The Queen Ant" by Tsuyoshi Sekito, from the Brave Fencer Musashiden Original Soundtrack. Still one of the best game and soundtracks, eva'! They should port it to the PSP or the DS. I'd play it again, for the 4th time.

So What Exactly Happened to the Crabs?

Their brethren were YouTubed to determine the best method of destruction and cleaning.  Having the visual aid was most welcome and helpful.

So to remember what we did for future reference:

1.  We shocked them in some ice water which stunned them so as to not be harmed by their gundys

2.  We laid them out on their backs so their bellies showed and speared under the mouths

3.  The tops were removed and they were then cut in half.

Harsh, I know. We felt sorry for the little crabs.

After being frozen over night, Momma HOchie prepared Sunday Lunch. Oh yes. Thank you crabs, for providing a wonderful addition to the callalloo along with the pigtails, with a lovely side of macaroni pie, rice and some awesome-assed stewed chicken. Yum.

The bottom line, is that the crabs went INTO my mouth.

Currently listening to: "Grab the Mic" by Mindless Self Indulgence, followed by "Time of Judgment" by Nobuo Uematsu, from the Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Obsessions for Weeks: 06/22/08 - 07/20/08

The World Ends With You

The pin obsession has grown, my like of characters has grown, but the actual system the game runs on makes it fantastic. Here are the main characters - they're kind of cute, right?

Of course, I would like the boy with the silver hair who is well dressed and an asshole. Yep, Joshua's my fav. (Edit: I LOVE Joshua. Heh Heh. That is all I will say!) For those of you wondering why I'm still playing this, you can blame it on...

Harvest Moon DS Cute

She's successful, I'm less so but only due to the fact that I've been focusing on TWEWY when I had a moment. I let her play, not only 'cause it's fair but mostly because heh heh, it IS her DS. Heh.

Wii Fit

It's wrong how the Mii will expand to match your weight. I swear mine is so fat that its stomach sticks out from under its shirt. That is well embarrassing.

Burn Notice

This should have been on here months ago but it's an ongoing thing so here it is. And here's a pic with Bruce Campbell because he remains awesome.

xxxHolic: Kei

... why is xxxHolic ending? And why did xxxHolic Kei end when I thought it had 13 more eps. to go?! WHY! How could CLAMP take my Watanuki away from me?! They better leave him alive at the end of that manga...

Suga Shikao

After viewing many anime (xxxHolic included...sniff..) with this man's work, I've decided I like the easy listening, j-pop/rock stylings of Suga Shikao. I may not enjoy his face so much (he's not a horrid looking guy but this is a better pic. of his) but his voice, yeah. It works.

Currently listening to: "Mystline" by Fat Jon and Force of Nature, from the Samurai Champloo Original Soundtrack I

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Picture of the Day

Some 125,000 gorillas were found living happily in a swamp area in the Congo. Not only did scientists/researchers find a boost a population of an endangered species but they also found this:

H1 questions whether or not that monkey's thinking "Yay! You found us!" or "Get the eff out of hya, Asshats!"

Currently listening to: "Mini-boss: Great Toad" by Koji Kondo and Toru Minegishi, from The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess Original Soundtrack. It just occurred to me that this sounds a bit like "Quina's Theme" from Final Fantasy IX. Heehee, that reminds me of H1.

Monday, August 04, 2008

August 1st - 4th

The world has not yet ended even though I was of the camp "the world will end once that atom smasher is turned on!". Considering that I am unsure if it has even been turned on yet will probably have you believing that I did not really think a Black Hole would form and sucks us all down. That may be partially true but only because the Discovery Channel told me that Operation Impending Doom III was set to begin in 2012, so that's the date I'm going by really. The Discovery Channel never lies! That's probably how long it'd take that Black Hole to form anyway...

In the meanwhile, the HOchieS have been enjoying the company of Hochie favourites - Beetchie & Alex, with Frass and MC tagging along. Heh.

On Friday, we went to see The Dark Knight. It was quite a good movie and as Batman should be but it made me sad to see Heath. It's not as if I loved Heath when he was still with us but I didn't dislike him either. Seeing him with all his finite lines and creep behaviour just makes it all the more tragic.
Other than that, Gary Oldman was fantastic but not as fantastic as Frass and I keeping an eye on MC and Alex to ensure they were not sleeping (as both are notorious for such things) and sure enough, within the first five minutes MC had fallen asleep.
And it was during a bank robbery! What the eff.

After getting out of the theatre early with a date of 5 PM for dinner, SOME people were starvin' and needed to get food earlier. Since we were to meet Beetchie for dinner, we decided to go to Applebee's for some mini-burgers, wings and drinks.

This was followed by Pongsri which as always was a fun time with good eats had by all. I had about a million quotes to add to this but can't remember any of it. We're such messes.

Saturday proved rather crazy. I almost made Frass hate me for life (which I'm sure he does already but maybe had this gone the way it could have, he would hate on me with intent to destroy). I did not have my phone on me, so I missed his call telling me that he was on the 11.45 train. I only got that message at 1.40, which means he would have been waiting at the train station for an hour for us to pick him up. It turns out rain saved my ass by falling so hard and fierce that it flooded the tracks and he was delayed for an hour extra. So while my ass was saved, his was napping on the train. All in all, it worked out for all parties involved.

Beetchie and Sufi showed up an hour after the potential debacle with a box full of baos and a bag full of crabs with gundys not secure. Well, those crabs were rather entertaining especially the one that was super fiesty:

We rocked the Rock Band, had patties, jerk chicken with rice and peas and chatted. Oh yeah, and there was a huge fight over some molten lava cake between Sufi and Beetchie that I tried to stay away from but it was near impossible since the fight spilled over right into Sunday afternoon.

As a treat for the Oxymorons, The Oxtails completed the World Tour and are now in the Hall of Fame. We went in lookin' like whores being mostly unclothed and ended up purchasing threads for the Apocalyptic "future" and ummm, feathers. I now have a jellyfish microphone and Beetchie has a gas mask. I think she may have been trying to tell me something but I ignore her.

Monday morning saw the eating of dim sum with Beetchie, a pepper flake that got stuck in my throat and a long uneventful day at work after that. Ah well.

Now I'm back to how my August months usually are - boring.

I hate August.

Currently listening to: "Spiralling" by Keane. Uhhh, okay, I was SO not expecting this bad '70s + '80s Sound AT ALL. Wow. and "The Escapist" by The Streets. If this song is any indication of what the new The Streets album is like, I might have to take Mike Skinner's advice and push things forward by getting someone else's album; and "Midna's Desperate Hour" by Koji Kondo and Toru Minegishi, from the Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess Original Soundtrack. This game was damned nightmarish!
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