Monday, May 25, 2009

Jasmart's Often Hilarious, But Was Super More So This Time Around: Adventures of the St. Mark's Kind, Part II

The Japanese are always rather funny. They're so animated, it's fun.

It's a thing Beetchie and I do - we always have to try something new at the JasMart (Japanese Supermarket), whether that be a drink or a snack.

Well, we were rather full so we didn't get anything but an iced tea which turned out to be an iced coffee (I was ppiiiisssseed).

The other thing we got was some good laughs.

For instance,

Sephiroth hair! I always wanted Sephiroth hair of my own or some sort of boy with white/silver anime hair...and I've found him! Modelling hair products...for Gatsby...of Japan? Hm. At least now I know I can always find someone and get the silver from this place. Or alternately, wait for Sephiroth to materialize.

There's this thing that cracked Beetchie up, in two varieties!

The stick cut Baumkuchen and round style. We still have no idea what it is and were too full to find out. Perhaps next time.

I found something for H1...look, H1! Your favourite!

Um, I'm continued to be plagued by hip parades and shiny asses courtesy of the Japanese:

And H1, Beetchie says this is you:

Deal with her.


  1. I know, Beetchie was cracking up over that too. I was more impressed that I managed to get a picture that showed the...roundness of the umm, product.


  2. umm, that is clearly a pic of B since I am Bossy Bear and that is my Turtle, B. I think I will call my turtle, Watanuki. Wat for short.

    Now, let me go eat piece of the chocolate cake you made but did not save any for B.

  3. And when they say "pal", they really mean Indentured Servant Without Pay.

    - H1

  4. And wouldn't that be "slave"?

    B., there's cake but Momma Ho is not trying to save any for you!

    She says freezing would not be good for it and that I should just make you a fresh one.

    I'll be damned if I become Wat the Turtle.

  5. Oh and H1, in B.'s defense, she did mean that Bossy Bear is you, but clearly we did not read that that was his IS, Turtle.

    She knows your place.

  6. I would like the massage scrub for hips. It would go well with my Japanese bath towel. And then I'll be SUPER sekshi.

  7. Wao w/ the bossy bear indeed...and I ain't no Watanuki! And I'm certainly not a turtle of any sort!

    And I agree with should just make me a fresh one ^-^

  8. No fresh cake for you! No cake at all!

    X... SUPER Sekshi Wao? I'll go back and get that for you since it'll make for great laughs in Trini.

    Better yet, maybe I'll buy it for MC.

  9. For MC? did it come in black?


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