Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Missing Wesker

Just shy of 3 or so hours, 1 week ago this moment, Bunji and I finished Resident Evil 5.

I have to say that I miss Wesker terribly.

I know he was an ass, kicked my (and Bunji's...mostly Bunji's) asses, and he had a comical voice actor with the exaggerated "Chrrrriiiss" British type accent put on but it was funny to me and I loved him.

That effer did not want to go down. Even in lava he could not be stopped! It took lava and two rocket launchers to the head to do him in and oops, sorry for the spoiler with no spoiler alert for anyone who might be reading it and wanted to play.

So the bastard's gone but I suspect this isn't the last Chris Redfield (Bunji), Jill Valentine (hideous hair dye job or maybe that was the Progeniture virus?), Sheva (me! I'm a hero lady!), Claire Redfield, or Leon Kennedy (he's so lame) will see of Wesker in some form or other, considering there was talk of "Wesker Children".

I also suspect this isn't the last post about Resident Evil 5 nerditure that I have to post. In fact, I know it isn't because I have at least 2 more related posts coming involving zombies and lickers.

Did I mention I miss that ass Bunji too?


I miss him, as well.

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