Friday, October 31, 2008

Fuckin' Up The Lyrics with The Last Shadow Puppets

I ordered the tickets to see The Last Shadow Puppets back in July and I was super excited at the time to be seeing the boys Miles and Alex, after really loving their album The Age of the Understatement.

Yesterday, however, I was so damned cranky that I almost did not go.

Everything just seemed to be going wrong and if not for the price per ticket, I would have bailed, even if it meant giving up a chance to see my cutie Alex and my cool Miles.

Thank goodness I stayed because they were even more incredible than I thought they'd be.

Having a 16 piece orchestra will do that for you and the sound at small venue of the Grand Ballroom just filled it and was absolutely amazing.

The Lowlamps:

1. Those damned privileged children. They were complaining about 'wanting weekends' when they only work 2 days out of the week. They also had the nerve to say, "My friends lost their jobs but I just got a job. They're jobs out there." I am thankful that X kneed and elbowed a few of them for being stupid assholes.

2. The lighting at that damned place. Just like the Hammerstein downstairs, I still have yet to take a great picture of Alex.

3. My camera. I love Little Latin O. for its years of service, but in a setting like that, it tends to fail me and I get annoyed when people managed to smuggle in their D40s or had better slim point & shoots and just take damned good pictures! GRRRR!

4. H1 not being able to be there too, especially during Arctic Monkey/The Rascals like moments.

5. Miles Kane's dressing up like a Gallagher. I know X was happy but I avoided eye contact with her when I saw Miles come out with his aviators, leather jacket and very British looking face. Oh Miles. Did you HAVE to work against me?!

6. My Mistakes Were Made For You. Alex didn't do a very good job singing this song. It's probably the best song on the album and he was effed it. Thanks A., Thanks.

7. Our initially poor attitudes. X and I were so damned cranky, we almost left. It's not our fault though because those bastards started half an hour later than they were supposed to and the Roadies just stood around pretending to do work.

8. The Roadies. There was this neanderthal that scared the crap out of X and myself. He looked like he would kick our asses.

9. The opening act, Stephen Fretwell. The one thing we hated about him was the lyrics he wrote that actually made sense. He sang two songs that were normal and we were damned bored. He needs to stick to what he knows, which is the bizarre and... chickens?

The Highlights:

1. The opening act, Stephen Fretwell. Okay, he was funny but his chicken in the supermarket lyrics, tree roots and by tree roots he means himself, and other nonsensical lyrics were damned confusing making X and I marvel at being able to witness what just waking up can do to a singer. He had a good voice and a sense of humour but the performance made us laugh the whole way through until the last 2 songs mentioned.

The video's sideways but uh, what's he going on about?


2. The 16 piece orchestra. Those effers took long to setup and fiddle with their violins but they did a good job.

3. Miles Kane. I was hesitant at first when I first heard that Alex and Miles were going to form a band and write songs with influences of Scott Walker and David Bowie. I was skeptical it took them 2 weeks in a bed bug ridden villa in France to write the album and then I was skeptical when the video for The Age of the Understatement premiered. Then I decided to give it more time to simmer because lyrically it was to be expected from Alex that it'd be awesomely mature and well-written. And then I thought... Miles is 'firm friends' with Alex, so he must be a brilliant boy as well.

So after buying this album, I respected Miles and thought he was cool enough to have a crush on another Brit. Then, I bought The Rascals' album, "Rascalize" and I knew it was really okay to have a crush on Miles. It was rock, 60s, 'hard' and fun and Miles carried it brilliantly.

Last night was no different and I'm glad I got to see him perform and would totally see him for The Rascals if they ever came to NYC. He was awesome, he smiled for photographers and looked at crazy Cherries warily. I didn't enjoy that he didn't look at me but he was distracted by those asshole children who were acting a damned mess, even if I was standing right in front of him. I can't blame him.

7. My Moment with Alex Turner. I had another one with him - my third in a year and half. X and I were standing on Miles' side, but from where I stood I got a clear shot of Alex and he of me. During "Calm Like You" (one of my favourite songs), he sang the first half to me. Yep. He stared straight at me and sang. I sang it back to him and smiled.
Now, there are probably various reasons why he did this.

a. He was probably thinking, "oh, there's Suga'Face".
b. He was probably thinking, "oh, there's Suga'Face but where's her Sister Suga'Face?"
c. He was probably thinking, "oh, there's that...girl, who...I think I see everytime I'm in she stalking me?"
d. He was probably thinking, "oh, that girl reminds me of my gf (BITCH! - okay, that's my own insert and probably not his)..."

It was actually a really sweet moment and I could do nothing but sing and smile at him because he was extra cute last night, which leads me to believe it was choice "D", which makes me cranky but I botched it anyway when I messed up a lyric and he caught it. He turned away after that. Ha. He did look at me again during "Standing Next to Me" but that was brief. He probably remembered I messed up the first time... Curses! And so that was 'fuckin' up the lyrics with TLSP' Part I.

8. Alex Turner. It's good to see he's getting cuter as years go by because I was a little worried for him for a while there. However, he's looking a lot less hooliganish and well, that's just not right.

9. Miles and Alex. Their banter was cute. Alex smiled a lot with his BFF and they were quite happy with each other. It's the kind of happy you'd probably see if you were to hang out with them while they talked about bullshit, which they did a lot of last night. Poor Miles, unlike Alex's fun day in NYC, Miles was feeling under the weather.

10. Separate and Ever Deadly - 'fuckin' up the lyrics' with TLSP Part II. Yeah, when Miles had to sing his verse, I totally heard him stumble and begin late. As I was about to point this out to him and well, to X, really. Miles stopped the orchestra so he could do it over. "Wait! I fucked it up! I started late! Fucked it up!!!! I want to do it again because it's good!" And so he did and it was good.

Ah, funny effs.

The Last Shadow Puppets Set List 10/30/2008 @ the Grand Ballroom NYC:

In My Room
The Age of the Understatement
Calm Like You
Black Plant
Gas Dance
Only the Truth
Separate and Ever Deadly
My Little Red Book
Standing Next To Me
Hang the Cyst
I Want You (She's So Heavy) (The Beatles cover)
In The Heat of the Morning (David Bowie cover)
I Don't Like You Anymore
My Mistakes Were Made For You
The Chamber
The Time Has Come Again
Meeting Place

Best performances of the evening: "Calm Like You", "Only the Truth", "Separate and Ever Deadly", "Hang the Cyst", "I Want You (She's So Heavy)"


To the heathens (selves included)!:

Happy Hella Halloween.

Welcome to The HOchieS' 666th blog post on this fine 2008 October 31st Night.

Spooky soul filled pumpkins and scarier than jeeper creeper scarecrows (thanks for wasting some of my life, H1) play tricks, screech and make merry this Halloween.

It's cold, the wind has been gusting for most of the week and the leaves have been doing some sort of insane dancing as they fly away from the trees and twirl around trick or treaters' feet.

So as to not break with HOchie tradition, let us begin the all-awesome, Grading of Kids' Costumes!

As per usual, we start with the house. We actually decorated this year and even carved a pumpkin, with Or 2's own pure skill and design. Heh. Never you mind you may have seen that Goblin in your own Master Pumpkin Carvers' Kit!

Ignore the mould. I carved it too soon before Halloween and it eventually caved in by the time today came around, so I didn't get to take a good picture of it either. Lame.

As for our costumes, we get A - s.

I was my cutie boy Allen Walker-desu. It was okay but I didn't have time to make a Crown Clown arm.

H1 was a bar maid but I don't recall her trying to give me any beer so maybe she should get an F!

Luuuuiiisss was the Operation Guy, which is damned hilarious.

And Boobey Head was a sensei. A bitchy ass, bandera wearing Yakuza or H1's Sensei.

So far, I've been pretty impressed by some of the kids that have come through.

There are lots of B+s, a few Ds and a handful of F--s but mostly, they've really put some good work into their costumes this year.

Devil Fairies abound which made me very pleased to see. There were a few princesses who were anything but, a scary life-sized tubby Chucky, Leonardo the Ninja Turtle, and an A+ to the kid who came around in her self-made Ipod costume complete with robot-synth voice over.

We didn't get as many kids as in previous years with just 64 and one 65th straggler who got no candy from us for being out so damned late but times are tough! They're lucky they even got candy from me. Actually, they have Beetchie to thank for getting candy.

It's the last day of October, the last day of Birthday Month for Or 2, and we're nervous for next week's Presidential Election but we'll just have to wait and see and hope to not cry on Wednesday.

Here are some October highlights we may have missed:

Happy Divali (on the 29th)!

Clownie bought us Indian treats, and we ate them at Alex's desk while playing "Bole Chudiyan" and "Say Shava Shava". At work. Yes.

I didn't actually forget to blog about this but since I was putting off blogging, Frass' Birthday got priority over Divali. I don't know why I'd do that to my Indian brethren either but really, since they aren't trying to give me sweets and there's a chance Frass might bring me some from London, I'm being nice. Of course, it could be that he totally didn't see how awesome The HochieS were to him and has not been guilted into getting us candy.

Domo-Kun at Target?! Umm, Beetchie's brother Z., is that what you were marketing our cubey friend for?! What kind of shart is that??!!!!!
He is awfully cute though... but I'm not sure Americans understand him but in fairness, there's not much to understand to begin with. Gotta love the Japanese and Domo-Kun. I'm just thankful I got a domo cube of my own before this shart came this way.

Halloween themed candied apples:

Awesome white pumpkins at the Halloween Blaze:

Apple and Pumpkin Picking Photos:

Including Smoked Turkey legs and the hardcore kid who made them.

Bitchy ass ducks that didn't show me their asses? That's certainly surprising.

That time we went also brings back horrid memories of being jipped by a bunch of people who stole Paul Deen's recipe for pumpkin squares and stuck it on a graham cracker crust and called it cheesecake. And to think, I was wondering why the filling taste was so familiar and only after I spent 12 dollars on an effin' small cheesecake did I realise that H1 makes these for me all the time except as squares.

Wrong Story of the Day:

The Halloween 2008 Blog Lay Out:

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Rest of the Birthday-Month Month to Frass!!!!

The HOchieS hope you're having fun times in London and you had some tea for your birthday with lots of little cakes, crumpets and cucumber sandwiches.

It's still the 29th in NYC, so we're not late with our wishes but just so you know, your birthday "month" starts now, so enjoy your 2 days left in October.


Currently listening to: "Krieg" by Taku Iwasaki, from the Soul Eater Original Soundtrack.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A List of Smug

There's lots of smuggery in this world. The definition according to South Park is a person who likes the smell of their own farts. That is a very good observation.

Smug people do lots of smug things, use smug things and are so smug they don't even know the meaning of the word.

H1 and I have compiled a list of all things smug, at least things we could remember, so we'll be adding to this as time goes on but for now, hopefully this list will clarify what is 'smug', and you'll see that the correlation of people to things is that they all feel they're better than everyone else.

01. CLee
02. Steve Jobs
03. Mac Users
04. "Going Green", including people who carry canvas bags to the supermarket
05. Vegans
06. Vegetarians
07. Fruitarians
08. Californians and the State of California
09. People who buy only 'organic' foods.
10. Hipsters
11. Xbox Owners
12. Experienced to know-it-all SLR camera users/owners
13. Oasis, their 'fans' and most bands. But especially Oasis!
14. The Beatles 'hardcore' fans (contributed by Bughie J.)
15. Londoners, who are smug assholes. Deadly combination, that.
16. NY Borough Rivalry and its participants - really though, only Brooklyn and the Bronx count but ask either and they'll tell you it's not the other.
17. Bobby Flay
18. Alton Brown
19. Bill O'Reilly
20. Nancy Grace (deserving of mention because the bitch is just an evil devil spawn)
21. Hybrid owners
22. Fanatic pet owners
23. People who watch and swear by HBO dramas
24. Most if not all Republicans I've met
25. Hippies
26. "World Travellers"
27. People who are in shape/fit
28. Political bloggers
29. American "Otaku". H1, I'm not Otaku the way you think it, trust me.

That's the list for now but there's always more that can be added! We will take another look and think a bit more.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cleaning, Conversations, Discoveries and a Terrible Lack of Blogging

There's a reason why I've been staggering the blogging but I've found it very hard the past few days to not type something down.

Although nothing major has happened, there's always some stupid thing to mention!

I feel that I've not played a game in a while, not before Dragon Quest IV which I'm currently kind of playing. It's going okay and a cool thing happened to me. I'm currently running a weapon shop! It's kind of fun but also kind of confusing as to when I should stop working for the day and determining my commission. I know, all that stuff isn't as exciting in real life nor is it that excting in the game.

In the meanwhile, my lack of playing videogames has been usurped by watching anime and television. For a while there I thought I wasn't watching enough American television. So I started watching True Blood, which is going alright. Dexter started up as well, so I watch that. There's a lot on TV and can I just say, CBS has a formula that works brilliantly for them...

It starts with a body, there's a 'bigger' mystery behind why there's a body, then the CSI, CIA, NCIS, FBI and whatever 3-4 letter organizations can be called in to figure out what horrible thing happened. Next they'll be calling The Mentalist, "TheM" and The Ghost Whisperer "TGW" and make a profession out of it.

Aside from collecting various anime and related osts (thx buj...CBS should give me a job), I've been on a hunt for other music. By other I mean, non-anime related soundtracks. Just when I thought I'd not be getting Keane's 3rd album after listening for free last week courtesy of the band and deciding I didn't want to ruin the greatness of their 2nd album with a tainted not-as-good album, I got an e-mail from them telling me I could buy the MP3s for $2.99. Okay, crap or not, I can find 4 songs to like for $2.99 and still get 12! Why, I'm listening to one now and I like it, which leaves only 3 more to go.

With no way to segway, here's another bit of penned up wealth of non-blogging I wanted to mention: I 'cleaned' up my shelf in my room. The stuffed animals that I really didn't need to look at on the daily all went in a tote. It was sad and they're probably pressed for air in there but I think they'll be alright.

As Papa HOchie said, "you moved toys to put more toys on your shelf!" Yep, I sure did. But at least I'm clearing room for dvds and manga and ...more toys.

The discovery I made? I have shit I don't even remember I had. That's so sad. Also, I got some cool things! Like Postulio! And Vivi...who's not as cool. Why do I have that?

A Love Hina shelf! I maintain that I love Love Hina, regardless of how 'shoujo' that makes me, if that's even the word I want to use. Shut up, H1!

Vivi and one of my most awesome figures, my whatever version of Seymour. Shut up, Seymour haters!

L! Aww, poor ded L...

Ded White Boy, peeking Tokyo Monokuro Boo, a smoking watermelon - all slumming it outside Zim's house.

Ooo, hottie Kaoru and vintage DBZ:

Judge Magister Grabranth! I'd open it to showcase all it's glory but it'd probably need its own shelf:

Much like Gungrave (my most badassed figure to date) hiding behind our favourite, Love & Peace-u!

Lord Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV and Bleach!

and H1's favourite, Majin Kappa

There's more but I haven't set them up yet. Which leads me to my next bit of blogging -

Frass and I went to dinner tonight as part of his birthday and general meeting up plans. We were supposed to be at Janet tonight but Janet J. has some kind of rare form of migraine she says, that makes her get vertigo. I don't understand why she can't include the vertigo moves into her dance routine but that's just me.

We ate at Pongsri and had all the usual suspects. Not picture here are the golden triangles which we devoured earlier on:

It was good seeing him and he gave me presents, making it even a better reason for seeing him. Aha. I keed.

Really though, Frass: have a safe flight and a great time in Merry Ol' England & Italy! I'm still hatin' on you but not really. Take pictures and have tons o' fun!

There's more food news: Magnolia cupcakes are overrated.

H1 and I finally had a taste of what the big deal is about and we still have no idea what the big deal is about.

The cupcakes tried to choke us! The buttercream is fabulous as far as buttercream goes but the cupcake didn't taste fabulous at all and was really dry.

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday Frass! We hope you enjoy your cupcake even though we knew it sucked before we bought it. Heh.

Hey, at least it was a cutie pie cupcake with that flower! By the way Frass, that cupcake wrapping paper is fantastic.

Finally, Boobey Head made me some eats while I was out today. I got a 3 course meal and I hope next time it'll be a 4 course with a drink, because I get parched and I like 5 or 6 appeteesers.

But really H1, how could you let him buy bacon without the fat?! He may as well have been effin' Canadian!

I know what you peeps are thinking; you're thinking I probably should have not bothered to blog and you know what you can do? You can shut up! Heh.

Currently listening to: "Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Have a Nice Dream" by Taku Iwasaki, from the Soul Eater Original Soundtrack. I love you, Death the Kid!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This Week's Obsession(s): 07/29/2008-09/08/2008

D. Gray-Man:

Okay, I'm beyond obsessed with this series now and retract my previous statement. It started off as nothing terribly great but interesting enough. However, now that all hell has been breaking loose, it is amazing. Did I mention I love my boy Allen Walker A LOT?

Allen Walker

He's so cute! And it's really unlike me to like the main character, who is good in any anime or videogame. Factors are that he's a white-haired boy but he's also a tad weird with his love of akuma. He also reminds me a bit of Zarnyx, at least in hair. And then there's his gambling problem... gotta love that too.

Tyki Mikk

Now that I'm almost caught up in the anime, I have found my truly most liked character. He's evil, got great hair, stylish, kinda funny, plenty crazy. He does try to eff up Allen but I'm okay with that.


I don't care what anyone says! My wish list is awesomely long, not just long! My birthday and Christmas are coming up and I need to add to my list! You know, to keep track of things I want... He. ('He' is my new laugh that I picked up from Jasdevi in D. Gray-Man. Lame, I know.)


Then there's that secret project being worked on that some know about and others not so much. Ooo, mysterious!

Currently listening to: "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out of" by U2

Monday, October 06, 2008

Cambodia, Sacrificial Lamb, a Black Heart and a Pumpkin Blaze

Yep, sounds like October.

On Friday last, X took me out for some Cambodian Street Eats that were not in the Streets or in Cambodia but rather in the vicinity of the Delancie Station Stop on the F Train.

There was a threat of being whisked away to Crooklyn but instead a Rooster punishment was delivered.

At Kampuchea, roosters were everywhere to torture me - on matchbooks, plates and mason jars used as glasses. At least there was no rooster engraved in the backless seat (priviledged people should stop their complaining - there's nothing wrong with stools!), nor was there rooster on the menu.

If one were to expand the menu, you'd see pork and belly pork at that, which is exactly what X and I got -

Along with a crispy bacon sandwich with all sorts of yummies in it - a chili pepper sauce, carrots, cucumbers and great bread,

a goo'd time cat fish sandwich with the same dressings,

and a pulled oxtail sandwich? Yep -

We followed it by a soup infiltrated by pork:

Alcoholic beverages of mango and a lychee martini were had, and then it was off to Rice to Riches for coconut cream pudding for dessert. Yummy!

Thank you, X, for the goo'd times.

Saturday was fairly uneventful, until H1 grilled some lamb in the evening. It was then she had a bit of an asthmatic attack that she says I shouldn't talk about, thanks to a trigger of oven cleaner on the stove top and heat. It was horrid but she's okay now.

Oh yeah, we also baked cookies and we made a sugar cookie to represent the colour of H1's heart.

You're right Frass, it probably could be blacker.

Sunday, our cousins came over which was nice. Momma Hochie baked cakes that came out heavy thanks to a cold house and cold margarine.

After curry goat, channa & potatoes, beef pelau, roti, squash, cake, and pumpkin pie were eaten with joy, Boobey-Head, Luuuuuiiiisss, H1 and I headed off to the Jack O' Lantern Blaze at van Cortland Manor.

It was fun and frustrating trying to take pictures in the dark and some of the carvings were pretty spectacular. This year there was a Dinosaur exhibit, along with the Aquarium exhibit we saw three years ago, with pirates added. The snakes and spiders were also back, with a garden display (a pumpkin patch display? har har), skulls, bats and butterflies were floating about too.

Also new this year, were some awesomely carved white pumpkins, a scary clown patch, a pumpkin wedding and Thriller, complete with guitar riffs and cheesey music to boot, smoke screens and dancing zombies.

(click pictures to get larger view and the full effect!)

Snakes, Dinosaur Hatchlings, Spiders, Fish, Aliens, Oh My!

This clown looks awfully like drunk clown hiding in the bush. Runk like a skunk!

It was a pretty good weekend for the most part. It was quiet and sometimes entertaining...

No thanks to the peeps who are cut off!

Yeah, MC you're cut off as well because the wishes didn't come on the day but not really, because I always forget yours nor am I ever close to remembering.

No one's as clever as CLee who wished me Happy Halloween to distract from the fact that he was not the first to wish me well wishes.

Thanks to Alex for goo'd times with Flight of the Conchords.
Thanks to Bughie J. for defeating Takuman or at least, them bidders who outsmarted me for the past month. And all the music, too.
Thanks to Frass for giving me a charcoal-less monkey and D. Gray-Man figures.
Thanks to X for the Cambodian even though no tarantulas were harmed in the making of the meal and for a diamond filled kitty.
Thanks to Pumps and Jazz for waking my ass up at 2 and then again at 4.
Thanks to Momma HOchie & Papa HOchie for the sweaters.
Thanks to Bunji for my Nightmare Before Christmas figures, with the bug-eyed Sally and the very toxic green Oogey Boogey.
Thanks to H1 for suffering to make yummy lamb, and for Dragon Quest IV.
Thanks to Boobey for the Handisnacks, D. Gray-Man manga and a Blaze ticket.

Currently listening to: "Dancing Choose" by TV on the Radio. I gave them a chance since the album Dear Science got such great reviews (and made sure to research they're nothing like a band such as Panic at the Disco, since their names always remind me of each other) and I have to say, could they sound any more like some other bands I know? See: R.E.M. for "The End of the World" on this song, and a reminder of Bloc Party and others I know are out there. They're not bad though.
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