Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 Blog Lay Out

Gobblor's gone now, off to terrorize the Internet on Monday while he makes smithereenies of people's ethernet cables so that they can't shop for deals this year.

So until next year, Gobblor...

Currently listening to: "Irish Whiskey" by Illinois. See? Gobblor's driving me to drink or at the very least has me listening to songs about drinks!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday: Darker Than Hei

This year, some of the HOchieS and crew took part in insanity. I think we've done it only once before, at least in my memory. I think H1 may have done it more than that.

As usual, I did online buisness even though I was scheduled to take part in the 3:45 AM Madness this morning by trying to get a television, then again for the 6AM Madness with TD5 and Luiiiiissssss.

As mentioned, I did online buisness which entailed some stupidness and madness of my own.

I always think the world revolves around the East Coast and our time but failed to realise that Amazon's Black Friday Deal was supposed to be at 2 AM Pacific and not 2 AM Eastern. Well. Let us just say I went to bed near midnight, awoke at 2 AM, cursed Amazon when I saw no deals, then cursed again when I confirmed with Bughie J. that 2 AM Pacific meant 5 AM Eastern and then went to sleep and cursed again at 5:09 AM. I got 3 copies of an originally $40 then $25.99 dvd for $14.99. Sweetness? Yes.

So I missed the run to the unmentionable evil store with TD5 and Luuuiiisss but I heard it was a mob scene for an item that wasn't even great, then since Papa HOchie and I were doing more buisness at 6 AM, I missed the BJ's run (They're still out there so I'm not horrified to be going back to bed right now).

Black Friday seems to have found its way into everyone's routine this morning. Even my Ninjas were affected.

Look at that Black Friday Dragon Beast! I'd hide behind a Geisha too, honestly. I am not embarrassed by my clan.

Currently: falling asleep.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving or Is It?

Beware the Gobblor!

It's that time of year again.

There were at least 2 sightings of the ferocious Gobblor this week. Grainy television footage showed that he was vapourizing cities of people in his quest to rid humans and their desire to feast upon turkeys.

Footage and screen shots provided by Bughie J.

Welcome to the The HOchieS Thanksgiving Layout 2008 giving press once more to Gobblor, for the turkey scratched demand letters began pouring in again sometime last week as a reminder that he'll be lurking if we didn't do some sort of featurette.

Newsflash Update!

There is new footage and apparently the true intentions of Gobblor have been revealed!

This year we're to inform you of his eveeel plot...involving a mall...?

Eep! It seems Gobblor's trying to ruin Black Friday (or give new meaning to the term "Black Friday" as Gobblor has a twisted sense of humour)! Way to kick us humans down, when we're tragically faced with a recession but trying to have a Merry Christmas regardless.

Thanks, Gobblor. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday, TD5!

Here you are once more, celebrating your birthday and Thanksgiving with the HOchieS as you should be. If we can, let the shart that went down last year never happen again. And thanks.

Happy Birthday, Bughie J.!

From The HOchieS and a bunch of Animal Balloons! Or are they some sort of Miscreant Barnums that you're not telling us aboot?!


Currently listening to: Momma Hochie wishing you Happy Birthday and singing "O Holy Night". Heehee.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

39 Steps with TD5

It sounds like a very complicated program for addiction, doesn't it?

Well, it's really a network of spies...

and BANG!

That aside, here's a story of what happened before Mr. Memory lost his memory and everything else.

TD5 and I trundled to Midtown and trundled some more through the Grand Central Holiday Fair then around 42ND Street to visit Toys R' Us and the Virgin Mega store.

There were some nice things at the GCS Holiday Fair but not being of upper middle to upper class status as TD5 and I noted, those nice things were left exactly where they were, waiting for pretentious fools to go ahead and spend their money on often hippy, overpriced, classist nonsense.

He got his nephew some sort after Transformer toys that involved Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee. I was pushing him to get Galvitron since I'm a Decepticon fan myself (yeah, who would have thought?) but at least Megatron and Scorpion (?) came in the sets too. There's always room for Decepticons.

Virgin Megastore proved pricey as usual but I did walk out with something great and free: The Onion. That's always fun times. That and a free Iron Man poster.

We then met up with H1, Luiiiissss and Alex to do dinner. Thank goodness I checked the tickets and discovered the show was at 7PM and not 8PM because there would have been some hella angry peeps had we missed half the thing. Heh.

Our plans to go to Delta Grill were squashed with this new information so we went to the closest, quick service, good food place we could think of and ended up at Pongsri.

After dinner and bidding farewell to Alex, we went to see the Broadway play - Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps, which was not an actual addiction program but I'm sure you lot already figured that out.

The first half was rather entertaining and any mention of 'coos makes for a good bit of media. H1 and I were quite pleased.

The second half started off kind of slow but it was alright. The jokes were plentiful and funny, sometimes expected and 'ran' the same way but all in all, it was a very pleasant evening with family.

TD5 enjoyed his early Birthday present and that's awesome.

All in all, I'd say our evening took about 3900 steps, which I guess means we need lots of help.

Highlights of the evening:

1. The (first - ha) shadow puppet theatre during the chase scene.
2. The cast. I enjoyed 3 of the 4 members. I was not very moved by the lead female but she wasn't bad either.
3. The costume changes and multiple role changes within scene and the non-seriousness of it all.
4. The top of the train scene as pictured here courtesy of the official website

Memorable Quote:

Professor Jordan: It was supposed to be a cast of four! ::dying:: four...

Currently listening to: "Mid Point" by Kuniaki Haishima, from the Monster Original Soundtrack 1. Heh, I've TD5 hooked on Monster! Bwahahaha. I'm so proud of myself.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What? New 24?!

Much to the dismay of many (Beetchie already 'instinctively' called at 8 PM to disturb me), 24 is back! In mini TV event, anyway. The 24 HC is on!

TD5's with me too right now, so this it's even better times.

3 AM to 5 AM:

They're in Africa, and there was talk of people being cockroaches. It's funny how things are. Just today I heard that cockroach Akon on the radio.

Ah, there's Jack Bauer, who even though is doing humanity work in Africa, he still knows how to break a hand if need be.

As TD5 and I noticed, it's always good to see goats and chickens playing football.

Powers Boothe still scares the crap out of me.

Memorable Quotes of the Episode:

Jack: Save that helmet for a parade!

TD5: He has two guns...
Or 2: Please, there's a dozen or so! He can take them out barehanded!
TD5: All he needs is a straw!

::as Jack walks into the jungle::
TD5: Go Predator on their asses! See? He jumped down from the trees!
::as Jack is knocked out in one punch::
Or 2: One punch and Jack is down.
TD5: That's improbable.

TD5: I like his character, don't kill him yet. Did he get an "...and Robert Carlisle, or just Robert Carlisle? Because that is a determining factor."
Or 2: I think he got "Robert Carlisle".
TD5: Okay good, he might make it to another episode.
Or 2: Yeah. He'll make it to 4 AM.

Or 2: Jack's been tortured by the Chinese and made it, am I (he) supposed to be scared by these people?

Or 2: I'm happy to see the little messenger bag made it to Africa.
TD5: Yes. It did. It must have been hand luggage.

Or 2: Oooooohhh.
TD5: Oohh. Candyman!

Head Count: 27.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Why, Oh Why?

Why did those assholes from Fall Out Boy and The Less-Than-Cool Simpsons name their child "Bronx"?

That's just a gross misuse of the word and some real dirtying of Da Boogie Down.

Instead of naming the child Mowgli as well, they should have named it Dumbo. That animal related name is more appropriate for an evil Disney-like Devil Spawn with a mother whose ears are as long and big as her face.

I just hope it wouldn't be an appropriate name for the level of intelligence too but with parents like those, the kid probably doesn't stand a chance.

Plastic surgery's not genetic, right? Because I can't wait for the real Asslee nose and chin to make an appearance on Dumbo. The child will have character and not look like a generic blonde idiot.

Currently: Amused that I am extra hateful when I'm half-asleep.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Momma Ho!

Happy Birthday to the Lady, who feeds us great food and takes care of us even if now she only cares about her grandchirren. I keed.

Thanks for everything, Momma Ho!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Distractions From World Domination Plots

This may all be a part of their scheme to keep our little minds occupied while they work behind the scenes to continue spying on us and plot our demise, but the folks at Google just gave some of us a few themes to work with within Gmail.

It. is. Hilarious.

There are some pretty nice ones that I've seen so far with the "Planets", "Tea House" and "Terminal" themes being the better selections in my opinion.

However, I, like Gen Friend, picked Ninjas.

It is a well-known fact (at least to those who know me), that I love Ninjas. Who doesn't, though? I've armies that I've been gathering together since my days in college, or rather still, since my dealings with Snake Eyes but... I've already said too much.

To protect the identity of M.C. and Chloe, I blacked out some names of the Gmail mail I had. Also, I blocked out H1's name in the chat but look at the Rising Gmail Sun, the ninja stars on the e-mail links and the funky black and red ninja colours!

Watch my subordinates compose an e-mail of a certain destructive nature!

Other than that, you will see some embarrassing secrets about me such as getting mail from Keane. Yeah, I'm a member of their mailing list.

As well as questions that may arise a-like so: what's up with the e-mail entitled "Holy Poop"?

Back to the Ninjas though, I feel like they're waiting for me to fall asleep so that they can assassinate me. That's the thing about Ninjas, you don't give them enough of a rice stipend and they turn on your ass. Or am I confusing them with my armies of Samurai?

This must be a test run given to only a few Gmail users as H1 sadly discovered but I think it just means she hasn't been marked for death.

It...almost makes me a little bit suspicious of H1!


Currently listening to: "Ninja Hideout" and by Koji Hayama, from the Ape Escape 2 Original Soundtrack and "Ninja Night School" by Ultra Brain, from the Songs for Death Note The Movie: Tribute. Really? Are these the only two songs in my current uploaded library that has the word 'ninja' in it? Lame. What's worse, they're both sucky songs.

Edit on 11/20/08:

Why did I just send an e-mail out to TD5 and there's a scene of one of my ninjas harrassing a geisha? She does look like she can defend herself with those fans though. I am well impressed.

H1 got her theme settings finally and she went with the tea house theme that features a little kitsune. She is very happy.

Edit on 11/21/08:

This morning I awoke to find that my Ninja and Geisha were cleaning. Any item can be used as a weapon, it's true, even if that object is a broom. See what another koku can do? You can get your ninjas to sweep up.

Currently listening to: The Pumps trundling down the stairs. He makes for a terrible Ninja Cat sometimes. Perhaps I need to cut back on his koku...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Perfect Pyos

I've started rather late this year with presento-pyo collecting but the constant fear of being jobless and a recession contributed to questioning whether there'd even be a Christmas this year.

The good news is, I'm still excited about Christmas because I have the Office Treat ideas all sorted out and stores are displaying lights and everything festive.

Oh, and I started buying a few things. There's a lot of cool things you can get with $20.00. It's quite nice.

The hunt for presents led to the discovery of two of the most awesome present ideas for a couple of you guys.

Here's one from that's tops for Bunji (tops...t-shirt. Ha.):


A little something to make the Apple Iphone appear awesome because it sure as hell isn't now, and I'm not just talking about your cracked one either, I'm talking about all Apple Iphones and Ipods.

I especially like that picture of the frying.

As we all know from one of my slogans, bacon makes everything (taste) better.

Currently listening to: "Your Eyes Open" by Keane.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Winter's On Its Way

Much to H1's dismay.

I haven't told her yet but I heard talk of flurries in the morning.

She'll be well cranky tomorrow.

Another sign that Winter's coming, was the sight of this fat ass squirrel.

The fatty was a sly one.

His back was mostly turned to me and he ignored that I was calling him. He did not budge when corn bread was tossed to him but when he was finished munching on whatever strange thing he had been investing in, he made his way to the corn bread.

Papa HOchie and I then threw him some walnuts but he didn't want those.

It's a good thing I was paying attention because I stepped outside to take a better picture of him and the next thing I knew, he was almost on top of me!

There, he was, trying to jump on my foot and give me plague. It would have been a horror story if he had darted into the house.

Here's the asshole with his chunky squirrel ass to me, as all animals enjoy doing.

Momma HOchie says he's the squirrel brother to Pumpkin. I would thank her to not call my cat fat.

He's big-boned!

Currently listening to: "Vessel" by Nine Inch Nails.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Sort of Street Eat Adventure

This week, I braved it and bought sushi from stacked plastic containers, from a couple of Japanese guys selling the goods on the street in Midtown.

Alright, it was not as shady all that.

I did buy the sushi bowl as described but they're from Washoku, a Japanese eatery that takes lunch orders and delivers on 50th some the times or all the times? during the week.

They happened to have an extra lunch packed and I snatched it up with the help of H1's $6.00.

Pricey, yeah? It was actually worse - it was $6.50!

It was pretty good and yummy on the tamago 'noodles' there, but with a tiny bit of tuna and tons of rice, which really was not worth the money paid. Ah well.

I was properly impressed by the do-it-yourself-by-adding-hot-water miso soup mix. Of course, I could probably buy a packet of that for a few cents at the grocery... meh.

I sadly did not have my camera when I was on the street and did not get to take a picture of the cute little Japanese guy who sold the eats to me, nor a picture of their 'shady' operation.

I did however, as can be seen by the pictures, get a manu that was not in English.

Anyway, it's been days now since I ate it and I'm still here.

Really, there was nothing to worry about but this is what I'm going to have to do if I make it to China.

I'm re-developing my cast iron stomach!

Now if only I could stomach alien M&Ms...

Currently listening to: "Ticks & Leeches" by Tool.

Barnum Chocolate Animals

Who knew the makers of Barnum Animal Crackers were racist?

H1 and I opened up a bag of chocolate Barnum's and were shocked at what we found.

There was no monkey, as Alex asked , because that'd be too obvious, but all other animals found on the African Savannah were there.

Look at this horror!

If you notice, there's a choco lion, choco zebra, choco giraffe, choco rhino, choco wildebeest, and a choco camel.

You all are probably saying to yourself, "Camels do not live on the African plains". Yeah, but they do live in Africa and just to confuse you, these probably live in the Gobi Desert, and clearly the Barnum people are racists against Mongolians too!

Our favourite, is of course -

the Black Sheep.

Just because the Barnum peeps are racist, does not mean they're not without a sense of humour.

If the Barnum expert Bughie J. were to step forward and tell us all those animals are part of the regular vanilla Barnum collection, I would say they're paying him off!

Tsk, tsk Bughie J. for stooping so low as to be bought by a bunch of barnums. That's what they're paying you, right? A year supply of animals?

For shame Bughie J.

For shame.

Currently listening to: "Harbinger of Tragedy" by Shiro Sagisu, from the Neon Genesis Evangelion Original Soundtrack Vol. 3

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A November Morning in Midtown with Animal Crossing

Nintendo World's getting geared up for the release of Animal Crossing: City Folk.

As simple and boring sounding Animal Crossing seems to be, it's truly one of the most fun games the HOchieS ever played.

As much as I tell myself I won't get another in the series because there's barely any change, I always pine when a new one is released because I get nostalgic for shooting presents out of the sky, hearing stupid muscle bound stories of nonsense from Ace and Ace like characters, watching Bugh catch sea bass after sea bass throughout the year and cursing at them everytime, Stylin' up Iggyh's clothes with Communist Stars, and going into Bugh's House and digging through her closets and effin' with her various 'oids.

Sometimes I try to pacify myself by remembering all the bad times such as a house overrun with cockroaches (though what great fun did I take in smushing them and seeing their little cockroach souls dissipate in the house), finding ghosts at 3 AM, being freaked out by Jack O' Lantern on Halloween as he stumbles around town like Jack the Ripper, and running all over town day after day in the afternoons trying and not first without failing miserably countless times to catch that damned diagonal zipping dragonfly.

Perhaps next year when the price drops significantly (if it does) and the reviews are good, I will get us a copy.

This morning, H1 and I gazed up on the display window and took pictures of all our favourite friends - who aren't here.

Only the asshole characters are here.

Stupid Gracie!

Currently listening to: "Scoundrels" by Shiro Sagisu, from the Bleach Original Soundtrack 3

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Only Been a Damned Year and a Half!


The 3rd Bleach Soundtrack has been released and it's better than fantastic!
Those assholes did recycle a few songs that are on the movie soundtracks but they are forgiven because I get to hear my Ulquiorra's greatness and my Shinji's sleazy-casino shadiness in music version all the time now after waiting since May 2007 after seeing Ulqui's introduction that involved his smacking Yammi like a little bitch and the first of the great Espada music was played.

Shiro Sagisu is great.

Look at that cover - it's so awesome!


Thanks Bughie J.!

Currently listening to: "Nube Negra" by Shiro Sagisu, from the Bleach Original Soundtrack 3.

Monday, November 10, 2008

"Fucking Albert Chung"

I've not been enjoying this season of Dexter, as I'm unclear as to what direction they're taking this show in.

Last night's episode though was incredibly well-written.

The scenes with Carmilla were amazing. Michael C. Hall did a great job - he was rigid, then uncomfortable almost, almost human but ultimately confused. As a serial killer with no emotions, I think he acted it smoothly. He was unsure of his actions and the territory he was in and the Margo Martindale who plays Carmilla, I felt, made a convincing case that had me questioning why assisted suicide is illegal in certain cases.

It was painful to watch but delivered the best episode of the season based not on the usual anxiety but the sheer power of the cast.

And then of course, there was Masuka.

Not without some sort of clever wit as Dexter usually has, the not-seen-enough-this-season Masuka was on a roll last night. I can't do it any justice but it was classic.

Memorable Quotes from Dexter 9/09/08:

Dexter: The murderer did this in his socks. These are not shoe prints, they're sock prints.
Masuka: Sock prints... sock prints... Ugh.
Dexter: What?
Masuka: I know who did this. Fucking Albert Chung!
Dexter: Why is this bothering you so much?
Masuka: Because he's Asian! He's making the rest of us look bad. Tch. And Asians are supposed to be smart. Ha.
::later still::
Masuka, while reading the newspaper after A.C's capture: Fucking Albert Chung.
Dexter: You know, he looks like you.
Masuka: That's called racism. Tch... Wait. He really does look like me.

Currently listening to: "Jam Blues" by Shiro Sagisu, from the Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion Original Soundtrack.


It was an insult to Paramore and Hot Topic.

I was playing Rock Band 2 last night and chose some song in Austin TX. I think it was Sonic Youth but I'm not sure. Whatever it was, it was totally cool rock song by a considered to be cool rock band.

The joker creators at Rock Band tossed Zarnyx a question.

Essentially I was asked, "Hot Topic wants to sponsor your gig but wants you to sing Paramore's 'That's What You Get' instead. You'll get lots of cash for it. Do you want to switch songs?"

Well, that certainly sounded fishy - Hot Topic and Paramore in one sentence? Yeah. I mean, it sounds about right but suspect at best.

Anyone who knows Paramore is probably an emo I don't want to deal with. Probably. The lead singer surely is an annoying little emo girl but I digress.

Anyone who knows Hot Topic knows that it was slightly cool when it was unknown all the years when. And then emo happened and Hot Topic thought they should go in the direction of the Emo. You can't really blame them because Emo kids are usually privileged children who have their parents money (and lots of it), self-made depression, and less than stellar taste in music.

Beetchie, shut up! I am not Emo! And I'm not whining, that was a forceful "Shut Your Ass" kind of Shut Up, I can assure you.

I digress again.

So, lured by curiosity and extra money to get more piercings (not that I would spend money without your approval, Band Manager H1), I went ahead and sold out.

After I finished the gig, Rock Band made sure to drive it hard that I had Sold Out in case I was Emo and didn't realise that having Hot Topic sponsor me and singing Paramore is anything but the coolest thing since crying.

You see that, right?

I LOST 30,000 fans.

Ahahaha. That was true greatness. I only got $250 too. Tch. Cheap bastards.

To the assholes who are paying attention to the fact that I got five stars on Paramore, it's just that like that time with that ass song by Fall Out Boy, I had to learn the damned song in order not to fail and I'd be damned if I let any of those assholes make me a fail a song.


They're grainy but here are some pictures of my beloved Zarnyx in Rock Band 2 form. I'll take better pictures at some point.

He is of course, wearing an awesome red jacket that he was born with, Band Manager H1 and not bought without consulting you first.

Currently listening to: "Get Clean" by Anarchy Club. I finally found this song. I didn't unlock it yet in Rock Band 2 but I always hear it at the start up load screen and I love the music. The lyrics leave much to be desired but I can just ignore them.

Happy Birthday, Anj!

We're not getting old, Anj.

H1 and I hope you had a wonderful day, even if you had to go to work! Leaving at 2's not so bad, yeah?

Miss you and love you!

Currently listening to: "Henrietta" by The Fratellis.

Pumpkin Cookies and Skwinkles!

Aims loves me.

She baked me a batch of beautiful and beautiful tasting pumpkin cookies.

I don't know why she's not making us some money by baking and selling.

She also brought me skwinkles from her retreat in Baltimore. They're mango flavoured. But even more shocking... is that they're 'skwinkles'. Who knew such a thing existed?

Thank you, Aims!

I love you too.

Currently listening to: "Down Boy" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Doubles, Omlette de Poissons, Pernil and Scones

I just realised but the HOchieS went through a bit of a cooking spree these past 3 or so weeks.

We made our first attempt at doubles a little over a week ago and came out with crispy bara. It tasted pretty good though. We've wanted to try this for months and months now but got a final push when we came home with tamarind sauce from ordering Indian food from Minar one week.

Yeah, that's all it takes sometimes.

We tried for a second time yesterday and came out with less crispy bara but it still has not been perfected. We'll try again sometime!

I never figured it out until yesterday but I really love Sardine Omlettes and Papa HOchie makes them best!

2 weeks ago H1 made some pernil. I ate lots of that, so much so the pork ended up tasting better going down than coming up. Never before did my favourite meat cause me to burp but I have no regrets.

The Sunday of that week, she made some good time cranberry scones that she swears is the easiest thing ever. I was not present to witness but I was present to eat. As Mom and/or Boobey-Head would say, "MMMM, GOOOOOOD!!!!"

Currently listening to: "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt.

Cleaning and Doin' Stuff II

The D. Gray-Man and Soul Eater shelf has been sorted out for now, until more volumes of the D. Gray-Man manga come out and more Soul Eater figures are acquired.

D. Gray-Man

Allens All Around!

Black Star

Death The Kid

Black Star's No. 1! So he and D the K cover up the rivals

Soul Eater Evans!

And uh, Hottie Adult Link, where did you come from?

Oh, the capsule in the background, you say?

Currently listening to: "Space Junk Galaxy" by Koji Kondo and Mahito Yokota, from the Super Mario Galaxy Original Soundtrack. Ooo, gotta remember to put this on my end of year review list as well.
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