Friday, February 27, 2009

Things Observed This Week: 2/23/09-2/27/09

There were lots of heathens walking around in Midtown on Ash Wednesday, the HOchieS included.

Whoever the priest was at St. Pat's Cathedral (we assume), he did a fantastic job with the crosses this year.

Man, that was some good work.

Next up - after my stomach virus attack three weeks ago that caused me to do my most hated action (why was it not out the ass, instead?!), I'm not yet ready to eat chicken and eggplant in garlic sauce. I know it was not food poisoning but I was still turned off today. Hopefully that ends soon because that'd be a sad thing to give up. Side note: I hope I didn't ruin that dish for anyone else either.

Finally, sometimes we feel that God hates poor people but he really was looking out for the HOchieS today and forgave us a mistake we made. It was a stupid mistake that could have cost us our lives while crossing the street but we're thankful we are here, unharmed.

That was truly terrifying, and we remember to also be thankful that Frass, MC and X are okay after their related ordeals.

Currently listening to: "Decisive Battle" by Shiro Sagisu, from the Neon Genesis Evangelion Original Soundtrack I.

The Things That Just Aren't Right

Why does 50 Cent have his own game?

And why did it get a decent review on Gamespot?!

So sometimes there are things that just aren't right but I'm thinking that a game that can include:

There doesn't seem to be an end to the strange and surprising things that you can encounter in Noby Noby Boy, and each map is dynamic, with plenty of movement and activity by its inhabitants, and new people and things constantly raining down from the sky. You can interact with those people by just wandering around and giving them rides, trying to wrap yourself around them, or, most enjoyably, by eating them, which can produce some astonishing new creations. If you eat a strawberry and a cheerleader and then unceremoniously expel them from your rear, you may get a cheerleader with a smiling strawberry for a head. That may sound crude, but this is one example of how Noby Noby Boy's extremely simple graphics are an asset. The colorful and simplistic visual style makes the whole process of eating and then sending things flying out of your backside cute, funny, and completely inoffensive.


...will be just fine.

I really hope that Noby Noby Boy isn't nausea inducing like that Katamari Damacy that I don't really like to talk about but it I could have fun with this, as would Beetchie.

I mean, look at those edible goats!

Currently listening to: "My Mathematical Mind" by Spoon.

Update: Y&R

Back in 2006, we wrote about the most shocking revelation in Genoa City's history.

However, we were alerted to an even more shocking turn of events.

Grey clouds have darkened G.C., my friends.

Brad/George the Jew is no more.

He died while trying to save a teenage Noah from a not so frozen pond.

We didn't get the details but if it's that pond on the ranch, I could have sworn that thing has caused trouble in the past!

H1 and Or 2 believe that Brad/George the Jew was killed off because the execs at Y&R (and I'm looking at Victoria) are racist.

Currently: feeling sorry for George Kaplan.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

S7: 24 HC 5 PM - 6 PM

5 PM - 6 PM:

Awww. The chicken head died! It was exactly what Frass didn't want to see. I felt sorry for the chicken head but at least she took down a terrorist in the process. Well, the terrorist might still be alive but not after Jack had him cut open to retrieve a disk. That's right, Jack Bauer is still awesome.

So, is it just me or could the casting have easily had Hillinger and that guy who works for Senator Major (a name that confuses me but like in a weird way - is that really what he's called?) be switched in roles and no one would be able to tell? They look alike! I mean, Sean is uglier though.

Side profiles of some of the cast members - terrible. Everyone was sporting a flat face and it was scaring me.

Thank goodness I no longer have to look at that ugly, can't-even-compare-her-to-an-ugly-animal animal who Hillinger was with, anymore.

Okay, the stairs at the Mall, overlooking the monument and the reflecting pool are never that empty. In fact, there was no body hanging out. I know the place was probably on lock down because of a terrorist attack but really, NO BODY? Yeah right. People seriously needed to be there to distract from the shady Tony A. and Jack Bauer moment that went down. If I saw that shade sitting on some stairs some where, with a perfectly digitally enhanced sunset, I'd be thinking "terrorist activity" or maybe..."commercial shoot"?

Finally... you can take the girl out of the soap opera but you can't take the soap opera out of the girl. That Renee Walker performance was daytime-ish. Wonder if she'll win a day time emmy for her role in a prime time show.

She has some nerve slapping Jack Bauer...twice!

Head Count: 3

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's the beginning of Lent.

As H1 always says, we are recovering Catholics.

We don't usually give something up for Lent, per say but this year, we've decided that we will.

This year we will be giving up wishing MC a Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Alex!

Every year I'll call you 33.

We hope JJ got you's the least she can do.

Lots of love,

H1 and Or 2.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Preacious Moments in NJ... and My "4th" Trip to Crooklyn.

This is perhaps only the second and one half time I've 'willingly' gone to NJ.

Truly, there have been no instances I've wanted to be in the leading force of the New Axis of Evil but sometimes circumstances such as the one that arose last night made me have to step foot.

It was by far the most unpleasant reason for being there and The HOchieS are sorry for Sandy Cheeks and her family.

In any event, any trip to NJ would be plagued with misadventures and rubbish (har har, it's a dumping ground for the U.S. after all).

Back when I went to Ozzfest, that was plagued with crazies and the hottest day for that year and when in hell, it just feels oh so much hotter.

In 2005 when we went to see Foozer, it rained heavily and we were stuck in traffic forever.

Well, it rained last night too but for the first time, The HOchieS actually went into a town.


The first bit of shade we saw was a place called "Face Burger". I did not get to take a picture, sadly. I had never heard of such a place but I just googled it and it exists. You may want to click at your own risk though because it is not surprisingly freezing up my Internet. Evil, I say!

Face Burger could very well be one of many locations for a shady cover operation we were forced to view at a nearby Dunkin Donuts.

We quickly texted Frass to let him know that we think that his mission in life should be to educate and prevent teenage pregnancy because it's bad enough kids are having kids, but when those kids from NJ are having NJ kids, it just breeds assholes...and not prize ones either.

Sure enough, at the Dunkin Donuts these two idiots were having a hard on the eyes and hard to repeat field day. It was well gross.

The third monstrosity of the evening, we found at a Hallmark in NJ and it was just preacious...

...confirming that Frass needs to get on the campaign to stop the breeding of stupid.

After our sad buisness in NJ, we went to more sad buisness in Crooklyn.

Again, the HOchieS are sorry to our friends across the street and their family.

As we said earlier, there's been gloom and doom surrounding us but we hope things will start to get better for all soon.

On our way to Brooklyn, we passed through my favourite place - Canal Street! I waved goodbye to Dragon Land Bakery, the Information Booth and Golden Bridge Dim Sum House. It's not often I'm in Chinatown at night and it made me happy to see things I knew.

But then we got to Crooklyn.

The drivers are less than stellar in the area (granted you have to be more aggressive in some areas than some and there are crazy drivers wherever you go) we were in and it was scary times to be on the road for a bit.

During the entire trip from NJ to Brooklyn to home, we saw many signs. A lot of them had unlit letters and read things such as "UH UL" and "L" (as in moteL).

It was the sign in Crooklyn going towards Avenue L that had me super confused.

It was hanging over a West Indian eatery that boasted "HALAL MEAT". It continued and under it was listed, "No pork" etc, etc.


I know what halal means.

But I felt very offended by that sign because I hate that pigs get a bad rep., and quite frankly, anything that says no pork, can't be kosher (har har har. Sorry, that just slipped out and I refuse to delete it).

And as I thought on it more, I find it a peculiar concept that if you're going to be blessing a meat, why not bless pork? It seems to me that if your prayer can't cleanse a pig, then there's something very wrong there. I'm not trying to be an asshole, a prize one at that, but if prayer is not strong enough to cleanse then I am confused.

Don't be dissing pig!

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S7: 24 HC 4 PM to 5 PM

I don't wish to be failed again, so let me write something down here.

Let's see, I'm trying very hard to remember what went down but um, nothing's really coming to me...

Oh yeah, didn't I always hate that smug asshole Hillinger? Yeah. I sure did and continue to do so.

Also, I really dislike Larry Moss... the most recent epiphany that The HOchieS have had is that animals and people with eyes close together (and having beady eyes doesn't help either), are usually assholes... not only are they ugly but they're assholes and scary as well. Larry's got those and that is the point of this conversation.

As I was watching the whole gf situation Debaku's got going on with the waitress, I could not help but think of H1 who would immediately point out that this is a classic 24 scenario - the one about a woman scorned. It's happened before more than once and seems like it's on the path to happening again. I fear that girl's going to end up on the HC next week though.

There, Frass, are you happy now? You made me rant about nothing because the episode was about nothing.


Head Count: 0.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oops - S7 24 HC: 3 PM to 4 PM

I forgot to post this and I don't really remember what happened either...

Head Count: 8.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Scary Stuff at Nintendo World

Bughie J., H1 said I should take this picture for you -

what's that blue one doing?

I think H1 was traumatized and bad memories came rushing back to me as well when I remembered giant spotted bug beasties chomping and rolling.

Secretly...the rolling on always kinda cracked me up.

Currently listening to: "Hurt Feelings" by Flight of the Conchords. I feel like a prize asshole.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zombies Alert

This is also the stuff of nightmares for me. Lately I've been thinking about it lots but I don't know what I'd do if I saw zombies crawling around the front yard.

You know, that was just not funny. Whoever did this won't be laughing when it really happens.

Currently listening to: "Friends" by Flight of the Conchords. This show is phenomenal this season.


Sometimes, the HOchieS get surrounded by 'doom and gloom' as H1 would put it.

This is not unlike any other person but the level of doom and gloom just seems to keep coming on like a non-stop barrage of suck for us and our loved ones in 2009.

Sometimes, we've discovered sadly, via first hand experiences that while it's true everyone's a little bit racist, some are way more so than others and can make your life miserable.

It's a hard thing.

But it won't stop me from creating racist things out of playdoh.

So, what is it?

An alien with his U.F.O.?

Or a Chinese guy with his wok?

Memorable Quote of the Day: "Support your local midget; Ride a bike." - H1

Currently listening to: X runk slurring on the phone.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Obsessions of the Week(s): 12/15/08 - 01/24/09

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Ah, Gokudera Hayato.

It just so happens that he has white hair. Really. I love my Hurricane Bomb. He's smart and has an insane obsession with the 10th. It's actually kind of disturbing but funny.

Sawada Tsunayoshi

No Good Tsuna. The 10th. Hitman Reborn took some time to grow on me but I love it now - it's funny and I'm waiting for it to get all hardcore but in the meanwhile, I can say for the 2nd time this year, I love the lead character. He's not my favourite but he's a sweetie and I love his voice. It cracks me up. And that whole "Reborn" mode he goes in to somehow manages to make me laugh everytime. It's good to see he changes his underwear but yeesh, how many pairs of undies does he have?

Darker Than Black

I've been meaning to watch this since IDK, early this year or late last and finally got to it - Superficially, this anime reminds me 'Cowboy Bebop'. Maybe it's the Yoko Kanno composed ost? Maybe it's the Gate? Maybe it's the Storyboard Artist? Or all this talk of "The Syndicate"? Or those two idiots from the Detective Agency that I love?

Li Shengshun

I love him. He's the 'bumbling idiot' on the outside - calm, slightly stupid and anything but a threat to anyone (and he's got Dr. Tenma's voice!)


But ultimately, you just can't trust a Contractor. Hei's as bad-assed as they come. I'm almost finished with the series and I'd hate to see him with that blonde biatch! Don't do it Hei! Just destroy her!

November 11

He's cool, got nice shades, nice hair, nice eyes, nice white suits, is deadly...

...and really, this isn't as dirty as it looks or reads.

He's also kind of ded ::tears::, and his cool (literally, ice) powers, and cool Kakashi voiced voice actor with him which brings me to the next obsession...

Kakashi Hatake

What will I do if my favourite Ninja dies?! I can't watch the show just for Shikamaru and it's brilliant story content! Hotness will immediately leave that anime if they take the only silver haired, copy ninja out of the mix!!! Oh, Kakashi...please be okay... =,(

Justin Law's Headphones

Thanks to Gen Frien' for making me a pair. Goodness knows I'm obsessed with Soul Eater these days and there's nothing cooler than J.Law's headphones and his blasting jrap/jrock. Now, I can do what I usually style! And be berated by H1...

Currently listening to: "Ulysses" by Franz Ferdinand. Still trying to make it through this album but I did discover a song to love in "Dream On". That's a sekshi song. No, H1, I'm not a lover of all things sekshi.

S7: 24 HC - 2 PM to 3 PM

I'm caught up for tonight's episode.

There's not much for me to say other than that little plant manager didn't deserve what happened to him! That was sad. He should have gotten a silent clock, not that other terrible waste usage it got on Renee.

When will the day come that Jack Bauer can slap that Sean Hillinger guy.

Head Count: 13.

Currently listening to: "Lucid Dreams" by Franz Ferdinand. I've been so slacking that I 'knew' their album Tonight was out but forgot until Beetchie reminded me by saying she liked it. Yeesh. I'm listening to it now and it's very FF like but a very specific type of FF like. So far, it's not as clever as say their classic tracks as "Dark as the Matinee". I'm sure I just need to listen more closely and in full.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Dear CLee,

You will be excited to know that I got a new phone.

It's an...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

..LG Voyager!

Aren't you proud?


Or 2.

Being a Slacker - S7 24 HC : 1 PM to 2 PM

1 PM to 2 PM:

Well that was a gross misuse of the Silent Clock if I ever did not hear one. That damned Renee is alive! Ugh. What a waste of time. I feel sullied and unusual by that clock.

And as much as I disliked that girl who was girlfriend to the President's son, being stabbed in the back was just harsh.

I'm still disliking the President and her now 3 lines versus the only 2 she had before.

Methos is gone and that is just wrong. Methos is immortal though, so he'll be back - nevermind it seemed that Jack Bauer shot him in the neck and he brilliantly told T.A. "You want forgiveness from me? Go to Hell and live with what you've done." Ah, those are some awesome 'last' words.

Head Count: 277, with unconfirmed deaths on the ground.

2 PM to 3 PM:

This is how I'm a slacker - I forgot to watch Monday's episode. Some ::cough H1 cough:: may say that is because I am now a Texter, but those people ::cough H1 cough:: would be keed. I'd appreciate that some ::cough H1 cough:: would stop pretending to be me and texting everyone and saying I'm a Texter.

The reason I forgot to watch Monday's episode?

I was texting Setzer.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Papa HOchie!

We're not reversing the years this year but next year, you'll be 6.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit...Hare, Hare, Hare

Here's to some good luck in February.
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