Sunday, May 31, 2009


A few nerd remarks.

1. I knew Kakashi was dead! I can't believe he was really killed off! For about 4 months? I just had to read it on Wiki to see what was going on with him. It made me depressed reading that damned manga. Awww, my Kakashi.

2. I have been waiting for Rock Band to do the cool thing and add Tv on the Radio and Arctic Monkeys to their setlist. Instead we have MTV controlling what they put on there sometimes and we've been getting bullshit like...the Jonas Brothers? Really, Rock Band. I'm beginning to be really angry with you and your bullshit!

And what's worse? Now I find out that I'd be waiting forever if I waited on you assholes!

How could you let Guitar Hero 1up you?!


Update 6/01/09: I'll retract the grievances against Rock Band for the lack of TV on the Radio because as it turns out, there's one track as dlc this week but that does still not cover Arctic Monkeys. So, Rock Band, you're still on the stupid assholes list! And where's your Tool, while I'm at it? Also... a little "Dear Science" from TV on the Radio would also be welcome, thank you.

Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: World Tour, I'm aimin' for you in September.

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