Tuesday, March 24, 2009

S7 24 HC: 10 PM - 11 PM

Tony A., Man of Reason. I never thought he'd have to tell Jack to kill terrorists instead of saving a peon, but that day has come.

And for Jack's stupidity? He gets exposed to a biological agent.

That is what happens when you think about peons!

Hodges' one liners are becoming annoying.

Head Count: 3


  1. I see we're in for an 8th season of Bauer. I'm kinds not into it as much anymore even though this season is OK. I'd like more office politics in the mix.

  2. Isn't the 8th Season supposed to be the last season? After Bill died, he season lost flavour to me. It's going kind of lame, contained and predictable (I mean, not that I thought Jack would get exposed although we know that's not going to be an issue for him - quite frankly, it only looked like the cooling tank had come undone, not the actual chemical weapon).

    As for office politics, what about the President's daughter? She's a bitch. I hate her.


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