Friday, May 01, 2009

Keeping the Town Hippy Free

Oh my Lork.

I saw a hippy today in Manhattan.

A REAL hippy!

A 1960s hippy, hippy!

With a VW mustard yellow van complete with curtains!

Clearly a hippy left the 1960s via a worm hole and ended up in 2009, Manhattan.

Clearly that hippy was lost because Woodstock is waaaay off from Manhattan.

Talk about shock.

You'd be shocked too if you saw this mustard monstrosity driving along admist of black town cars and cabs.


I need to get back to work on the whole eliminate the hippies thing.


  1. that is greatness. and woodstock isn't that 2 hrs? he was just lil off.....

  2. There's nothing great about hippies.

    I feel like you need to be eliminated for your Pro-Hippy comment.

  3. dad was a hippie. how the hell you think I ended up with a name like X?


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