Monday, June 29, 2009

Goo'day, X!

I guess we knew this day would come.
That day when X would move to Bim.

But we didn't think it'd come so soon, nor has it really hit me yet.

She'll be back and forth for a while but it's a little bit strange knowing she's not in NYC.

She'll still be a phone call away but what if she needed to hope on the metro and lounge on the couch?!

Oh, it's not that simple anymore.

Well, at least I sent her off with some fried calamari in her stomach, a Murphys Stout and a Hard cider in mine.

And what did she leave us with?

A claw from the stinky swamp.

The HOchieS will miss you and love you, X!

September 2nd's not that faraway!

Buy us pyos from Japan too!

But please, no claws!

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Snowman in June

He showed up at H1's house with one big eye, missing part of his smile and a hooked carrot(?) nose.

It's getting pretty hot. I fear for him.

The 5 Necessities!


This is a checklist for Bughie J.

I am not to buy anything for the next three months while my credit card gets paid off and I save some more monies.

Thus, he has been tasked with reminding me not to spend on anything unless it's one of 5 necessities:

bread, water, toilet paper, muse and arctic monkeys!

Currently listening to: "Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong But..." by Arctic Monkeys.

Eaten today: Taiwanese style fried pork chop. Wait...that was unnecessary! Whoops.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sometimes, Bunji embarrasses me with his musical 'tastes'.

Honestly, Bunji...The Fray? Please don't make me sully the blog by repeating what you said about their being the best band ever.



I went and said it inadvertently and now I have to go wash my dirty fingers because I typed out shart!

Thanks a lot, Ass!

Currently listening to: "Hito to Shite Jiku ga Bureteiru (TV SIZE)" by Ootsuki Kenji feat. Nonaka Ai & Inoue Marina & Kobayashi Yuu & Sawashiro Miyuki & Shintani Ryoko from the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Original Soundtrack. Awesomeness. "What Happened to You?" by The Offspring and "Muscle Museum" by Muse. Oh, and that's another just HAD to go there, right Bunji? Tch, as if The Fray who are already non-existent as a 'great band' be better than MUSE. Ahahaha. You make me laugh.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Doubles and Mayo?

Who would concoct such a vile combination?!

No one really, that's just a misleading blog title.

It's not good time trini doubles like some of you may be thinking of...and DEFINITELY not those other types of doubles that CLee might be thinking of.

This afternoon, with the threat of a thunderstorm, which not only threatened but actually waited until we were in the open to occur (i.e. eff you false sense of security) Aims, H1, Beetchie and I went to St. Mark's.

Many a day we speak of going on foodie adventures but have decided that will do it this summer or at least try to, to knock a few things off someone's list.

Today was Pommes Frites. I had it before with some awesome eggplant mayo but H1 and Aims never had it before, so off we went and actually got a seat there.

Aims went with the sweet mango chutney mayo, H1 with the garlic mayo, Beetchie with the poutine and I with boring blue cheese as I didn't really see the board and made a hasty decision. Don't judge me.

Next, Beetchie and I went off to Toy Tokyo because we're addicts and it's right next to Pommes Frites. There were hardly any TokiDoki pups left for us to choose some so instead we picked dangerous zipper pull toys.

Beetchie blames it on H1 but our luck was not that great. We both got the same dangerous zipper pullie. I wanted either the brass knuckles, knife or razor blade but got a neon orange grenade. Beetchie got the same in a normal green. Who's going to believe that my zipper's dangerous with a neon orange grenade? Do such things exist?

Then I tried to do BooHead a kindness by getting a WALL.E capsule toy and got the famous Umbrella Robot. Wha'? Yeah, I don't even remember there BEING an umbrella robot in that movie though I guess the only place it could possibly have been in was featured as a member of the misfit rehab robots.

Cursing my ill luck, I gave the money to Beetchie to try her hand...and out popped a second umbrella robot. The doubles luck was unappreciated.

Snarky Toy Tokyo workers was also unappreciated - don't talk to me like I don't know what I want in Bleach toys, asses. I don't want series 3, 5 or 1. Series 6 or nothing. Ah well. They were kind of funny in a "I could smack them" sort of way.

After our failures at Toy Tokyo we trooped for some gelato which made my hands super dirty and 'bloody' like, took pictures of some peculiar buildings and the cube (have I never done that before?!), went to beard papa and then home.

Before I forget though, I wonder how long it took for a. the tape I stuck to Beetchie's jacket without her knowing, to fall off or b. did she not realise at all and went out like that later that night? It looked like it was coming off when she was leaving the subway.


Aims showed us the coolest thing at Grand Central which we have to remember to show CLee when he comes up next year for the Toy Story 3 premiere in June...for 5 weeks again!

We had fun times and H1 has decided that we will try to do this at least once or twice a month because we don't explore NYC enough as we should.

While creepy, H1 and I saw dirty carney hand prints on the glass on the train. H1 found it very coinky dinky like that it JUST so happened that my tiny carney hands were also dirty and that I too, was traveling on the same train as the prints.



Currently listening to: "Alex Descends Into Hell for a Bottle of Milk/Korova I" by U2. Wha'?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crying Lightning

Maybe it's just me and my ears, because two years ago when "Brianstorm" came out, I didn't care for that song on first listen but then clearly I was struck by a small dose of stupidity because that's one of the best songs ever...

...but anyway, as for this "Crying Lightning" which I purposely stayed away from until the release of the new album Humbug but had no choice BUT to go take a listen since the concert's coming up before album release, I'm not sure I'm loving it.

H1, for you -

Well, it certainly sounded better on second go but...

Who am I kidding? I'll be all enthralled in two days or so.

Who Else Loves Me?

Alright, so this is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

Who wants to buy THIS, the most awesome thing you know you want to click the link, thing for me?!

You can even bid for a lower price and it's nowhere near the insane I-still-want-him Ultimate Sephiroth toy.

Oh how it gives me joy!

Or the creeps!

Or despair?

Bring me a rope!



More Than Meets The Eye

Memorable Conversation (with picture to follow)

Or 2: I have to show you something, TD5. I forgot to ask Frass about this. The tour poster for Sasha Fierce is just the most...horrible thing, I've seen! Her makeup's weird and she has handles...
TD5: What is it?
Or 2: It's a bike dress or something.
TD5: Is she a transformer?
Or 2: Uhh...well...
TD5: No, what you're telling me is that she's a transformer!

::shows picture::


So yeah, seriously Frass...what the eff.

Currently listening to: "Lacrimosa" by Kalafina, 2nd ED Theme to Kuroshitsuji.

Obsession(s) of Week(s): 5/24/2009 - 6/24/2009

Tetris DS

Tetris DS. H1 and I have playing all week after remembering that we had it tucked away somewhere. Let us just say that Level 5 of the game "PUSH" is unfair but eff you Mario, I finally Donkey Kong'd your ass!

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report

Not having a computer for weeks, allowed me to get re-acquainted with my TV. I've been missing some seriously hilarious times with those two anchors.


The lack of computer also has me drawing a lot more. It's a good thing, well...not my crappy drawings but at least I've been trying more than I usually do and should. And I'm trying Zarnyx is all new styles and slight adjustments to his clothing. I'm always obsessing over Zarnxy...

New and Old Anime

And now that I've got a new computer,'s over for TV and Drawing! Back to my Anime of which I have a lot of series to catch up on and new ones to check out. Old/Ongoing: Kuroshitsuji, Soul Eater, Naruto S., Bleach, ZNatsumeY, Hitman Reborn. New: K-ON, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, 07-Ghost...yeesh, the list is endless.

Iwasaki Taku

I find myself very taken up with the music of this composer and have decided that whatever anime he scores the music for, I will watch. That's no reason to watch an anime but so far, with all the newer works he has's very promising and I've loved it all.

Currently listening to: "Scarlet Fields" by the Horrors.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Next Year It Is, Spring.... Welcome to this Year, Summer

We're not sure what will come of it next year but the purple flowers will continue to dance upon the pond surface, whispering communication about the beastie chewing creepy crawlies under the blue.

Hello Summer!

You're threatening to be hot your first official week after 3 weeks of virtually non-stop rain.

We're looking forward to all the things we promised BooHead - pool parties, fireworks, barbeques and running around in the sun.

There will be bubbles glistening in the sun, with gentle winds tossing them around and about on the blue skies.

A lone firefly gets caught in a bubble of darkness, and tries to shine his way out.

Currently listening to: "Mass Destruction" by Meguro Masashi featuring Lotus Juice, from the Persona 3 Original Soundtrack.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

And Trinidad Didn't Happen

We're sorry to Pandy and Gills.

But the good news is is that Luuiiiissss has finally been diagnosed (and like I said, salmonella is just horrible) and now he can get the proper treatment.

Looks like it's work for me tomorrow but that's okay too. I'll not regret this day in the near future.

Happy Birthday, Bunji!

Your sisters are very sad that we cannot be with you on your birthday - we were looking forward to the trip to Trini but things happen and salmonella sucks (poor Luuuuiiiissssss) but we're happy you're having a good time and getting a well deserved few days off.

We miss you!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

...and Tobago?!

It's true.

The HOchieS went to Tobago and we can blame MC for that! Have your wedding in Tobago, will you?!

Or 2 has never been to Tobago before other than that one time back in primary school at the age of 9 or maybe even younger.

Blue waters, sand and sun may sound like glorious times to some but to me, not so much.

I'm no lover of any of those things but what I do love, is a beach house. We stayed at a villa that had the all the feelings and properties that make up a good beach house.

It lacked actually being on the beach though so that we could smell the salty sea air in the morning, but it still had some of the important things - it was huge, a kitchen with a nearby huge space to hang out with friends, lots of bedrooms for friends to crash at (our room had a double decker...that's right, TD5, CLee and I stayed in the kids' room), mosquitoes, mosquito coils, and was haunted.

It wasn't that it was full blown haunted or had a jumbie rat bounding down the stairs (it did have crappos which are not nearly as terrifying) but there were parts of the house that gave me the heebie jeebies.

Upon our arrival, we were all starving so trekked to Store Bay for some eats and for some sea (more Boohead than anyone else).

I was always told that Tobago's a bit of a wasteland when it comes to food save their curried crab and dumplings. Naturally, I did the recommended thing and got myself some of that. I am still confused as to why Tobagonians make their dumplings so large and square but that sure didn't matter after I tasted that amazing food.

That night we went to MC's villa for some eats but he did us dirty and we ended up bargaining some drinks for food... in the end we got jipped. Thanks, MC. After we left his place, TD5 needed to eat some food to be able to take his vertigo medication (did I mention he's now Lucille 2?), so we found a burger lady who provided us with street eat burgers which were full of yum times.

The next day we took in more beach, at a different, quieter spot. The sand was a bit green in spots which didn't bother me but did bother CLee.

And for the first time in a long time, I decided to go into the ocean and was promptly reminded that I have no business being there thanks to a gigantic wave that came upon me and I could do nothing but take the hit. I was told by all that all they saw of me was my "ass up in the air".


For lunch we ate like goo'd times - callaloo, stewed pork and macaroni pie (I guess I lucked out with Tobagonian cooking?).

Then we napped, followed by getting dressed to attend the wedding of our very own MC, who tells me he can no longer make it on his own.

MC and K got nice weather, a fun reception and granny even had good things to say about him. Heehee. Congratulations, MC. The HOchieS were teary with happiness for you and we look forward to welcoming K. into the Ho Clan in the near future.

Though we have to say, must you nasty up everything?

On the final day, there was pool lounging and sugar cake rip off buying but the trip was pleasant enough (both Trinidad and Tobago) even though always rushed and mosquitoes somehow managed to destroy us.

Stupid coil! You used to work!

Although I guess I did get attacked mostly in Trinidad when we didn't have the coil...

Memorable Conversations of the Trip:

S. to H1: Look at this ::shows photo in book of bird above:: - the West Indian Whistling Duck. ::cat call:: ::pssttt:: Doo Doo Da'ling, sweetie pie! Let me take a gander at you...

Or 2: MC, the only sad thing about this is that I'm sorry Frass couldn't be here.
MC: Um. No. It's okay he's not here.
Or 2: oooOOOOO.

Currently listening to: "Doubt & Trust" by Access, from the D. Gray-Man Original Soundtrack.


First, let us discuss our as per usual, frantic on the fly trip as a whole and all the shart we ate while there.

We got to Trinidad last week Thursday in the afternoon, and ! Boohead came with us! and managed to stuff Royal Castle in his mouth before I did..., then we proceeded to eat Aunty P.'s awesome times pelau then went out with CLee to stock up on stuff:

Dinner was the KFC we quickly ate before tuning in to the Burn Notice season premiere but really we tuned out because there were too many distractions around for us to pay attention. I feel as though TD5 somehow, distracted me on purpose even though he wasn't around.

We awoke on Friday and while H1 was at home secretly eating Hops and Cheese like an ass without me, I was out with TD5 getting doubles to feed her.

H1: 1
Or 2: 0

Before going into the details of Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning I would like to do a wrap up of Sunday afternoon, Monday and Tuesday morning.

Sunday afternoon brought us family that once more invaded Aunty P.'s and Uncle P.'s house. Heh, we're very grateful for letting them converge like that.

It was a little bit strange seeing everyone. I've not seen many for a long time, not for about 13 or so years and it was a bit sad too as it was a reminder that we truly are getting older (I still don't feel it myself). Still, it was also a very good thing to see everyone. We miss them.

Monday turned out quite relaxed.

Aunty P. made salted fish with tomatoes etc. and boiled some sikia figs. Mmmm, it was the first time I had the figs like that (not quite ripe, not quite fully green) and I knew it'd be awesome but sometimes when you got that one fig that was sweeter than it should have been..oh yeah. That's what you call good times, my frenemies.

We also ate chicken puffs that morning, followed by TD5, Luuuuuuiiiiiissss and I going to see awesome B Movie times Drag Me To Hell.

I. Love. Sam Raimi.

The movie was everything a Sam Raimi movie of the horror movie genre should be - fun, ridiculous, gross, cheesey and with at least one dancing candarian demon. Bruce Campbell is forgiven for not being there due to the fact that he's off doing awesome Burn Notice related things but he was missed.

I also missed Ted Raimi's cameo but not for a lack of trying. It was off-screen! Clever, Sam R. Clever indeed.

Dinner was in two parts though I ate only a litle the first time - a little bit of buss up shot and curried goat with pigeon peas that Aunty P. made for us from the day before.

Oh, that's right? Did I forget to mention that the day before we ate like amazing times? Curried goat with pigeon peas, dahlpuri AND buss up shot, curried mango (yum!), stewed chicken and channa and alloo?

2nd Dinner was Royal Castle. I really missed that place. Their chicken is great and their crinkle cut fries are still hella' awesome. CLee, I might have to abandon the KFC but not the zingers.

A little near 1 AM, we boarded our flight to NY and was met with drama on the plane. Some asshole got to his seat and scoffed at the woman and baby sitting in the row by proclaiming that he did not want to sit near "no effin' baby" (I cleaned up the language because it's horrifying to repeat as is).

Security came and kicked him off the plane after the woman rightly made a stink (and came over to sit next to my empty seat) but then they stupidly let him back on the plane citing that 'two wrongs don't make a right". Their logic was that if the woman also used obscenities then she should be kicked off the plane.

Now. How idiotic was that? She did not curse him, she cursed at the general situation and so what? She was reacting to a horrible mess of a man!

So, they let the stupid back on the plane because it was only fair in their eyes that he should be allowed to fly too.

I'm often pissed off at Trinis stupidity.

But the same applies to racist, power tripping customs officials in the US.

When we got to the U.S., and got in line for the first customs official...I knew we were in for some shit. I watched the man get up, not acknowledge he had a line of people waiting for him (ie us), go to the bathroom and disappear for 10 minutes, saunter back to his post still without acknowleding us and when he finally called us over...he was a dick.

He insulted the intelligence of flight attendants and the respectability of their jobs (you know, as if he's the shit at the airport that has the most important damned job there) and then with an assholish attitude asked Luuuiiissss if he'd ever been in the back before ie the Interrogation room because that's where he sent Luuuuiiiisssss.

It still boils my blood thinking about it.

Anyway, as mentioned, there's a bit of a gap on the details between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Friday afternoon we got on another plane for a 12-20 minute flight to the Sister Island.

Memorable Conversations:

H1 and TD5 are discussing work, and my favourite parrot Billy: ::steups::
TD5: Billy, stop steupsing.

Or 2: Ugh, do I really have to get up to go brush my teeth?
TD5: You are lazy.
Billy: ::extreme laughing::

Can you believe that parrot was laughing at me because I was called lazy?

Or 2: Did you hear what Billy does? He imitates the sound of fruit falling from the trees and hitting the ground... 'buddup'.
Mk: Umm..ookkkaaaay...
Or 2: Yeah because then the dogs go searching frantically for the 'fruit'.
Mk: ::extreme laughing::

Currently listening to: "The Pot" by Tool.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

News While We Were Out

Sad times David Carradine. Sad times. =(

Futurama? New episodes? Fantastic!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mitdown, Wednesday and a Hometown Mini-Escapade

What the...

why so many foodie adventures as of late?

Today, we tried the Wafel and Dinges truck on 52nd St. X and Alex came on the jaunt and we ate like good times.

The pulled pork was not the disappointment we thought it may have been.
H1 and X don't think the cole slaw really worked out but I liked it.
The watermelon pickle was crunchy and refreshing.

Let us, though, talk about the liege waffle I got, that I had my good truck man douse with dulce de leche, belgian chocolate syrup and then had him coax me into getting fruit, which I did not hestitate to get and on he piled a giant cut up strawberry.


Maybe everything just tasted so much better today because we bought our food from a tricked out truck.

Or maybe it's just that we had to walk a few blocks with our food exposed to the lovely NY air - full of pigeons flying all around, people talking over it and glaring at us with ill intent and the occasional know, all those good NYC things.

In all honesty though, I love this damned city.

Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you really, really sick.

Hopefully I won't be because I'm flying in a few hours.

This evening, the adventuring continued as H1 and I were cranky, cold, wet from being soaked in the rain, and starving.

We sat in the truck in the parking lot eating some baked chicken that Momma HOchie had cooked, while Luiiiisssss and Boobey were off getting some groceries.

We were still hungry and with a KFC not only a two minute walk away, we decided that for once our constant planning to do things but never going through with said things, would for once...happen.

Really, she was taunting me with the fact that we did this all the time so I was determined that I would no longer be a chump!

Never mind I almost turned back right when we got to KFC's door!

So we went in, ordered a 10 piece sauceless hot wings pack and I was tempted to add a little bucket of parfait, which I did.

All this just so Luuuuiiisss could come back to the car and see us munching on chicken.

We would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for them pesky cellphones!

He didn't know we trekked to the KFC but we were so busted when he needed H1 to bring around the grocery card, and we couldn't produce right away.


The parfait by the way was okay until the bottom - which was an unnecessary pile of fake graham crackers in the form of sawdust that tried to choke me.

Ah, fun times were had today.

Fun times.

Memorable Quotes of the Evening:

While walking home to the train...

Resident crazy guy on 47th to some girls: I wanna put you in a movie
Girls: heeeheehee.
Resident crazy guy: porno.
Girls: ::down trodden and collectively:: awww..hooooohhhh.

While trekking across the parking lot...

Or 2: Suddenly the KFC seems very far.
H1: You walked longer to get to 52nd St. today.
Or 2: True. Well now that you put it like that...

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I. Want. One.

The new PSP Go...

...slides open!

It's pure beauty.

It's pure beauty that I will not be getting being that I already sold a bit of my soul to get my FFVII: Crisis Core LE Import.

Meh. I'll be okay.

But more importantly, when did I become such a "fan girl"? Probably the very moment I used that word... a word I swore to never let enter my lexicon.



Quite possibly the worst thing I've seen was that new Bleach opening.

Why do they have my girl Rukia dancing and singing like an ass?! That's the kind of bullshit I expect from Orihime (and she did too), not Rukia!

I hate when I don't watch something for a while and then I'm forced to watch rubbish.

Happy Birthday, Gen Frien'!

The HOchieS wish you a wonderful day and hope your interview goes smoothly!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

June 1st - best of luck to all and good wishes for everyone.

We've got a busy month and hope it's wonderful for all involved.

Here's to us.
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