Tuesday, April 21, 2009

S7: 24 HC - 2 AM to 3 AM

2 AM to 3 AM:

How poor of an actress was that woman who played the real lawyer of Jon Voight's? When those people were at the door and she looked like a deer in the headlights, I'm not sure about the crew but I'd say she's a comedian because I sure as hell laughed my ass off.

Seriously, who is this biatch that threatened Jon Voight's family?! Who do you think you are that you could threaten Brangelina? I would threaten Maddox if I were you. That kid looks like he could kick some ass.

Kim Bauer continues to reign stupid. She apparently now has a daughter she named Terri. Why would you ask for a Nina in the future to kill future Teri Bauer? That's just asking for a whole new series of heartache!

I'm sure that Tony A. hates when Jack Bauer plays McGuyver, and that's why he used the "you're paranoid, Jack" card on him. Nice.

The Starkwood/Tony A. Operative covering himself with someone else's blood to get out of the building? Nice, too.

Finally, a flashback from last week - did anyone else notice that rigor mortis set in immediately for Larry Moss? I'm pretty sure not even ten minutes had gone by after Tony A. suffocated his ass. The show is timed in real-time afterall.

Head Count: 3.


  1. ... and Ms. Walker really overdid it with the 'gazing off into the distance' thing.

    The PSA's toward the end of the show are distracting.

  2. Yeah, Tony A.'s PSA sucked. All I could think was about why this bad man was trying to tell me to do stuff.

    Renee Walker - she needs to go. Her Soap Opera acting is distracting as well.

    Though she did make a good FBI Agent sending out the orders on field.

  3. At least I don't have to see Larry Moss' small, close together eyes anymore. I didn't know how many more weeks of that I could handle.

  4. I should have known Larry was about to bite the dust when his character finally started realizing that Bauer knows stuff. It gets annoying when everyone constantly doubts Bauer when he is always right. I say Bauer for president. He's the only republican I will ever vote for. lol And I want him to continue torturing suspected criminals.

    Did you read that a new CTU is back for Season 8? And the setting is NYC? I think Chloe will have a bigger role, too.

  5. NYC? I hope the Fox Corp. gets destroyed but then again, they are Republicans so chances are low...

  6. and how could there be a CTU with Bill gone?! Shenanigans!

  7. *gulp*

    Maybe Chloe will run the new CTU...

  8. omg, how awesome would that be...

  9. Not awesome at all..Stop it. If so I say she gets taken out by the swine flu. I knew those damn dirty pigs were no good from Day 1. I renounce you heathen swine.

  10. MC, did you become cherry some time and I just didn't realise?

    First there was the attendance of the Matassyahu concert and now this?

    Have no fear though, MC. You can still eat pork. The Q&A on CNN says so:

    Q. Can one contract swine flu from eating or preparing pork?

    A. No. Pork and other pig-derived products, if properly handled and cooked, do not transmit swine flu. The flu virus is killed by cooking temperatures of 160°F (70°C).


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