Sunday, May 31, 2009


A few nerd remarks.

1. I knew Kakashi was dead! I can't believe he was really killed off! For about 4 months? I just had to read it on Wiki to see what was going on with him. It made me depressed reading that damned manga. Awww, my Kakashi.

2. I have been waiting for Rock Band to do the cool thing and add Tv on the Radio and Arctic Monkeys to their setlist. Instead we have MTV controlling what they put on there sometimes and we've been getting bullshit like...the Jonas Brothers? Really, Rock Band. I'm beginning to be really angry with you and your bullshit!

And what's worse? Now I find out that I'd be waiting forever if I waited on you assholes!

How could you let Guitar Hero 1up you?!


Update 6/01/09: I'll retract the grievances against Rock Band for the lack of TV on the Radio because as it turns out, there's one track as dlc this week but that does still not cover Arctic Monkeys. So, Rock Band, you're still on the stupid assholes list! And where's your Tool, while I'm at it? Also... a little "Dear Science" from TV on the Radio would also be welcome, thank you.

Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: World Tour, I'm aimin' for you in September.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not Going on a Trip

The HOchieS are going on a trip next week.

Despite his trying to be a stow-away, I'm fairly certain he's not going...

Currently listening to: "Oh! Vanity." by the Charlatans.

The Situation Just Gets Worse

Some weeks ago, the inevitable happened - the brown multiplied.

H1 and I walked into the kitchen for lunch, to discover that the regular forks and knives were finished and replaced with cousins of the smug, shit brown spoon.

As if that was not bad enough, some weeks later, I walked to my desk first thing on a Monday morning and discovered that someone had left me a face mask.

A face mask.

At first I thought someone was trying to offend me by giving me a face mask because I am part Asian and I'd need it to protect against the wrongly named Swine Flu (stop the pig hate!), but then I realised everyone at work got them.

How do I feel about these new developments?

That pretty much sums it up.

Harry Hotness

This is the name Alex and H1 have been giving the Prince, and even though he may be a Mauby, he's a riot, that one.

The Prince is currently visiting NYC and this picture was posted on the blogs (DListed, I think) yesterday, showing that yep, even little girls know the hotness.

I couldn't stop laughing at this yesterday:

Obsessions of the Week(s): 2/22/09 - 5/24/2009

Wow, that's just a sad state of affairs there.

My lack of working computer had me not update the obsessions for months, so instead of just posting what I was obsessing over in its proper place, I'm gonna post it right here and then post my current obsessions in the usual spot.

Of course you know, there's no way I wasn't obsessing over stuff for the past 3 or so months.


Only 11 episodes long, and I'm not done yet. I love this show but I've been staggering my viewing. It's odd, cute, the main character's a sweetie and who would guess that an anime about an agricultural university could be so engaging. I'll miss it when it's done and I'm expecting something tragic because just like you never trust the quiet ones, you never trust seemingly light-hearted anime. Those damned Japanese! I could be wrong though...

Kei and Sawaki

I do enjoy them. And it's true, the buisness of seeing microbes (and they're all smiley, frownie or overly animated beasts) should be even worse but they're just so damned hilarious too. Seriously though, gross...microbes.

Update: I finished it and I loved its rather entertaining oddities and charm; Kei - you're even more awesome than I thought and that's all I will say in case anyone wants to watch this.

Flight of the Conchords

This season is even quirker and more hilarious than the first. The songs have been mostly good and by good, I mean WAY witty and amazing. H1 and I (I even got Bunji hooked) are having lots of fun but are cursing Ticketmaster for their assholery. I'm still going to try to see them in April.

Update: Well I failed to see them and I'm still bitter about it. More reasons to hate Ticketmaster? Sure thing.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The longest name I've seen in a while for an anime, a crazy ride that I'm enjoying and it's a mech anime. Gasp! I very rarely watch those but it was Gainax, so I decided I would watch. It's light, fast and insane, with loveable characters and even loveable mechs! The great thing about Gurren Lagann is that it doesn't take itself "too" seriously and the mech's take on the crazed personalities of the characters x10. The music's great (another hit by Iwasaki Taku) and I love Simon the Digger (heehee, lame name).


I may love Simon, Viral (yeah, he's awesome), Kittan, Kamina and just about everyone else in that show (even if I need to curse out Rossiu, that ass), but I don't love them like I love Leeron. He. Is. A. Mess. And once again, having Vash The Stampede's voice always helps.

Update: I finished it. It kept up with the fun but I enjoyed the first half better than the second. Still, I can't wait to see the movie and I'm happy now that I have my very own fully-drillized Gurren Lagann to call my own.

Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou

H1 and I are enjoying this season much more than the first. It's scarier, funnier and seems more 'full'. Natsume's adorable, and a deeper look at his relationships, especially with this new family is warming.


Nyanko's even more hilarious this season and H1's loving him. He hasn't really been turning to Madara that much...I think he's really trying to teach that Natsume a lesson or maybe he just wants the Book of Friends faster. heh.

Those were the obsessions for about a month or so, and here are the ones after that up until last week Sunday.

Resident Evil 5

Playing Resident Evil 5 proved one of the most fun gaming experiences I've had. It was welcome quality time spent with Bunji, with lots of zombies, lots of lickers and lots of laughs. It was revealed that I was the better shot, I rocked most of the game using just my little handgun and I refuse to give up my magnum.
Bunji took the lead even though really, the lasers in the temple, Bunji? That was hilarious for me to watch, proving that sometimes it's good for me to not play follower the 'leader'. Bwahahaha.
The game's also not that scary but I understand why it isn't because co-op mode would be boring if it were. Of course, being an RE game, there were moments of panic and terror but all in all, playing late at night with my brother was not as terrifying as it used to be.
Chris Redfield never looked so good before and Sheva was just hot.

Albert Wesker

I posted a blog on this but I still miss this ass.

Nintendo DSi

I bought one after contemplating whether or not I should hold off for a special edition or risk having another Wii incident in which I am assed out. Well, Nintendo made enough of the DSi systems and I'm still waiting for an LE version to get, at which H1 will have an almost brand new DSi for herself. And poor Papa HO will get that a hand me down Red original.

Chrono Trigger DS

Heartache. Always with the effin' heartache.

For some reason it's almost as if I never played this game before even though that's not true, but it felt so much more rewarding this second time around. I was probably still reeling from the fact that Bughie J. made me kill off my favourite Magus when I played many years ago.

This game is by far, one of the best games ever made. That's not surprising to most since it is often heralded as such but it certainly deserves all the praise.

Also, Magus seemed more of an asshole than I remember. He's still my favourite though but did they have to do him dirty by adding that extra 13th ending?

Again with the effin' heartache!

Grand Theft Auto IV: Chinatown Wars DS

Cartman said it best, "I heard someone say they needed to kill a Jew?"
Man replies, "What do you want in return?"
Cartman says, "All I Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS"

I missed almost all of last season's South Park but as I was playing Chinatown Wars myself one night, I caught that episode and I was in hysterics.

Seriously, Cartman...why DID Chinatown Wars have to come out during the Recession?

Well at least you can get a new copy for $20. Forget lunch!

This game is amazingly fun. I've never played any of the series but I have watched it being played and although fun, the in game world always seemed way to massive for me to handle.
So when the rave reviews started pouring in for the DS game, I was curious and I am beyond glad I took the chance.
Still a massive world, still ultra violent and very much clever, Chinatown Wars ate my soul for a few weeks well.
And then when I had to confront Uncle Kenny...::tear:: Even H1 was sad.

Friday, May 29, 2009

S7: 24 HC 4 AM to 8 AM

I may have forgotten that posts were due for this.

Due to the fact that the end of the season was so damned disappointing, here's a general head count with no real re-cap of dullness.

HC: 3; 1; 5; 10

That may be wrong but ask me if I care at this point. I might be off on one but I don't really remember.

The only three things I can really remember: the poor, cliched acting and lines given. Who wrote those last two episodes? Did I? When I was 7?

I did enjoy that Jack made peace with his life with the help of a Muslim holy man. It reminded me that the Fox Network are assholes and that this must have hurt them to air. Idiots.

Tony A. ... you were totally justified. When did you become Jack Bauer and when did Jack Bauer become a pansy?

I guess biolological weaponary running through your blood will do that to you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And Three Hours Later

I'm finally ready to hook up the Ipod, let it run overnight and hope that all is well in the morning.

All this for some Lotus Juice.

As I was telling Bughie J., the words "my favourite Japanese rapper" should never leave my mouth but it's too late now.

Currently listening to: "Step Up" by Taku Iwasaki featuring Lotus Juice, from the Soul Eater 2 Original Soundtrack.

Rabble, Rabble

And so I begin the process of uploading 7910 songs and 100 plus videos into Itunes and then on the Ipod.

Yeah, I'm rabbling!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bastardino, Jr.

That Bastardino, Jr., Beetchie...

Yeah, that's right, Beetchie! I called you Bastardino, Jr.!

It's rare Beetchie and I walk out of Toy Tokyo empty-handed and Saturday was no different.

We saw some Tokidoki Cactus Pups (Gen Frien', I'll get one for you!) and she wanted the sleepy one, which I pegged her to get and I wanted anything but the pink.

She wanted me to get Bastardino, Jr. but due to some protesting, I decided I didn't want that little bastard. I wanted the black one that was really mean looking.

Being the lucky one, Beetchie first grabbed her pick of the random boxes and then picked mine for me because she didn't want me to pull one from the back.

And you can only guess what happened next.

She was so adamant that I get the frickin' Bastardino, Jr. that I got the frickin' Bastardino, Jr. even at the expense of not concentrating to get the one she wanted for herself.

It serves her right that she got the dirty one!

He's pretty cute though and I can't really complain but it was hilarious for us both.

Ah, she hates me sometimes.

Quit showing me your ass, Bastardino Jr.!

I also hate myself sometimes. I do love Rukia and I do love the most beautiful white zanpaktou in all of Seireitei but I didn't get my Ulqui on the random pick.


She still is the best though. Eff you, Orihimeass.

So hopefully Beetchie can do me a kindness and get it for me if she goes to Chinatown.

Finally, here's my new Auron that I am not happy that I own.

Quiet, Setz!

Who Loves Me?

Who wants to buy me the Ultimate Sephiroth pyo?

Or at least put in half, making my total $75 and you, whoever you may be, your total $75?

Or something? (Making my total $0 and you, whoever you may be, your total $150?)

If I get this, I will never buy/coerce or consider getting another Sephiroth figure again!

Really though, you guys should pity me... I never had a good one but I will never knock my very first FF toy which was my Sephy keychain which I'm still very much proud of and love most of all my figures.

But let us take a moment to gaze upon this new one and his beauty, together...


A Day Out with My Imaginary Friend

For a long time, we all thought that CLee had an Imaginary Friend named Fred. Fred was his Snuffy for years. There was always talk of this "Fred" but no one had ever met him, until one day we discovered that he really existed.

As I was talking to X yesterday, it hit me.

I, too, have a Snuffy!

I, too, have an Imaginary Friend named Fred, although for even more secrecy, I call him Setzer (not so secret anymore though...oops).

Well, my friend, who really isn't imaginary, Setzer made a trip to NYC this weekend with some of his friends.

I saw him on Saturday and we went to Chinatown to where the cool kids hang out.

For some reason I forgot that he likes L, perhaps even more than I do (he's damned near obsessed but then again...I guess I teared when L died a horrible dishonourable anime death, ::insert my EFF YOU LIGHT!!! comment:: which makes me no different) and was very excited to get a cheapy black plastic ring with "L" all over it, which I found very cute of him especially since he's going to count how many days it takes for the "L" to wipe off; super excited to see an "L" baseball cap for $3.00, which I found very umm...suspect of him but was relieved when he didn't buy it; and I completely forgot (conveniently!) that he is Squall/loves Squall, which I found very lame and walked off like I didn't know him but not before judging him hardcore.


I also did not get him that stupid Squall figure he wanted (conveniently?) but instead randomly picked something for myself in the form of Auron, which he quickly gave back to me.

Why is it that if I try to buy something for myself it always turns out something I don't care for but if I buy for someone else, I get what I want?

It's not right and I'm sorry, Setz but yeah, if I ever get a Setzer, he's all yours.

Also, the buying of lychee ice-cream does not make up for the fact that I did not get you anything from Japan nor do I feel better about myself, so you may lord that over me if you must.

Sadly, I couldn't make it to hang out with him yesterday but at least I directed him to Kenka and without my hand to force strangeness upon him, he had a meal that he loved.

Next time though, I'll be sure not to lapse.

One last note because it deserved a little blurb, I took this picture in Chinatown of something most disturbing.

You know those street artists that will spell your name out in some fancy manner on a piece of board to hang in your room?

I know I should not be surprised to find this in Chinatown but just another example of supporting shade and conducting shady buisness on behalf of the Chinese:

Jasmart's Often Hilarious, But Was Super More So This Time Around: Adventures of the St. Mark's Kind, Part II

The Japanese are always rather funny. They're so animated, it's fun.

It's a thing Beetchie and I do - we always have to try something new at the JasMart (Japanese Supermarket), whether that be a drink or a snack.

Well, we were rather full so we didn't get anything but an iced tea which turned out to be an iced coffee (I was ppiiiisssseed).

The other thing we got was some good laughs.

For instance,

Sephiroth hair! I always wanted Sephiroth hair of my own or some sort of boy with white/silver anime hair...and I've found him! Modelling hair products...for Gatsby...of Japan? Hm. At least now I know I can always find someone and get the silver from this place. Or alternately, wait for Sephiroth to materialize.

There's this thing that cracked Beetchie up, in two varieties!

The stick cut Baumkuchen and round style. We still have no idea what it is and were too full to find out. Perhaps next time.

I found something for H1...look, H1! Your favourite!

Um, I'm continued to be plagued by hip parades and shiny asses courtesy of the Japanese:

And H1, Beetchie says this is you:

Deal with her.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Redeeming Our Good Name at Kenka: Adventures of the St. Marks Kind, Part I

Last Saturday was a good day.

Last August, around the 13th was not.

It was fun times seeing Beetchie (Yay! Summer break!) and she successfully completed her 2nd full year at Vet School.

In fact, Beetchie and I had a pretty great meal and an afternoon/evening full misadventures.

It sounds very suspect and we're just hoping that no build of negative energy is trying to happen again like that day in June back in 2006 when the bakery in Brooklyn exploded.

We went to Barnes and Noble, Pet Co., Kenka, Toy Tokyo and got cream puffs from Beard Papa.

It's all the great things we usually do when we hang out at Union Square and St. Marks.

Of course, Kenka was involved and I am pleased to report that a repeat of the Taro and Raw Squid Incident did not occur.

Thank goodness for that.

We started out with the Angler Liver.

For me, it was a little bit too strong on the fishy-ness but add some garlic and even the not-so-scallion-tasting scallion and it was amazing. It was very smooth.
Beetchie rather enjoyed it on first bite and even more so when she later discovered that we did the Angler an unkindness by eating it. We were unaware that it is on a Watch List...trying to be protected from the Japanese. Of course, the Japanese. And us.

Next we had Neck of Yellowtail which was quite good. Beetchie had fun with the fatty bits on the bone.

Grilled beef intestines are always yummy times and this set was extra so because it was quite laden with the seasoning that just stuck to it.

The Kimchee Udon was a little bit of a disappointment but not like the disappointment to come but still, I like udon so I was okay with it and then Beetchie gave me like the only bit of fatty pork in there because she hearts me:

We sat around hungry and ordered more.

Knowing fully well that this is always a bad idea, we sat around and became less hungry.

When those two dishes came, well it was over for us.

It also was not cool that Kenka put cheese spring rolls on the menu and when they came out, they were tiny bits of fried spring roll skin wrapped around as Beetchie called it, string cheese:

And then! How could one go wrong with fried pork on a stick, right? Somehow, that managed to be bad. I was already full but sticking very-much-tasting-like-a-killer-onion onion in between the tonkatsu...HIDDEN, in the tonkatsu will do me in. And it did:

So, we may have gotten a little over confident by our successes and then got effed over but we still had a pretty good meal and it was not near a total loss.

Beetchie and I even got new T-shirts! The staff (all changed...wha'?) were wearing new company shirts that were so cool that we had to get some too.

Luckily for us, they do in fact sell their shirts and also, our little Japanese guy assured us that it did not say "I am an asshole" on it.

We'll see if that's the truth if we wear it in Tokyo sometime and we get whispered and "oho ho ho ho'd" about.

Oh yeah, and it's becoming a regular thing but my cotton candy was bigger than Beetchie's again.

Memorable Quote of the Evening:

While eating my cotton candy, man on street says to me: It's still not better than Coney Island.

Well, really I don't know what he was talking about because a. it was grape flavoured and b. there is no more Coney Island. Bwahahahaha.

Update: Scrap the talk of no misadventure! Apparently, Union Square was full of bees! You know what means, they followed us... let us not speak of this to anyone.


May 24, 10:47 AM EDT

Buzz off! Bee swarm traps workers in NY game store

NEW YORK (AP) -- Thousands of bees swarmed outside a New York City game store, trapping employees inside for hours.

Worried employees looked out the window of the Manhattan store while talking on the phone as the bees clustered Saturday afternoon. A sign in the window warned: "Look! ... closed due to bee infestation."

Most passers-by avoided the GameStop store near Union Square, one of the city's busiest shopping areas. But Edward Albers tried to help. Dressed in regular clothes, he lured many bees into a box without getting stung.

Eventually, police bee specialist Tony Planakis arrived in protective gear and used the scent of a queen bee to collect the rest of them.

The store has reopened. The bees are being taken to hives upstate.

Downtown Friday

We began the week with a Monday Midtown Mini Adventure and ended the week with a Friday Downtown Excursion.

Along with Alex, we journeyed to Chinatown, which was not as crazed as I predicted and actually quite the nice evening for walking about.

An emergency call to Beetchie to inquire as to where good dumplings could be had, led us not really finding good dumplings but it also led us to not eating bad ones either.

Note to remember from B.: The dumplings at the Excellent Dumpling House are not that Excellent.

After many years of knowing Beetchie, I never truly ventured to her family's Malaysian Restaurant "Saya". That's probably the fault of the Marco Polo Noodle House that's right next door that H1 and I used to frequent, only to discover that that place is now gone. We cried a little when we found out.

So yes, we were starving and even though we had dinner plans at 9 PM, we went and had first dinner.

First dinner was greatness.

The curry puffs are fantastic and just about everything else was too - the satay (beef and chicken...yum!), the nasi lemak..mmmm. It was all goo'd times. Perhaps, too many goo'd times because H1 and I managed to over-eat a tad. Heh Heh.

Well who knew that a 6 PM meal would full us up so much by the time the 10 PM meal came around?!

After finding all manners of sparklies and danglies for X, a super Japanese bath towel for her,

Oh, the Japanese and their sekshi:

and walking forever to get to Thompson St., we parted ways with Alex and met up with X and Mk at Kittichai for X's Birthday celebration.

From Malaysian curry to Thai curry, H1 and I had even more good times at second dinner.

I did not have as many goo'd times as I should have because I was still sadly full from first dinner, but did love myself some tempura sea bass appetizers.

I didn't care much for the chocolate baby back ribs which really didn't taste anything like chocolate and only served to mess up my chopsticks royally (which annoyed me to no end - filthy chopsticks are one of the most horrid things ever. And this was coming off the fact that my server took my chopsticks away and then didn't want to give me a plate. Ass!).

My meal (what I could eat of it) was good save the fact they managed to burn the meat on top but meh, I still enjoyed my pineapple braised short ribs in green curry.

H1 had some sort of steak which she really liked and then we had to go after a champagne toast to X.

Talk about a mess trying to get a train that ran and getting home. It took an hour for us to get to Grand Central and we just barely made the 12:20 train and goodness knows that we did not want to be in Grand Central until 1:50 AM.

Poor transportation left us a bit cranky but at least we weren't cranky because we lacked food.

Midtown Monday: Part II

Two Mondays late, we are.

After our awesome Taiwanese Fried Chicken meal (which we had again last Monday, by the way and it tasted even more awesome), and after work, H1 and I went to Grand Central Terminal to hit up the Grand Central Market.

Murray's Cheese Place has Trois Petite Cochons pate that calls to us once in a while. Why wouldn't it? And why would we not answer?

And when the chocolate mousse with ganache calls us, why would we not answer?

Sometimes though, when Pumpkin Cheesecake calls, we shouldn't answer.

After we bought our goodies, H1 and I had time to spare so we wandered into the Main Hall to watch people and take incriminating photos... of their feet.

I also took some touristy shots in the Main Hall and I have to say, Grand Central never looked so bad as through my camera phone lens.

Most importantly, at the end of the night we did not forgot our bags, or our baguette.

Memorable Quote of the evening:

While we were taking pictures, a guy walked by and said: Cheeeeese.
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