Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mitdown, Wednesday and a Hometown Mini-Escapade

What the...

why so many foodie adventures as of late?

Today, we tried the Wafel and Dinges truck on 52nd St. X and Alex came on the jaunt and we ate like good times.

The pulled pork was not the disappointment we thought it may have been.
H1 and X don't think the cole slaw really worked out but I liked it.
The watermelon pickle was crunchy and refreshing.

Let us, though, talk about the liege waffle I got, that I had my good truck man douse with dulce de leche, belgian chocolate syrup and then had him coax me into getting fruit, which I did not hestitate to get and on he piled a giant cut up strawberry.


Maybe everything just tasted so much better today because we bought our food from a tricked out truck.

Or maybe it's just that we had to walk a few blocks with our food exposed to the lovely NY air - full of pigeons flying all around, people talking over it and glaring at us with ill intent and the occasional know, all those good NYC things.

In all honesty though, I love this damned city.

Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you really, really sick.

Hopefully I won't be because I'm flying in a few hours.

This evening, the adventuring continued as H1 and I were cranky, cold, wet from being soaked in the rain, and starving.

We sat in the truck in the parking lot eating some baked chicken that Momma HOchie had cooked, while Luiiiisssss and Boobey were off getting some groceries.

We were still hungry and with a KFC not only a two minute walk away, we decided that for once our constant planning to do things but never going through with said things, would for once...happen.

Really, she was taunting me with the fact that we did this all the time so I was determined that I would no longer be a chump!

Never mind I almost turned back right when we got to KFC's door!

So we went in, ordered a 10 piece sauceless hot wings pack and I was tempted to add a little bucket of parfait, which I did.

All this just so Luuuuiiisss could come back to the car and see us munching on chicken.

We would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for them pesky cellphones!

He didn't know we trekked to the KFC but we were so busted when he needed H1 to bring around the grocery card, and we couldn't produce right away.


The parfait by the way was okay until the bottom - which was an unnecessary pile of fake graham crackers in the form of sawdust that tried to choke me.

Ah, fun times were had today.

Fun times.

Memorable Quotes of the Evening:

While walking home to the train...

Resident crazy guy on 47th to some girls: I wanna put you in a movie
Girls: heeeheehee.
Resident crazy guy: porno.
Girls: ::down trodden and collectively:: awww..hooooohhhh.

While trekking across the parking lot...

Or 2: Suddenly the KFC seems very far.
H1: You walked longer to get to 52nd St. today.
Or 2: True. Well now that you put it like that...

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