Friday, March 20, 2009

Partial Howdy Spring!

Welcome to a struggling Spring, where tiny purple flowers fall quietly on a pond of blue water.

Petal-shaped ripples resonate along the surface where one falls, sending forth shivers of flowery communication we will never understand, stretching thousands of miles and beyond in the world of the tiny flower to others just like him.

An odd creature swims just below the dancing waves, casting a shadow that leaves one pondering if there's new life of a new species in the pond of blue or just a giant fish devouring a creepy crawly.

Currently listening to: "Wabi Sabi Wall" by Soichi Terada, from the Ape Escape Original Soundtrack.


  1. I like it. The purples are pretty and it reminds me of something microscopic.

  2. Aww, thanks. It's quite the change from last year's Spring layout. I tried using watercolours in corel painter. Umm, this didn't come nearly as good as my other one but that one just looked terrible overall.


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