Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Effin' Smug!

Yesterday, while reading an article on CNN's Ticker about McCain's thoughts on Palin's bid for presidency in 2012 should she run, I was reading the comments section and stumbled upon this:

March 30th, 2009 11:56 am ET

I suppose you can call me some sort of weird alien, but while the world continues to use the malware ridden windows operating system. I alternatively use mac osx, while the world supports the previous administration despite them leaving us in devastated recession, I voted for Obama, a man of high intellectual properties and vision. When Obama leaves the white house, I will be leaving the united states to another country. I can no longer take the stupidity of Americans. I have had enough of the stupid do more with less policy of idiot corporate america, outsourcing jobs to 3rd world countries while our citizens starve and go homeless. I have had enough, if Palin/Jindal is our only other alternative, there is no reason for me to be in this country.

...what? I fail to see what one thing has to do with the other or why that was even necessary but it's people like that that make me want to smack them (and that's why I smacked you CLee, even though I apologise because it was a little too hard but only because you are my frenemie)!

I understand the irony of it all - my computer has been infected by a virus and is currently being repaired but what shart do you think I was greeted with last night when I came home?

"Why is my speaker on...and why is the monitor on...Oh."

There was a mac sitting here.

Thanks, Bunji. Thanks for sullying my room.

Yes, I am using it to write this right now but I'm not unaccustomed to having my hands on shit.

Why, just 4 minutes ago I scooped up some nasty cheese nip Pumpkin the cat crap.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


The HOchieS do not understand why our "fortunes" were trying to make us bind our feet!

Excuse me?

Stop trying to get me to stick to a regiment!

The best Cactuar line from FFX came from that one Cactuar, a line that H1 has adopted as her very own mantra is "Hard on others; Easy on Self". Well, wouldn't you know it, she got a fortune that fits her:

The good thing about these fortunes though is that they teach me valuable words that I will need to know when the trip to China is made:

Uh huh. What I need to know next is to how to ask if something is durian, so that I may avoid it.

That's nice to know because now I can throw that in there to let people know that that's what durian does to me, in addition to making me nauseous.

Well then, now I'm all set! Just in case there's a miscommunication and the durian tries to do me in, at least I can mutter this to be revived!

Currently listening to: "STEP UP" by Iwasaski Taku feat. Lotus Juice, from the Soul Eater Original Soundtrack 2. Oh, Justin Law... how I heart thee, and your rap/rock listening ways. I am so happy with this right now. Thanks Bughie J.!

Friday, March 27, 2009


I am so excited right now!!!!!

A new The Legend of Zelda game at some point this year!

Ooooo, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks...

Could it just be a gross misuse of the DS? I don't really care!

I'm happy to see that KuSeph (or is it KuSep or KSep? I can't keep track) has returned, and with a conductor's hat! He's so cute!

Does this mean I should wait to see if they release a bundle for the DSi?


Currently listening to: "Penny Lane" by The Beatles.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Zombies, More Debacles

There was a panic attack.

You'd panic too if a chainsaw weilding zombie was chasing you! I couldn't think straight to get my gun out to blast through the heavy duty chained pad lock... instead I tried cutting it with a knife, and the zombie cut off me 'ead with a chainsaw. See? Another year, another incident involving my being knicked in me 'ead. Tch.

There was a Zombie Field Day.


Bunji and I must have had a hundreds of them to slay only to be slain multiple times ourselves, while they rode after us on their bikes through the deep Kalahari...uh, Savannah.

There was a boat.

He says I can't drive the boat. He lies. I am still awesome. I don't see me driving us into flambeau throwing zombies!

There were two gators.

Gators? They'll pick you off your raft and eat you. That's why I'm never going to the FL Everglades, or Kikuju in RE5.

There were chickens.

Zombie chickens or regular chickens that will peck you if provoked? Yeah...I'm pretty sure they were just regular chickens and we got what we deserved for trying to cut them for their eggs.

Currently listening to: "Mama Minku" by Tsuyoshi Sekito, from the Brave Fencer Musashiden Original Soundtrack. Well, Well. Minku... man, I love them. That game needs to be released for the psp or ds. I'd be all over it! That and original Ape Escape. Oh hells yes.

My Favourite Horrow (Hollow)

I know, H1 is racist. That is what she calls them.

Today we were re-watching episodes of Bleach because I wanted to see my favourite boy Hirako Shinji the first time he shows up.

Guess who I forgot about?

My favourite Hollow!

Bwahahahaha, the Hollow said he was medium!

That right there, is just damned classic Bleach.

Currently listening to: "Jingle Jangle" by Hot Hot Heat.

Going Green

Sometimes "going green" translates to "going brown", or so it would seem by what The HOchieS have seen recently.

It's not that Or 2 doesn't like Earth, Or 2 just has a problem with GDDHs.

It's all well and good to do our parts to not waste because wasting is just wrong to begin with, and recycling's a cool thing too. Why not do it?

There is a problem though, when things are recycle to the colour of 'shit brown'.

H1 can tell you a story from years ago about the belief that toilet paper in Caracas was recycled using used toilet paper.

It was shit brown.

So, keeping this in mind, I've been having a hard time of it lately.

We walked into the kitchen at work some weeks ago, and discovered the hard plastic cups and paper cups were replaced with cups that had a tinge of... you guessed it, shit brown to them, when stacked.

Phased enough just to take note, we've been drinking from those cups just fine. They tend to get dirty with finger prints quite quickly and while a little skeevey, it's not horrible.

But then we witnessed monstrosity a few weeks later, Exhibit A:

A shit brown spoon.

Not keen on the colour or texture but with no other choice than using our hands to eat cereal which was not going to happen, Or 2 braved it while that bastard H1 took the last white plastic spoon.

Just a spoon, right?


A spoon that tasted like shit!

Let it be known that I wash them before use.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leeron, Reno and Rude

Just taking pictures of some of the new members of the tiny army I've been building.


Leeron's job will be to contribute to the 'brains' of Operation "OP", while repairing various technologically advanced 'items' in the room, explaining things in simple terms to the less intelligent in the lot and adding some much needed flair to my group of misfits.

He's always thinking! About what? Oh, various things, I'm sure.

Look at that sly smile. Suddenly, I no longer want to know what various things he may be thinking of.

That's a nice looking rock upon which his robot sits upon, yes?

I'm very impressed by this Konami figumate figure. The detail is incredible.


Ah yes, a nice addition to the team but mostly for nostalgia value. We all know they sucked and that Tseng ran The Turks! Bughie J. might comment that it was really Elena. Or was it that she just provided entertainment? Well, whatever it was... I wish I had a Tseng and a Rufus. Oh, when will that day come...

Reno, looking like a smug ass as per usual.

Rude... not looking like anything is going on in the noggin' at all, as per usual.

Currently listening to: the rain falling outside.

S7 24 HC: 10 PM - 11 PM

Tony A., Man of Reason. I never thought he'd have to tell Jack to kill terrorists instead of saving a peon, but that day has come.

And for Jack's stupidity? He gets exposed to a biological agent.

That is what happens when you think about peons!

Hodges' one liners are becoming annoying.

Head Count: 3

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still Ass Cold

Unlike yesterday's snow debacle, today was a rather sunny day. However, it was still ass cold.

That didn't stop the flowers in H1's yard from springing (a lame, unintentional use of the word 'spring' that I refuse to take back) from the ground to bask in the sunlight.

The ground may look like rubbish but at least the flowers look good!

H1's so amazing and skilled that she's growing those dum dum lollipop flowers:

Or perhaps it's an unwanted I mistook for a flower and should weed it out tomorrow.

And for the love of lork, would someone please pick up that ded squirrel already?!

Currently listening to: "ChaChaCha" by Satou Naoki, from the Moyashimon Original Soundtrack. Once again, another soundtrack without a key piece of music included. Bastards!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

HK at McD's

No no, not Hong Kong.

Though yes, they were made in China.

Some time ago, maybe a month now? McDonald's was giving away Hello Kitty watches!

I snagged a couple for myself and a couple for Gen Frien and seriously need to mail them this week.

Scope how awesome!

Wearing this watch on my hand makes me feel strangely...uncomfort...able.

Currently listening to: "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" by Smashing Pumpkins.

Beating the Eff Out of Spiderman

For the past two days, we've had to constantly call an ambulance for the booboos Spiderman has been getting from falling down the stairs.

I was pretty sure A'Face was throwing him down the stairs intentionally and that it was no accident on Spiderman's proof but only suspected mischief and could prove nothing.

I've discovered it was worse than I imagined.

And THEN he throws him down the stairs!

Currently listening to: "Victor" by Iwasaki Taku, from the Soul Eater Original Soundtrack.

"Just Like Old Times"

Bunji has been living with us for some weeks now and we've been bonding.

The first week, we watched various movies together. It's more that he would watch a movie and I'd feel sorry that he was watching by himself, so I'd join him and stay up way too late.

I saw bits and pieces of Die Hard 4, Room 201, and Hero. Oh, sorry H1, JET LI's Hero.

I also got him into Flight of the Conchords and Burn Notice.

It's been fun bonding with him (H1, you bond too so no need for shart!) as it's been some time since we've spent this much time together.

It's also been some time since we've played the gore-filled, scary Zombie fest known as Resident Evil together.

Back in 1997, along with the purchase of our first console (yeah, we had a Commodore 64 and were damned proud and still are) the glorious Sony Playstation, we bought only two games.

Soul Calibur and Final Fantasy VII, were soon followed by the purchase of Tekken and Resident Evil (in 1999 or so?).

There's a special place in my heart for all those games... I got my ass beat as Li Long by Mitsu(bunji)rugi in Soul Calibur. Then I switched to Hwang and kicked a little ass but it wasn't long before Taki the Bunji came along and amped it up and destroyed me some more.

In Tekken, I got Kazuya Poor Me Mishima's ass handed to me by Heihachi Bunji Mishima.

Final Fantasy VII was played by just me, so no memories of Bunji to share there (but oh are there memories to share of Papa HOchie laughing his ass off while I got my ass falling off the top of the runaway train. Thanks for the support Papa Hochie).

And then there was Resident Evil.

The voice acting was nothing short of classic with such lines as "Don't Oh-pEn ThAT doOR!" and the "You are Dead" was amazingly to the point and shamed you.

But the best part about Resident Evil and the RE games to come after it from 1 through 3 (Thanks for buying me the best and only Valentine's gift ever, Papa HOchie. I'll never get rid of my bloody Valentine RE2!) was the time invested in those games, spent with Bunji.

We would always play late at night. All the lights would be off and we would be terrified.

The zombies were slow-moving and particularly funny was that one who lived near the stairs.

And particularly funny was the fact that we jumped in fright at the same dog jumping out of the interrogation room double window, not once but twice. Though now I'm not too clear, was it a dog or a licker? Because those things scared the beejeebus out of us too in RE2! There definitely was a dog jumping out of some window though that also scared us.

A Note on Lickers: I love their ugly selves, especially my Pet Licker!

I would be Bunji's guide. Back in the day when we bought the Brady games Strategy Guides (who buys those things now? If you get stuck, it's called the Internet...not only great for porn), I'd lead Bunji through the dark corridors of the mansion, tell him to run from the zombie crows and whine with fear when he would throw the controller at me to get him back to his last save point after getting destroyed during game play and assholishly telling me to "don't waste my ammo".

You know, as if I could run past a turtle moving zombie without getting killed. It was impossible back then!

And then when he told me to get past Nemesis in RE3... Well, I almost peed my certainly plaid pants I was wearing.

Things have changed these past few days.

But not really.

I bought him Resident Evil 5.

There's a co-op mode.

Why, oh why.

The first two nights he played, everything was as it used to be.

We played late at night, it was quiet and dark and I watched as he tried to familiarize himself with the new control settings of the PS3.

He managed to botch two missions - first getting the shotgun (yeah, we totally missed that rubbish hanging on the wall) and took the hard route blowing up the second boss. Instead of letting him hang on to the canisters while IN the furnace, we used them as firepower and not just as a stunner. Heh, let us just say that was amusing.

We told H1 this story the morning after and she made fun of us, but made even more fun when Bunji said he'd like me to play.

"Don't let her play! She couldn't even see the Elephant in that game she played with Beetchie!" H1 told Bunji.

Shut up, Beetchie.

Because it was funny, here's what happened while Beetchie and I were playing Dynasty Warriors 3:

Beetchie: Elephant, Beetchie!
Or 2: Elephant? What elephant? I don't see any Elepha...::RAMPAGE::

And thus my character went flying off his horse and off the screen as a rather large elephant (some may argue that all elephants are large) plowed through me and I just didn't see it.

Anyway, in spite of the laughing and despite the warning, we gave Co-Op mode in RE5 a go last night.

I failed him just like he already knew.

I think though, that I can get used to this and although I'm still terrified of zombies, especially these that are infected with some virus that gives them a Rage type reaction ie makes them ultra-fast and ultra-difficult to waste, Bunji and I had fun.

Man, I sure miss that T-Virus. Things were simple back then and zombies crawled slowly.

What I don't miss is how damned scary RE1 was. Resident Evil 5 plays more as an action/survival game but is not as scary as the gloomy, darkly lit halls of the mansion in Resident Evil 1.

The noises of RE5 are mostly angry voices in the distance and no longer the sounds of squelching of zombie flesh feasting and the music used to get so much more intense and eerie sounding in RE1. Let us not forget that I can never listen to the "Moonlight Sonata" again thanks to that effin' game.

I'm gearing up for Saturday night's game play.

Currently listening to: "Wake Up Hate" by Korn.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Partial Howdy Spring!

Welcome to a struggling Spring, where tiny purple flowers fall quietly on a pond of blue water.

Petal-shaped ripples resonate along the surface where one falls, sending forth shivers of flowery communication we will never understand, stretching thousands of miles and beyond in the world of the tiny flower to others just like him.

An odd creature swims just below the dancing waves, casting a shadow that leaves one pondering if there's new life of a new species in the pond of blue or just a giant fish devouring a creepy crawly.

Currently listening to: "Wabi Sabi Wall" by Soichi Terada, from the Ape Escape Original Soundtrack.

Partial Goo'day, Winter!

Today is the first day of Spring and we're bidding Winter a partial goodbye.


Because it snowed this morning.

So, partially farewell snow-covered trees.

Partially farewell building-sized reindeer, and frosty moonlit night.

Partially farewell lonely house on the hill with your burning logs to keep the inside warm and the outside full of smoke from the chimney.

Partially farewell broken snow globe and the blizzard that tumbles out of it.

We'll see you again in December, or maybe tomorrow?

Currently listening to: "Ocean Breathes Salty" by Modest Mouse.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not Tim Tams

Our hunt for tim tams did not go as planned as the Targets we searched did not carry the world's best cookie.

However, H1 did stumble upon something interesting at C-Town (of all places!):

Mmm, Milka.

In cookie form.


It's no Tim Tam but it still makes for an awesome eating time.

Flying a Kite is Not That Hard

All you need is a directional wind sign and a person telling tall tales about how big a fish they caught.

Currently listening to: Bunji talking about some blonde girl on American Idol being hot. Stupeed Budgie.


Lucky Sevens!

What's that, B. in FFVII terms? Ass-kickery, right?

The HOchieS are sending their 777th Blog Post to our friends - CLee and Beetchie, wishing them both a Happy Birthday!

We hope your respective Drop Days are full of luck and goo'd times.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Make Sure Prescott Gets His Babu! S7 24 HC: 9 PM - 10 PM

There's not much to say other than Jack Bauer can't get a break.

Just when you think he's about to get an easy time at his sentencing by making nice with Red Foreman, that gets shot out the window or...in the foyer.

Morris is still awesome.

The only other thind I'd like to ask is... does anyone else think that Quinn looks like Chef Gordon Ramsey? No wonder he was so badassed!

Head Count: 2.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. H1's Day!

I'm not wearing green today because I discovered I don't have any, so my plan is to wear dark blue and if someone calls me out on it, I will inform them their drunkeness has made them colour blind.

Bughie J.'s plan would have worked but I don't have any bright yellow, so I can't claim primary colours.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Ides!

Why does everyone keep saying "Beware the Ides of March"? That's not very nice to March.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

That Scary Halloween Cat in Winter

There was a bit of a blizzard on the 2nd day of March, and I noticed That Scary Halloween Cat was smirking plenty at the fact that no one could leave the house.

I took pictures of him as he enjoyed the snow globe (as H1 rightly noted) that became our neighbourhood.

Sure the weather outside was frightful, but nothing is more frightful than TSHC.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Bus Out of Town

If you're not watching Flight of the Conchords this season, you can just be like Carol Brown:

And get outta here!

It's Not Quite Here Yet

Spring tried to make an appearance last weekend.

It was warm, sunny and well, I didn't like it.

It's not so much that I hate Spring but I hate what Spring is all about, which is the close coming of Summer. As we all know, I am not fond of Summer.

There are fun things about Spring though, such as H1's tulips trying to peek out of the ground and the task of trying to not crush them:

Pine cones covered by barely any snow and the tiny hands that try to touch them:

But I especially love the dead squirrel that has been hanging outside Boobey's house for some time now:



Currently listening to: "Dull Life" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
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