Friday, March 27, 2009


I am so excited right now!!!!!

A new The Legend of Zelda game at some point this year!

Ooooo, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks...

Could it just be a gross misuse of the DS? I don't really care!

I'm happy to see that KuSeph (or is it KuSep or KSep? I can't keep track) has returned, and with a conductor's hat! He's so cute!

Does this mean I should wait to see if they release a bundle for the DSi?


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  1. Oh ho! I know how you Mass Effect trailer out! It should be out soon! Can't wait! Video game geek happiness ^_^

  2. Stupid me was looking at IGN's Release Date list for the PS3, DS and PSP today... can you tell me why there are a billion games I want to play?! What happened to the days of you buy one and be happy for half the year?
    Ugh... so many games, so much recession...

  3. Oh yeah, I saw that Mass Effect had something new coming around. I forgot to mention it.

    We need to discuss Soul Eater by the way.

  4. Oh yeah...Soul Eater has been all sorts o'crazy right?

    And I know I saw the trailer, but honestly I don't think it showed much about the actual game itself... .geh!

  5. I had very intention of being finished by the time the last episode aired this week but my computer got a virus and now I can't watch and I'm only up to episode 44. Lame!

    I'm very disappointed by how this is going... mainly due to the fact that it's still ongoing in the manga and they're royally effin' it up in an attempt to wrap it up.

    Did you know in the manga your Buttaki Joe dies and Stein is suspected of being his killer? Yeah... my poor Stein.

    The least these people could do if they know they have to end it and the manga's ongoing is get input from the author. I'm not sure if they did and if so, it really sucks an ass.

    I also saw that my boy Justin got his cheek cut. Tsk.

    You should check all the April Fools' 'news' on gamespot today - hilarious.


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