Sunday, April 19, 2009

S7: 24 HC - 12 AM to 2 AM

12 AM to 1 AM:

Hodges is scary. When Jon Voight acts a psychopath, he really isn't 'acting'. That family is full of crazies! Yep, I'm looking at you Angelina.

That scene when he tossed down that poor Chairman was possibly the scariest thing on TV since the last time Ryan the ass Seacrest was on TV, which would mean since last Wednesday.

And then when that poor Chairman fell unto the blown up map of the World, I laughed. But then I felt really sorry for him again because he landed under the asshole of America - New Jersey. That's what it was, right B.? That'd make sense since NJ certainly does smell like ass.

Head Count: 2.

1 AM to 2 AM:

Kim Bauer wasted my life four about 3 minutes with her face that turned horsey animal variant. She always wastes my life but the nerve of her to waste it with her extra hideousness was just wrong.

So I will admit, that earlier on during the episode when Tony A. was doing a solo op. I questioned whether or not he was going to do it. Out loud I said and to myself so there's no one to verify my cleverness - "is Tony A. going to go traitor on them?"

And this was even before he pulled that guy out from under the base where he had set up the explosive devices - which by the way, I found very strange of him to do. Tony A.? A compassionate man? Hardly.

I'm not surprised by his actions because I never fully believed he was really good even though that's still questionable (sure he killed that ass Larry Moss - and hooray for that! Yay!) but I guess he's got some kind of conscience after all or...doing something...good?

I'm just more concerned that his ass is going to die. I don't want him to die again.

Head Count: 3. That was wrong how that guy head shot the FBI agent though.


  1. My initial reaction upon realizing Tony has had his own agenda all along was "Oh nooooo. Guess he's gonna have to die."

    Jon Voight is pure evil. He does these types of roles a little too well. BTW, I like how SNL portrays Angelina as obsessed with babies.

    Will Kim Bauer have an actual purpose? Maybe she can bitchslap the Pres' daughter. I'm not against catfights.

  2. I haven't watched SNL in about ten years probably.

    Yeah, if Kim can kick the shart out of the Prezzie's daughter (who I hate even more with each episode) then I'd be cool with that too.

    Yeah, I don't want Tony A. to die. By the way, what was up with the PSA by Chloe? It was hilarious!


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