Thursday, May 14, 2009

Midtown Monday: Part I

"A Case of the Mondays"? Hardly.

It may come as a surprise to most but I'm actually a fan of Mondays.

Due to the fact that my brain is still in weekend mode, I don't really process that I'm at work until Tuesday.

My brain's some the times amazing.

So, already having an okay Monday is always made better by a shady pale yellow truck, shady (no need to insert yellow - or golden as Beetchie would say) Asians, and Taiwanese fried chicken with SPECIAL SECRET pork sauce over rice with Chinese mustard greens.

Yeah, you read right.

A new street eats truck called NYC Cravings has been making its way around the city, delivering two things: dumplings of the pork or veggie variety, and the above mentioned yummy fried chicken goodness.

Always eager to try new truck food and have a potential misadventure (you never know until you try!), H1, Alex and I trekked over to 46th & 6th when we were alerted via the midtownlunch blog, to guinea pig some fried chicken.

Unfortunately, you can't really make out the pale yellow from this picture thanks to my camera phone but it's an unmarked van that looks irregular. You can figure out which truck it is.

Oh Lork! I ate from a guy whose hand was THAT close to his nose?! Ahahaha, oh it's only a jest. It was clean. Today is Thursday and I was no where near ill and that scratching of the face was the shyness of a cutie Asian who didn't really want me to take his picture.

See? There's the cutie Asian! The girl who was helping him did not want to be in the picture and ran away but she was a cutie too.

They were anything but shady to tell you the truth (I mean special, secret pork sauce is kind of shady in itself but damned tasty) and were in fact, quite the friendly, sweetie types. It's always refreshing to meet nice Asians. Goodness knows I don't know any of those...Right, Beetchie? Ha.

Their unshady status could all change if we find out for sure if our fears are true - and that is that they may be Bingies. For now, we're going to pretend we didn't stumble upon that potentially true information.

Next Monday we're going back and bringing friends for more good times of crispy chicken, hopefully we'll be able to sample the pork dumplings this time since they only had effin' veggie dumplings, and a little chocolate fortune cookie that did not insult me.

The picture's not going to do it any justice to the meal but I'll post it anyway.

All of this just reminds us that Momma HO used to make the most awesome of Chinese style fried chicken times that we've not eaten in years.

We're working on trying to convince her that she should do that for us soon and so far it isn't working.

Curse you, Momma HO!

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