Monday, May 25, 2009

A Day Out with My Imaginary Friend

For a long time, we all thought that CLee had an Imaginary Friend named Fred. Fred was his Snuffy for years. There was always talk of this "Fred" but no one had ever met him, until one day we discovered that he really existed.

As I was talking to X yesterday, it hit me.

I, too, have a Snuffy!

I, too, have an Imaginary Friend named Fred, although for even more secrecy, I call him Setzer (not so secret anymore though...oops).

Well, my friend, who really isn't imaginary, Setzer made a trip to NYC this weekend with some of his friends.

I saw him on Saturday and we went to Chinatown to where the cool kids hang out.

For some reason I forgot that he likes L, perhaps even more than I do (he's damned near obsessed but then again...I guess I teared when L died a horrible dishonourable anime death, ::insert my EFF YOU LIGHT!!! comment:: which makes me no different) and was very excited to get a cheapy black plastic ring with "L" all over it, which I found very cute of him especially since he's going to count how many days it takes for the "L" to wipe off; super excited to see an "L" baseball cap for $3.00, which I found very umm...suspect of him but was relieved when he didn't buy it; and I completely forgot (conveniently!) that he is Squall/loves Squall, which I found very lame and walked off like I didn't know him but not before judging him hardcore.


I also did not get him that stupid Squall figure he wanted (conveniently?) but instead randomly picked something for myself in the form of Auron, which he quickly gave back to me.

Why is it that if I try to buy something for myself it always turns out something I don't care for but if I buy for someone else, I get what I want?

It's not right and I'm sorry, Setz but yeah, if I ever get a Setzer, he's all yours.

Also, the buying of lychee ice-cream does not make up for the fact that I did not get you anything from Japan nor do I feel better about myself, so you may lord that over me if you must.

Sadly, I couldn't make it to hang out with him yesterday but at least I directed him to Kenka and without my hand to force strangeness upon him, he had a meal that he loved.

Next time though, I'll be sure not to lapse.

One last note because it deserved a little blurb, I took this picture in Chinatown of something most disturbing.

You know those street artists that will spell your name out in some fancy manner on a piece of board to hang in your room?

I know I should not be surprised to find this in Chinatown but just another example of supporting shade and conducting shady buisness on behalf of the Chinese:


  1. I know, it's my favourite.

    I had the egg custard one once...that was awesome times. I need to go have that again.


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