Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greetings, Fall!

It's nice to see you again, with a Jack O'Lantern Blaze to look forward to, Birthdays, October (The Or 2 Birthday Month! with a day on loan to Boobey-Head), TD5, 1 concert and that other one we're trying to not think about thanks to Frass, time with friends and family, a Broadway Show, Halloween, pumpkins, Early Evenings, Crisp Fall Weather, Dancing Leaves and Pie.

Currently listening to: "Misfit Love" by Queens of the Stone Age.

Goo'day & Good Riddance, Summer!

Another Summer has ended and 2008's proved not that bad, actually.
We had a month plus long adventure with CLee, not that many dog days, but no use of the pool which is a first in HOchie History.

So goo'd riddance but not really because this might be the last of it... thanks to the Large Hadron Collider. At least it's giving me two more months while it's in repairs to enjoy the beginnings of Fall. I'm not sure what the Holidays are looking like, if they're looking like anything but Black Holes but guess we'll have to see.

With all the economic instability and little personal sadness with a Budge who may move again, we're thankful for every day that comes where we're still here.

Hopefully we'll see Summer again, happier, with less to stress, carefree and complaining - about nothing serious.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Divali Halloween?

I just checked the calendar, Divali is on Oct. 28th.
X and I think that we should all dress up as Indians for Halloween.

No sexy nuns for you, H1.

In other news, Jazz broke my glasses. Really it was just a mishap involving her bowl that fell on them but now I'm one of those...nerds you see on TV.

Gotta love duct tape though but when will they make some black duct tape?

Should Be Sleeping

I would have gone to bed a long time ago but effin' blogger just lost my entire post from last night and I had to rewrite that shart!

..sigh.. I'll have to edit. Lame.

In the meanwhile, I 'finished' a drawing I've been working on.

Pencil, paper, frustration, pondering and proscrastination -

Currently listening to: "Chocolate Salty Balls (P.S. I Love You)" by Chef, from Chef Aid: The South Park Album.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cuban, Mexican, & Italian (Kind of...) All in One Evening

The HOchieS, X, and Alex were treated to dinner tonight at Cafe Habana thanks to Frass.

I just wrote that line, ate the food and still I cannot believe it happened. Har Har, just kidding Frass. H1 and I thank you kindly for dinner and really fun times.

After my body instinctively led me towards Chinatown, which is the story I will use instead of saying that we got a little bit lost looking for the place, we met Frass and X at the restaurant.

Despite hearing horror stories about the wait time to get in, we ended up having to wait only for 10 - 15 minutes.

During that time, we saw the City Golfer, or whatever he is called. I did not get a very clear shot of him for fear his celebrity would try to give Or 2 the paparrazi a beat down if he realised he was being photographed. I also did not get to see him tee any of his cans into the gutters, much to my sadness.

After hearing more horror stories about space issues at Cafe Habana, I found it not all that horrid. Then again, I did not have to sit on a little ass chair out in the middle of traffic as Frass did. =)

Being the lushes that X and Alex are, they got drinks of the half mojito and half margarita kind. If anyone asks, Frass and I are not lushes; we just enjoy fruity drinks such as mango and guava margaritas. Frass, however, likes those fruity drinks more than I as proven by his yacht adventures and his M&M representation.

For dinner, I had a non-meat dish.


Yeah, I wrote that, ate it and still don't quite understand what happened.

I have to say though, it was pretty good. I enjoyed my corn meal "boat" stuffed with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes.

Frass got a shrimp dish, which was decent.

H1 got some good mushrooms on her pork but the pork itself was not fabulous because it wasn't seasoned.

X had the monk fish which was more skin that fish and Alex had the garlic chicken which was rather disappointing.

Of course, we could not not go there and not have the corn that everyone raves about on online reviews. I'm not a huge fan of corn but if you smother anything in cheese and butter, by law it has to be good.

H1 and I are planning to recreate it.

Being that we were in the neighbourhood, we decided to get desserts at the San Gennaro Festival. In all my years being in NYC, I've been to it probably once and not for a long period of time either.

Last night was no different, as we did not stay for very long but it was one of the most relaxing, enjoyable nights I've had in a while as we hunted for eats. Just because our bellies were full, did not mean they'd be full tomorrow, so we trekked through and amongst looking at jewelery, African masks, dolls' dresses that we tried to outfit X in, a winning side of the Festival versus the losers' side and a not-so crowded street, we found dessert of zeppoles and a breakfast empanada.

H1, X and Frass also got pomodoro vodka slices for eats, which H1 and I planned for breakkie. It was great times, as was the empanada.

What I should have done though, was gotten some spinning cage meat too...


It makes me sad that I feel our city's falling apart. Last night just added to my already non-smug knowledge that it's one of the greatest cities in the world (uh, not that I've been to many...) but it certainly is well-loved by the HOchieS.

Memorable Quotes of the Evening:

Alex: I didn't know MC was big on pro-life.
H1: I'll tell you what MC is big on...MC's big on being an ASS!
Frass: We seem to be hatin' on MC today.
H1 and Or 2: Oh no, we hate on him every day.

Alex, on my purchasing an empanada: Get foil! GET FOIL!!!! She has foil! Get foiiilllll!!!!

H1: Okay, so we have a choice here... Zeppoles from Mexicans or Indians, which stall do we go to?
Or 2: Indians, they can fry dough like nobody's buisness.

We eventually found what we assume to be an Italian woman because if you're wearing an Italian Flag hat, then you MUST be Italian!!!!
However, she did not do a good job of coating our zeppoles with sugar, and we should have just gone to the Indians!

Alex: Coke and fuck, coke and fuck. ::with zeppole powdered sugar all over her face:: nyum yum yum.
H1: Coke, huh Alex?
Alex: Heh, I'm covered in cocaIEne!

and Later,

X: You too! Look at you! You're covered in cocaIene!
Or 2: Good lord, I guess I should get it off my bag.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Operation Impending Doom V

October's coming up.

October's usually supposed to be filled with good things because it's my birthday month and all.

H1 reminded me though that it's already turning out bad and it's not even here yet!

1. The Large Hadron Collider was turned on but it's only in the warm up phase. All smashing of atoms and black hole bullshart will be going down in October.

2. If the black hole doesn't suck me in to the bottomless pits of hell or whatever scary dimensions that are lurking out there, Janet Jackson will. Frass is making me a JANET JACKSON concert. I suddenly feel a month long flu coming on.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Even Google Thinks We're Done For!

This is on the Google Home Page today.

Please take note of how "Google" looks like it's about to be sucked into itself.

There can be only one explanation - Miniature black holes!

Forget atoms... like I'm supposed to believe that drawing was of atoms colliding and moving quickly.

Currently listening to: "A Song for Sleeping" by Stone Temple Pilots.

Message to CLee

H1 wants to know why you hate her.

She says she is sorry for chopping you but wants to know why can't you just move on and forgive?

Also, who's the chick?

Currently listening to: "Final Fantasy VII Demo" by Nobuo Uematsu.

So Far, So Good

No news of black holes or maybe they're just not telling us...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


The Streets did something kind of cool and way crazy. Most of the new album's songs were up on their MySpace with a message that four were scattered on other bands'/artists' sites, prompting a 'treasure hunt'.

I wish I could call it that but I listened to the album and can't say that I'm overly thrilled. Some of the songs are okay, some of them are judgey and as an overall experience, Mike Skinner has totally changed - horribly, I think. Sure he's grown up some and that might be a good thing because it creates a different direction but it just sounds kind of whiney now.

His poor rapping is no longer covered up by wit and cleverness of the content and lyrics which was always forgiveable to me because that's what made it entertaining.

I liked less than half the album from what I heard on the first go but have no inclination to go back. I wrote down the ones I liked and will buy individual mp3s next week when "Everything is Borrowed" comes out.

I feel betrayed but I knew it was coming since the last album was mostly sucky.


Black Holes

I don't know what time the Large Hadron Collider's being turned on, but tomorrow's the day the earth could end. I'll be sure to check the news to see if any black holes formed and sucked down the smug scientists when I awake in the morning, so that I don't have to waste time going to work.

Currently listening to: "Supermassive Black Hole" by MUSE. Here's hoping there's none of that tomorrow.

P.S. H1, you left CLee the Chicken with Chick over hya.

Monday, September 08, 2008

For Once, A Canadian Gets Something Right

That attack on Noel Gallagher at V. Fest in Toronto while on stage? H-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s!

Okay, so it's not cool for anyone to get attacked especially since the crazy Canadian could have done worse than push Noel down but as much as I like the three or four songs by Oasis that I'm really familiar with, either I have to listen to their albums again or will never understand the fascination by the Ukkers with those obnoxious assholes.

And that push was damned funny even though, it's wrong to laugh.

Here's hoping I don't get pushed at Janet Jackson, or that she has another wardrobe malfunction because with the up close and personal seats that Frass got, that would NOT be what I want to see.


Currently listening to: my shuddering.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Pyo List

H1 suggested we keep tabs on our present giving and receiving so as to not forget when Bunji says that he'll not get us anything for birthdays/holidays because of reasons such as, "what did you get me for MY birthday?".

I was stumped and don't recall. I suspect he told me not to buy him anything because I got him a katana last year but I still don't think that's right! I could have sworn I got him something! Or maybe at least H1 did.

Did I get him a game?! Maybe it was Resident Evil IV for the Wii! YES! That was it! Maybe...

H1 got supplies to keep her in the kitchen:

1. a hand-mixer from Frass
2. a hand-blender from Luuuuuiiiissss
3. a bread maker from Luuuuuiiiissss
4. a subscription to Book Swim from X
5. 2 handbags from Momma HOchie and Papa HOchie
6. a new blog from Or 2 and Boobey-Head
7. 2 pieces of photography/art (Trini Hummingbirds) from Pandy, Jilly Bean and CLee
8. a poem and original music from Bughie J.
9. a hand drawn original birthday card from Gen
10. a The Nightmare Before Christmas T-Shirt from Sons
11. Harvest Moon: The Island of Happiness with bonus CLee and Chick from Or 2

I think that's it for now.

Currently listening to: a heavy-breathing sleeping Pumpkin.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bughie!

"Silly Poem for Bughie"

I wonder why
the butterflies
flutter so happily
in September?

Could it be
that those silly
little flutterbees

when a certain
special Bugh
made her
world debut

and how she's
always made
the world
a little better too?

And I wonder why
the trees begin
to dream of wearing
rarer colors

around this time?
Is it to celebrate
the exclamation point
at the end of summer,

that bold little circle
your friends and family
make around the 6th
of September?

I wonder too why clouds
always save some
of their bestest shapes
for September afternoons?

How they drift in lines
across the sky,
a kinda sorta impromptu
parade just for you.

And is it me, or do
the September stars
seem to sparkle clearer
when they arrange

their Virgo constellations,
as if each were a tiny elation
of the great big cosmos,
because you're one of their
favorite creations?

Maybe it's just a dream,
but dreams are nice too,
and we hope that you like
this one we spun for you…

Love, Bughie J. and Gen

Music: "Something Starry for Bughie" by Bughie J.

"Birthday Card With Bunny For H1" by Gentian

"Silly Poem For Bughie" by Bughie J.

"Inadequate Moving Picture Thing" done (poorly but with love) by Bughie J.

A Product of Card-Bee, a Divison of the Wimplebee Corporation

We're now just taking up space until the end of the song...

Four minutes is hard to fill, I realize!

But we hope it was worth it!

(Hearts und kUssen!)

Happy Birthday, H1!!!!

The present I got you that doesn't cost money but also is the only one available right now thanks to some mooks at Amazon, is located some the where on the front page of the blog.

Happy Birthday and Happy Hunting!

I heart a kitty.

Currently listening to: "Vicarious" by Tool. I am so having to investigate Guitar Hero IV: World Tour after the Tool news.

Friday, September 05, 2008

MRI Friday

X had to take care of some buisness tonight that involved...some raving with Strong Bad?
That's not exactly how it went but that's all that should be told. The machine sounded like "The System was Down" up in nya!

And X did well. There was a little bit of panic for a moment but all in all, it was 20 minutes that hopefully will never have to be done again.

But how could we go take care of buisness of a rave before filling our bellies with pork?

We went to B. Cafe on 79th and oh yes, it was goo'd times.

Belgian beers were plentiful and since I was there, I decided that it'd be a shame to not have a beer. It seemed almost wrong not too so I got everyone's favourite beverage in beer form.

Ribena's awesome!

They called it black currants, which is what Ribena berries are but thanks to clever animated marketing that stuck with me since childhood, I am in the know when it comes to black currants. Which is why, it was no surprise that when I saw it on the menu as an option for a fruity beer, I was all over it.

It turned out, as I suspected, it was of the same line Beetchie brings to the house for Momma HOchie. There was the usual suspect raspberry flavour on the menu as well.

It was yum times but who would expect less from Ribena?

It was poured into a cute glass too that I wanted to buy. I wonder if I can get me one of those some place.

Beetchie, you'd be proud of me. I drank the entire thing. There was no way I would let that bottle go to waste!

Then came the choices of meal. I don't know what else was on the menu but after I saw the burger, I saw nothing else save the moment my eyes fell on some Berkshire Pig.

Thank goodness for the pig because that was super fantastic.

But first, a shot of the burger and some pomme frites that X had.

I didn't get to taste the burger that sounded fabulous because I was overwhelmed by my pig and Momma HOchie took the rest to work. I'll be back though. H1, you're coming with!

The pomme frite of course, was greatness. Mmm. I did miss the eggplant mayo but the chipotle one wasn't bad.

Back to the Berkshire Pig.

Everything was great, even the mysterious vegetable I've yet to properly identify but of course, it was all about the pig they prepared in three different ways.

Starting from left to right, the pork loin was good but that pig just got better at the sausage (mmm, I could eat some right now) and finally, belly pork. I saved it for last because like black currants, I know a pig!

The belly pork jiggled.


(which by the way, reminded me of Jello Animals I've been seeing of late)

It was crispy, uure fatty goodness.

Here's a video for proof:


Currently listening to: "The System is Down" by Strongbad and "Rei III" by Shiro Sagisu, from the Neon Genesis Evangelion Original Soundtrack Vol. 2.

Time Off

It was not exactly how I wanted to spend a semi self-imposed early dismissal yesterday but when we left work at 2:30 PM, there was much to be done.

Poor Boobey has been ill so he went to the doctor. That was at 4:20.
Then we went to the DMV to renew H1's license. That lasted only 30 minutes.

However, there's almost always something amusing to find and that's no exception at the DMV, a place full of misfits, miscreants, miffed government workers and less than merry customers.

The amusement of the time spent there involved the pen dispenser.

For 25 cents, one could get a pen that is FULLY GUARANTEED to work. The pen and the machine, I think are both guaranteed to work. H1 thinks that's a lie since they look like the same damned pens that have been there for 4 years now.

But it was interesting to note that, in case the GUARANTEED to work pen didn't work, you could call for service.

You know, just in case.

If you noticed though, you can't really because all the service number stickers have been scratched out.

I guess they stand by their earlier claim of fully functional equipment.

As H1 and I discovered, even with 25 cent pens, people will always go for free, even if free is tethered to a metal chain -

Currently listening to: "Vaati's Wrath" by Mitsuhiko Takano, from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Original Soundtrack.

Happy Birthday, Brian

You would have been a quarter of a century old today...


We miss you little Brian.

We love you.

Currently listening to: "See You Space Cowboys" by Yoko Kanno, from the Cowboy Bebop Original Soundtrack.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Runk Like a Skunk Indeed

Truly runk, Hobo X has been doused in wine, and hair grease mixed with Icy Hot.

Here's a self-portrait from 2005:

Here's to bringing back the crunk juice drinking Evil Drunk Clown Hiding Under a Bush.

Currently listening to: that runk like a skunk on the phone.

From Me to Me

Every year for the past 3 or 4, I've been getting myself something for Christmas. The first it happened to be that I was searching frantically for copies of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, found them at a 'decent' price and bought them.

Those purchases happened around Christmas, so H1 took it upon herself to wrap up my games, stuck them under the tree and made me write out tags "From Me, to Me" much to my dismay.

Since that time, she has insisted that she wrap things up that I get for myself and put them under the tree if it happens in the month of December.

Last year, she did an expert job of using the scraps of paper at the end of the gift-wrapping sessions and used them to fancy up my Radiohead Discbox of "In Rainbows".

The year before that I'm fuzzy on and don't recall what it was, if anything at all.

So I just wanted to ask H1 if she had any intention of wrapping up my Ultimate Collector's Edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas 15th Anniversary Set I got recently (number 15, 483 of ?????).

I think that'd just be wrong of you, H1. It's September. Don't you be wrapping up my shart!

Speaking of shart, where are my Christmuth Liths from previous years? Weren't we supposed to post those on here to show my ridiculousness (in your opinion)?

Currently listening to: "Numbernine [Back in TYO]" by Fat Jon and Force of Nature, from the Samurai Champloo Original Soundtrack.

New Jello Animal Concept Sketch

TD5 thinks the Jello Animal should "reflect diversity...a lil browning for the pudding cups, green/orange for the citrus type flavors. How about some hair that is either green/yellow, with a lil brown complexion/tan?"

Using his suggestion, a new animal has been created.

After drawing it, I think this is a valid reason as to why Jello should never be mixed with other Jello, and that as we all know, when it comes to Jello, red is not only a flavour but it is the best.

It ended up looking like a Jamaican emo. That's just horrible and probably improbable.

Currently listening to: "Jiraiya's Theme" by Toshiro Masuda, from the Naruto Original Soundtrack Vol. III. That reminds me he's going to be killed soon in the anime and that that will probably make me teary. =,(

Obsessions for the Week(s): 7/21/2008 - 7/28/2008

Cake or Death?

Cake or Death? It's Eddie Izzard's skit on the Church of England's handling of the Spanish Inquisition and why that could NEVER happen. Here it is in Lego Form. I'll have the chicken.

D. Gray-Man

I've taken to watching another long ass on-going anime series. So far, I like it. It's not particularly fantastic in terms of story but with a cast of semi-loveable characters, an interesting enough story, cool music and mini-arcs, I'm hooked.

My favourite characters thus far are Allen Walker, the lead main character who happens to have white hair but is not evil! Really. And I love Lavi. He's got an Osakan accent, a hammer and...yeah, that's about it. He's cute though. Oh, and I love Yu Kanda's voice actor. Awesome Times, Medicine Seller!

And this guy - Tyki Mikk. I've not seen much of him yet but I like his stylish design.

Currently listening to: "Messenger of Destruction" by Nobuo Uematsu, from the Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


From the mind that brought you Pepperoni Animals, there exists in that world, under a meatball tree, a Jello Animal.

Once more, in a quest to discover what a Jello Animal may look like, we searched Google for answers. Google turned up with nothing as expected. With a paint program, a mouse with computer, and imaginaaaation, we have come up with a concept sketch:

Notice the wiggle room. I don't think Jello Animals have much in the way of vocals but surely they must have a case of the wiggles. Being that I am not an expert on such things as one other may be, I can only make a guess as logical as this entire post.

Currently listening to: "Down is the New Up" by Radiohead

Monday, September 01, 2008

Sunday Shenanigans

The End of Summer lime at the HOchieS went down yesterday with X, Alex and her family, and Frass.

We ate like goo'd times with macaroni pie, black rice courtesy of Alex's mom (yum!), BBQ ribs, beef & chicken, mashed potatoes, and rum swizzles.

Memorable Quotes of the Day:

Alex's Mom: Alex! Pull up that blouse! You act like you don't have titis!

Frass, on the creation of his Mii: Oh no! I look like a Spanish (after the addition of the mustache). Omg! I look like a burglar!
X: Yeah, that's why my mii walked away from you.
Or 2: That's right, you don't want to be burgled.

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

I keep trying.

Here's to September - full of good laughs and good fortune we hope, with many good things to look forward to with H1's Birthday Month being at the top of the list.
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