Sunday, May 24, 2009

Downtown Friday

We began the week with a Monday Midtown Mini Adventure and ended the week with a Friday Downtown Excursion.

Along with Alex, we journeyed to Chinatown, which was not as crazed as I predicted and actually quite the nice evening for walking about.

An emergency call to Beetchie to inquire as to where good dumplings could be had, led us not really finding good dumplings but it also led us to not eating bad ones either.

Note to remember from B.: The dumplings at the Excellent Dumpling House are not that Excellent.

After many years of knowing Beetchie, I never truly ventured to her family's Malaysian Restaurant "Saya". That's probably the fault of the Marco Polo Noodle House that's right next door that H1 and I used to frequent, only to discover that that place is now gone. We cried a little when we found out.

So yes, we were starving and even though we had dinner plans at 9 PM, we went and had first dinner.

First dinner was greatness.

The curry puffs are fantastic and just about everything else was too - the satay (beef and chicken...yum!), the nasi lemak..mmmm. It was all goo'd times. Perhaps, too many goo'd times because H1 and I managed to over-eat a tad. Heh Heh.

Well who knew that a 6 PM meal would full us up so much by the time the 10 PM meal came around?!

After finding all manners of sparklies and danglies for X, a super Japanese bath towel for her,

Oh, the Japanese and their sekshi:

and walking forever to get to Thompson St., we parted ways with Alex and met up with X and Mk at Kittichai for X's Birthday celebration.

From Malaysian curry to Thai curry, H1 and I had even more good times at second dinner.

I did not have as many goo'd times as I should have because I was still sadly full from first dinner, but did love myself some tempura sea bass appetizers.

I didn't care much for the chocolate baby back ribs which really didn't taste anything like chocolate and only served to mess up my chopsticks royally (which annoyed me to no end - filthy chopsticks are one of the most horrid things ever. And this was coming off the fact that my server took my chopsticks away and then didn't want to give me a plate. Ass!).

My meal (what I could eat of it) was good save the fact they managed to burn the meat on top but meh, I still enjoyed my pineapple braised short ribs in green curry.

H1 had some sort of steak which she really liked and then we had to go after a champagne toast to X.

Talk about a mess trying to get a train that ran and getting home. It took an hour for us to get to Grand Central and we just barely made the 12:20 train and goodness knows that we did not want to be in Grand Central until 1:50 AM.

Poor transportation left us a bit cranky but at least we weren't cranky because we lacked food.

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