Thursday, April 23, 2009

Avast, Ye Scurvy Dawgs!

What's with the talk of pirates lately?

Who knew pirates of the High Seas existed?

This just goes to show that certain parts of the world are still cutlassin' over some gold (and suga'cane?) and it is scary.

Don't they know pirating's only reserved for the Internet now? And that stealing from the rich to give to the rich is called "CAPITALISM"?

Serious business these pirates, but it turns out I've been doing a bit of pirating myself these days.

While not on the High Seas, I have taken to stealing from my dawgs to give to myself and H1.

That's right, I declare my Frenemies' Mario Coins in the Name of the HOchieS!

Thus far, I've collected booty from Bughie J. and Aims.

It might be that they'll benefit from my piracy in the long run but that is only due to the fact that I am not a very good pirate.

In fact, I believe the great Pirate Bughie J. somehow managed to trick me into giving him my Club Nintendo login information without my realising my folly!

And that is why he managed to plunder Trinidad in the not so distant past.


  1. Technically, I was a privateer, and my infamous exploits on the Spanish Main were done only in service and protection of the interests of the Dutch Royal Crown! I have the Letter of Marque to prove it!

    Of course, if I ever did happen by chance to dabble in more, uh, freelance, endeavours, it certainly would have been easier to swipe Trini gold and nintendo club ids from friends than enemies!

  2. Hmmm... suspect. Verrrrrry suspect!

    And I WOULD like to see a copy of this so called Letter of Marque!


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