Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crying Lightning

Maybe it's just me and my ears, because two years ago when "Brianstorm" came out, I didn't care for that song on first listen but then clearly I was struck by a small dose of stupidity because that's one of the best songs ever...

...but anyway, as for this "Crying Lightning" which I purposely stayed away from until the release of the new album Humbug but had no choice BUT to go take a listen since the concert's coming up before album release, I'm not sure I'm loving it.

H1, for you -

Well, it certainly sounded better on second go but...

Who am I kidding? I'll be all enthralled in two days or so.


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  2. Hm. I agree not too crazy about the single myself. Though it could just be crappy sounding due to the quality of the video (I had trouble hearing the guitar parts and the lyrics). More importantly however...whas up w/ Alex's mom hair?

  3. Yeah, the sound quality's really terrible but I've listened about 4 times now and I officially like the song the now.

    Anyone who sings about aggravating ice-cream men, must be singing an awesome song.

    I'll post the others later... I have to be on top of this!

    Don't be talking about Alex's hair! I kind of like it. It distracts from his nose.

    Ugh, another concert we'll be going to where I'll have to hear about my boy's hair for a year after the fact.

  4. ...the hair does distract from the nose...but the problem is that he's so skinny and (in this video) seems to have a preference for "girly-tees" which conjures up images of a suburban house wife. If he had blond locks, I'd think that it was Kate Gosselin singing...

    Also, grave misuse of hair produce and an odd cut deserves at least a year of mockery. Sorry but blame Matt, he did you dirty (visually anyho's).


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