Friday, May 15, 2009

1994, I Remember You

That was a good year for music for the HOchieS.  I associate all my favourite albums and bands from that year as being the last of the good years for Alternative and Rock.  Even though many of my fond memories and albums may have been from the period 1991-1994, I often associate it all with 1994 because it was the end of greatness in my mind.

Thanks to MC, I'll be missing my last chance to see NIN, for which I have been cursing him out lots.  NIN used to be one of my ultimate favourite bands and I will not deny that everything pre and including "The Fragile" was just brilliance on T. Reznor's part, but the sad thing is that I have never seen them in concert.

It's not just NIN I've never seen.  I've never seen Stone Temple Pilots either.

It too boggles my mind.

By the way MC, I'm blaming you for not being able to go to see TV on the Radio as well.

Green Day used to be on that list of bands I never saw but must.

And if all goes well on July 28th, I can finally scratch them off.

After another Ticketmaster Debacle of not getting tickets for the MSG July 27th show (in part by my refusing to pay floor ticket prices in section 205 and in part for the entire concert selling out in 12 minutes), Green Day did me a kindness and added another show, not even 2 minutes after my defeat.

So Beetchie, don't forget - July 28th is a Tuesday and we have plans.

It makes me really sad that H1 won't be going.

But maybe she'll be the winner if the Green Day album turns out to sound like rubbish.  I've yet to listen but please don't let it be another disgrace of the year much like U2's "No Line on the Horizon".

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