Thursday, April 02, 2009


I've been quite excited about taking a picture of a peep or three for the Peep Photo Contest from National Geographic Travel (take photos of your peeps on your travels at iconic locations).

Before CLee ruined it with his smuggery for me, H1 and I told just about all the frenemies that we should all enter if possible and together we came up with some classic ideas.


"Where else in the world can we find a peep kicking a coconut? We're looking at WIM in BIM!"

Sun too hot? How about a slightly melted peep under the hot sun, on a coconut, near the ocean in BIM?

Peep Vs. Crab! A showdown at dusk on the beach with crabby results!

A Peep climbing a coconut tree.

A Peep flying with the flying fish.

X, we're counting on you!


A Peep at Maracas, enjoying a Bake and Shark at Richard's.

Peeps doing stations of the cross at St. Joseph.

Peeps at Independence Square, in line for some KFC.

Peeps getting down with the locals at a doubles stand.

Peeps sinking in the Pitch Lake! A fake sinking, of course. There will be no fossilized peeps there.

Come on Trini peeps (har har), we're counting on you! (MC, TD5 and CLee - maybe not you so much)


Peeps smoking nutmegs.

Peeps at St. George's University - Veterinary Program - with some dogs, Halloween Peeps in the Anatomy Lab.

Beetchie, did you already eat those peeps?


Peeps rolling down the dunes at Lake Michigan.

Peeps in Detroit, at a Kiss concert - geared up with black and white face make up over one eye. METAL PEEP!

(Though Bughie J. informs me that the cost of doing all that would be more than the cost of the prize, which does not even factor in the psychological cost of going to Detroit)

Peeps at a now defunct Auto Industry plant, on a bicycle.

Peeps in the once booming but now depressed Auto Industry town of Flint, making a documentary entitled "Peeps and Me" - a glimpse into the lives of laid-off auto industry peeps moldy and green on auto-plant break room tables. Some choose to end their own misery in microwaves, some, in freezers. A few raise chocolate bunnies then kill them and sell them to earn a meager living! so sad.

New Jersey

Shocking, no? It's actually on the list!

Peeps going from NY to NJ via the Ferry and realising their icky fate (ie their destination to Hell), they line up on the side and throw themselves over in a mass peep suicide.

Throw some peeps at the Statue of Liberty, and while not pictured we could all scream "Take THAT, New Jersey!!!!"

Frass, organize, will you please?

New York

Peeps in Chinatown - on a dim sum cart, in a dim sum steam tray surrounded by chicken feet and a general meaty carnage! or Peeps at where the cool kids hang out (but that can't be photographed since we must keep the non-cool kids out).

Peeps falling off the back of a truck in Crooklyn.

Peeps at the Apollo.

Peeps at Times Square, naked and wearing a cowboy hat.

Peeps at Toys R' Us, hanging out in Barbie's Dream House, face to face with lego T-Rex or pretending to be a pokemon. Peepomon, I choose you! (really, is that show still on?!)

Peeps of all colours hanging out with kids skating at Rockefeller's skating rink.

Peeps at Radio City Music Hall, on Broadway or in a mosh pit at MSG.

Peeps in front of Nintendo World, hanging out with Boo and in line for a DSi.

Peeps with headphones in, riding the subway.

Peeps NOT at the 5th Avenue apple store. That's just smug and lame.

Though, a peep mushed on the glass creating chaos and resulting my possible arrest at the 5 Ave. apple store, now there's a great picture.

Currently: mourning that Ape'Day won't happen before the end of the Peep Contest Submissions.


  1. NJ feels slighted. We have many more iconic locations than mentioned within this blog.

    Atlantic City! Peeps at a slot machine striking it rich.

    The Jersey Shore! Peeps enjoying a fresh ocean breeze on a sandy beach.

    Newark! Peeps walking tough thru the busy city to buy some bootleg DVDs & fake Louis Vuitton bags!

  2. A fresh ocean breeze? Don't you mean a scent full of garbage? Poor peeps. I should report you for Peep Cruelty!

    Newark? The Peeps can do that in Chinatown, with fake Hello Kitty.

    Atlantic City... maybe. But I hope no one would try to rob the peep of money. You Jersey people are shady.

  3. I spent 2 summers in Atlantic City & can assure you that there are no robbers there. Those casino owners won't hear of it.

    I feel like I should include a mall of some sort. We are known for our malls. And our tomatoes.


  4. And the lore of the NJ Devil. Don't forget the Devil, who really is just about every born and bred Jerseyite.

    Malls? Tomatoes?

    Sounds like a B movie horror movie starring peeps in the making.


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