Friday, May 01, 2009

S7: 24 HC - 3 AM to 4 AM

This episode was meh. Aims is not convinced that Tony A. is all bad. I might be of that camp as well but wow, did he just take out that dude with the shower lining and then took a shower with the body in there.

That was hardcore.

The President's daugther a murderer? Nice. I hate that biatch.

Also, I would just like to say that the screaming of President Palmer's name by Jack Bauer made me really confused at first, then not so much. That was some awesome acting by Keifer Jack Bauer Sutherland, but I wish he would stop toying with our emotions. It took us years to get over Palmer and we don't need your ass bringing it up again! ::sniff::

And Chloe? Is still hella great. Screw you, MC.

Head Count: 4. That bad acting 'attorney' was confirmed.

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