Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Square Butts

I'm just like the rest of you lot. I too have nightmares by watching the Burger King King.

This evening though, when I heard a familiar tune start up, I had to watch the TV.

Before I continue with this story and I may have mentioned it before, H1 often tries to blackmail with embarrassing stories by telling people that my first CD was Sir Mix-A-Lot's album.

That's right, the one with "Baby Got Back".

I was headed in a direction of Frass many years ago but then Stone Temple Pilots converted me, and for that I am thankful.

Even so, I am not ashamed by my ownage of that CD.

That was some goo'd times in my fuzzy memories and let us leave it at that.

Getting back to the story at hand, I heard a familiar sound and that was "Baby Got Back".

Wondering if I had returned to the early months of 1992 (man was I impressionable! Only 3 months later and I was converted to STP and alternative rock! Nice!), I turned to the TV and was greeted by this hot damned mess of a commercial (be warned, this is the extended version and I've not listened yet because I can't find the volume control on Papa HOchie's computer):

I laughed but knew that this was way wrong.

They showed this mess after 9 PM and that was smart on their part because having Spongebob defiled like this makes me a bit ill. A sadistic laughing kind of ill but ill all the same.

It's been 10 years since that sponge has been on and I would like to keep the memories of his antics as yellow clean as he continues to be even after 10 years of use.

One can only imagine what children might think if they saw this.

It's awesomely wrong.

When are we going to Burger King, H1?

[Update @ 10:53 PM]: The Burger King King scares the square crap out of X.


  1. I agree!! So wrong! I thought the same thing. And yes, the King is so creepy.

  2. The images!!! The images!!! I can't stop picturing H2 grinding like a "Fly Girl" to (her own personal copy of) Baby Got Back.

    OMG!!!!!! :D

  3. Oye, behave yourself! I never 'fly girl'ed!

    But to think, I was 12. Where were my parents to discipline me?!


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