Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Passed The Point of Delirium

Ah, Green Day.


Finally, you can be scratched off a list I just made up, of bands I never saw and should try to if given the chance, even if your current tour album sucks an ass.

Lately, I have been hearing a whole lot of bashing of this band. I don't know when Green Day became considered overrated or became the tail end of hate but then again, I also did not know when Green Day became so "family friendly".

Despite the rampant ill-speaking, I'm convinced that those people just haven't seen Green Day and need to get over their hangups about kids attending their concerts. Sure it weirded me out too to discover kids as young as 6 where there, as well as people as old as 50 something but who cares?!

Green Day put on one of the best shows I've seen.

They had energy to burn, and played for a solid 3 hours with fun crowd interaction and so much personality.

They've come quite the long way from 1994 when I first took notice and you can see the boys have aged some but they're still crazy as ever, more seasoned and awesome enough to put on a huge production show at MSG (definitely one of the biggest I've been to - and perhaps even TOO huge for MSG's 'tiny' space).

The Green Day @ Madison Square Garden 7/28/2009 Set List:

1. Song of the Century
2. 21st Century Breakdown
3. Know Your Enemy
4. Murder City
5. East Jesus Nowhere
6. Holiday
7. Static Age
8. Before the Lobotomy
9. Are We the Waiting
10. St. Jimmy
11. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
12. A Quick One While He's Away (The Who)
13. Hitchin a Ride
14. Welcome to Paradise
15. Stop, Drop, and Roll/ Eye of the Tiger
16. FOD
17. When I Come Around
18. Going to Pasalacqua
19. Stuart And The Ave./ Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?
20. Iron Man riff
21. Brain Stew
22. Jaded
23. Knowledge
24. Basket Case
25. She
26. King For a Day
27. Shout/ Earth Angel (The Penguins)/ Christie Road
/ I'll Be There
28. 21 Guns
29. American Eulogy

30. American Idiot
31. Jesus of Suburbia
32. Minority
33. Macy's Day Parade
34. Tell Me When It's Time to Say I Love You (AI b-side)
35. Good Riddance

Are you seeing this? 35 friggin' songs! They played forever! And they played non-stop, only leaving the stage once, although they cleverly disguised their breaks by creating make shift bands and inviting peeps to come up on stage.

The Low-Lamps:

1. That girl who got invited up to sing "Dearly Beloved". OMG, her voice was awful. It should have been me up there! I could have winged it a little bit better. Maybe. Not to mention her ass was in our faces. Ugh, gross. But I did laugh when Billie Joe held his head because she was so awful. That was just damned classic.

2. Billie Joe's constant "Ay ooh"s. There were too many Billie Joe. Too many! You were trying to keep us awake and pumped but there was no need. We already were even coming down to the hour 3, we were still not restless.

3. The two idiots in front of us. That one idiot who thought it was okay to mosh into a kid even though he was not in a mosh pit. What the hell was his problem? I hate stupids. And the fact that he had piercings when he was such a jerk and obviously not a rocker, per say, just made me even angrier.

4. The girl of the two idiots who managed to retrieve her slipper. That was unfortunate. Beetchie and I were really hoping she lost it forever under the bleacher set up.

5. Why didn't we get Franz Ferdinand as the support act? It's not that Kaiser Chiefs were by any means horrid but I'm not a huge fan and would have much preferred FF.

6. That strange song Green Day performed that no one knew and weren't really receptive too. That was just awful.

7. Mike gave a bass to the make-shift bassist. WTF! That should have been me! That kid was really loving himself too on stage. What a brave, obnoxious little ass he was.

8. "21 Guns". I really don't like that song and I don't know why it's so damned popular.

The Highlights:

1. The many Green Day antics. They blessed Trevor, this little kid who they totally effed with and misdirected on stage numerous times. They put together a make-shift band, and kicked many people off their stage with a solid swift boot to the asses.

2. When Billie Joe brought up his make-shift guitarist to the stage and proceeded to plant a kiss on her, that was freakin' hilarious, even more so due to the fact that she was desperately trying to get away from him. Ahahahahahaha.

3. Tre Cool slapped that make shift drummer in the back of the head for trying to fancy up the drumbeat too much. That was not the only slap he got - there was also some tapping of drumsticks on his head. Greatness.

4. Having Beetchie there. This was her first MSG show and her first time seeing Green Day as well. And despite being persecuted for wanting to see them, we both agree that eff everyone else - Green Day were amazing! Also, I know she's been going through a rough time of it lately with dastardly school things that unfortunately is affecting everyone and giving her much stress, but I'm glad she got to go out for a bit to do something she really wanted to do.

5. The stage show. Their production and stage set up was fantastic. The lights, the videos, every time a new song was played, there was a new set up for that, the colours, the sound and the pyrotechnics! When the flames went up, I could feel the heat from where we were. We had decent seats too (Section 10, Row L, seats 5 & 6), so we could see it all! Amazing.

6. Tre Cool - still funny and nuts as ever.

7. Billie Joe - mooning us still after all these years, and still having the greatest time laughing at himself and others.

8. Mike Dirnt - I went through love for all members of GD starting with Tre, then loving Billie and these days and for the past few years, loving Mike the most. It's the bassist stance I love most but he's got the true rocker as well. The hair, the sideburns, the sad eyebrows, the tattoos, the sleeveless shirts and did I mention the bassist stance? When he came out with the pink ears and pink tail for "King For a Day", I was swooning. It was so cute! Awww, I'm only sorry I didn't get a picture because my camera went kaput on the battery life. At least I got him in full bassist stance under the skull-infused disco ball.

Best Performances of the Evening:

1. "King for a Day". That was probably the number 1 highlight for me. All of a sudden they were all dressed up in costumes - Mike with his pink ears and pink tail, Billie Joe with a pink feather boa, that other guitarist in a pirate's hat, the saxophone player in something and Tre in something else I can't quite remember. They had so much fun playing that song and then into Shout. Everything was nuts at that point and it made me love how great a time they were having on stage and doing what they do best: putting on a hectic, crazy fun show where they could do whatever they wanted, and truly enjoy life.

2. "Jesus of Suburbia". Ah yes, I really wanted them to play all 9 glorious minutes of this and would have been sorely disappointed had they not being that they've been playing it almost every show this tour, if not all. Save when that girl messed up "Dearly Beloved", it was as awesome as I expected it to be.

3. "Welcome to Paradise".

4. "F.O.D." I think I was the only one who screamed "YEAH!" when Billie Joe asked if they should play this. I love that damned song.

Just a few notes on Kaiser Chiefs, as I said before, they weren't horrible but it was a bit annoying I could not understand a thing Ricky Wilson was singing thanks to poor sound and while never a fan of this band, they weren't horrible plus they played "Everyday I Love You Less and Less" which is a song I actually like, so that was cool of them.

The Kaiser Chiefs at Madison Square Garden 7/28/2009 Set List:

1. Never Miss a Beat
2. Everyday I Love You Less and Less
3. Ruby
4. Can't Say What I Mean
5. I Predict A Riot
6. You Want History
7. Take My Temperature
8. Oh My God

And now for some Record Keeping:

Those Who Attended GD with Or 2 -


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Re-Visiting The TriForce

H1 just HAD to go mention the TriForce, right? Asking me stupid questions such as "How do you draw that again?" while we're on the train going home.

And I stupidly...still cannot draw that rubbish!

Attempt Number 1 including a 'cheating' version to remind me what it looks like -

Attempt Number 2 -

Frustration -

H1's Attempt Number 1 -

Notice how she draws pictures from her failed attempts?

And this thing...


And my trying to imitate H1 but ultimately getting berated -

Anyway, I finally remembered how to draw it without visiting the blog to check up because I know I wrote that down for times like these. And now, hopefully I'll never forget again.

Though really, my way of drawing the TriForce was pretty impressive upon review. And I've discovered another way to draw it as well.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Serious Hate Mail to AM


I had to leave a comment on Arctic Monkeys' website today for their, Ticketweb's and The Highline Ballroom's fuck up.

They finally released the fabled remaining ticktes for the NYC show today, without warning, and unfortunately I was not stuck to a computer at 11.30 AM today.

Today's the day I DIDN'T check the website when I went on after my initial 9 AM check until just half an hour ago.

While this isn't my fault, now I'm really pissed off more so than ever before because to THINK I could be going with you, TD5 and Beetchie.

The tickets were just dangling online for a solid 3 - 4 hours before they sold out because no one knew this shit was going down.

What a bunch of shit!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

And Yet Another Example of Assiness

Today, H1 learnt a new phrase.

"Fan Service".

Memorable Conversations of the Day:

H1: Oh! I have to show you something in Bleach!
Or 2: I don't want to hear that Shinji got busted up!
H1: Page 8, okay. Page 8.
Or 2: ::reading, reading::
H1: There! What is that?! It's gross and unnecessary!
Or 2: Fan service?
H1: What?
Or 2: Fan service? That's fan service. It happens all the time. I'm so used to it now that it well, meh. It doesn't bother me really.
H1: Bleck!
Or 2: ::reading further:: See? There it is again.
H1: You see?!
Or 2: Yep. Fan service.
H1: Gross, I don't like that term! Ew!

While she may hate it, she already made appropriate use of the term for a very inappropriate situation.

Some hours later...

H1: Ow! I have a cramp in the weirdest place!
Luuuuiiissssss: What happened? Are you okay?
H1:::grinning and grimacing::
Or 2: ?
H1: I have a my fan service!
Luuuuiiissssss: Wha'? ::honestly confused::
Or 2: ...

Here's a quote from yesterday that she did not care for me to post but here I am, posting away but this one is unrelated to the topic at hand.

H1: OMG! I have veins! I am starting to have veiiinnnsssss... wait. Is that a vein or dirt? ::rubbing smudge off of her leg::

Another Example of Assiness

There's been lots of assiness on this blog lately but sometimes that's how it goes.

For instance, had I not received the Bowery E-mail Concert Alert, I would never have known that the stupid effin' NIN show at Terminal 5 was going to be having a pre-sale yesterday via my hated Ticketmaster, complete with pre-sale password.

How cranky would I have been next week had I gone on to get tickets through to do the general public sale only to discover that Ticketmaster for the millionth time in the history of Ticketmaster shart, sold out the entire show during the pre-sale?!

Because of course you know, it already has, right? I checked this morning.


If all goes well, I will be attending one of NIN's final shows in August AND I get to see The Horrors!

H1 will probably be a cranky beast with me when she sees them but I will take my beating when that time comes.

I also need to prepare some chicken bones for Trent for the grievances of the past two years or so.

Currently: Wondering why Pumpkin insists on jumping on my desk blocking my view of the computer, even though he knows he's not supposed to be here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Great "PaChow" Debate

Or 2: pachow
H1: pchao
Or 2: Did you just school me in the arts of pachow?
H1: I am just showing you that our pchaos are different. Mine is more Asian, yours is otaku.

To settle this, we asked the creator of "PaChow"(?)/"PChao"(?)

H1 & Or 2: Bunji!
Bunji: Yeah?
H1: How do you spell "Pachao"?
Bunji: ::inaudible:: "Chow"
H1: Wait, "Chow"? or "Chao"?
Bunji: Ka-chow
H1: Like mango 'chow'?
Bunji: Yeah I guess.
H1 and Or 2: Wait! Did you just say "KA"? "K-A"?
Bunji: Yeah. Kachow!
H1 and Or 2: Oh... we thought it was "PA"...oops.

Bottom line?

We have to re-learn our vocabulary of the past 5 months.

Currently: Wanting to Kachow, Bunji and H1!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


It's not necessarily "Assed Out" in a sense but certainly, when The HOchieS & Co. (see how I made use of "& Co.", H1? You should be proud!) see U2 later this year, this is how it's going to be -

Being that U2 claims this is the 360 Tour, so that no matter where you sit in the stadium you won't be "Assed Out", I'm not too worried about our seating area for them.

But being that I don't really care too much since U2's new album sucks an ass, I'll consider myself "Assed Out" anyway.

When it comes time to see MUSE however, well...let's just say we'll be Assed.

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Obsession(s) of Weeks: 6/25/2009 - 7/18/2009


I'm almost to the end of the series, and I didn't think I'd be this caring. It definitely got better, a little bit shocking (that Sebastian scene still burns my eyes) and you know, what the eff...seriously, where's my damned soundtrack?!


With Watanuki's voice, craziness and a tiny pair of scissors, Grell's fantastic.


Katekyo Hitman Reborn is eating my soul again. I'm almost caught up but wish I wasn''s going so good! Apart from my Gokudera, Yamamoto and Tsuna...I've found a new character to love. He's so cute! The lollipop, his voice and his kind of creepiness. Awww, but poor mini mosca...that was just cruel.

The Sims 3

H1 and I have been playing the Sims 3 and as I feared, it's eating any remnants of soul left after Hitman Reborn in the afternoon. I put Gokudera and Yamamoto in the house together with October. October's a ho (she's with Yamamoto and just about everyone else in the world BUT Gokudera, who I really wanted her to be with), Gokudera's just like his character and I had him name a star after Tsuna. It's been fun times.

Guitar Hero: World Tour

After a long discussion with Beetchie, we've decided that both Rock Band and Guitar Hero: WT both have their plus and minus points. For B., the guitar is more awesome on GH. For me, the vocals win on RB. There are other things but for now, we're striivng for that damned TOOL gig we have to unlock with $8000 of our "Tour Money". WTF. Tool...screwing me over since the 90's, in real life and sim life. Thanks, Asses.

Currently listening to: "Where is Everybody?" by Nine Inch Nails. Yeah, more importantly, where are my tickets?!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Loving Hirako Shinji


That was just a damned classic bit of disrespect to H1.

Currently listening to: "Heads Will Roll" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's not often I get to use my JBL speakers to blast some tunes. This is as awesome as I remember.

Assed Out

Thanks, NIN.


Well, I'm one step closer to saying that I never saw Nine Inch Nails live in the history of their career.

If not for Gen' Frien', I would be completely assed out but can someone explain to me how a show that is supposed to go on sale at 5 PM sells out 1 minute before 5?

I witnessed this shit myself and was one of the unlucky ones to NOT get a ticket.

Pen me in a waiting area only to deny me tickets after release, why don't you?!

Stinkin' Friggin' NIN!

Anyway, due to being 'mizzled', I have another shot at getting tickets to Terminal 5 which I now know is NOT in Brooklyn (please...don't judge).

I just really want to see the Horrors too.


Anyways, wish me luck on 7/31/2009 even though I'm not getting my hopes up at all.

Memorable Reminders to buy tickets courtsey of Bughie J.:

Subject: Snit Ticken! Snit Ticken!

head like a toe!
cute as a mole!
i'd rather fly
than work at NASA control!

bow down and calm your nerves
you're gonna throw the grading curve
la la la la la la
la la la la la la

(kazoo solo)
(samples of a kid eating an ice cream cone)
(samples of vcr eating a Blue Velvet tape), etc. etc


I'm the one with a bowl, i'm the one without a doughnut hole!
wish i had a turtle tale, funnying up nin songs for Ashoell!
gotta listen to your big time pig line bacon munch cruch yum
don't you think eating bacon's so much fun?
you know me, i don't share my bacon with anyone!

(reads a letter to Oscar Meyer complaining about thin bacon slices that burn on the griddle)

III. (Added 7/19/2009)

just when i had a nice scent
you took away all my deoderant
now all all that i'm smelling must be true
i guess i'm some kind of interesting mushroom?

but that's what i get
that's what i get
for sleeping in the dark,
damp basement

how could you sautee all this?
after you taught me how to make a nice ragu
i told you i might make a pizza pie
now i'm slipping on the olive oil you made me buy

but that's what i get
that's what i get
and then i fall
and now my pants are wet!

I expect more reminders on July 31st, Bughie J. of songs from The Downward Spiral.

Oh, and I hope you don't mind I published your work without your consent, just as I'm sure Trent R. wouldn't mind your playful bastardization of his work.

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Treasure Hunt

Every tour, and in some cities, MUSE would hold a bit of a treasure hunt for their fans.
The conspiracy theorists and crazies, much like Matt, would decipher encrypted messages from the band and go running around town for random bits of things left behind.
I believe there was a bicycle one year.

With the new album almost upon us, MUSE have completely revamped their website and have unlocked a microsite called The Ununited States of Eurasia, and with it a Global Treasure Hunt.

USB keys were hidden in various countries and so far, I think all have been found over the course of this past week.

The codes on the USB keys, discovered by 'agents' (which is what MUSE are calling us) unlock fragments of one of their new songs, "The United States of Eurasia".

So far, I've listened to the bits unlocked and it's very Queen, "We are the Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody" like.

With bad vocals.


I will continue to comfort myself by the fact that it will be quite the grandiose stadium anthem of their tour or would that be the three part epic piece "Exogenesis: Symphony", that I am also nervous to hear especially since Dom and Chris had reservations doing it and Matt composed (I'm talking symphony here...he. composed. a symphony) himself?


In other MUSE news, they're playing the VMAs this year. I am shocked and excited!

Too excited, perhaps.

I went ahead and dreamt that I had tickets to the VMAs just to suffer through all the other bullshit to see them and as soon as Matt spotted me in the crowd he yelled something close to, "you made it!" and proceeded to pull me from where I stood to go hang out.

Ah yes, and thus begins 2009 - 2010's crazy obsession with MUSE on my part.

Aren't you guys just so enthralled?

Currently listening to: Unlocked bits of "The United States of Eurasia" by MUSE.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brown or Black?


Wait, hold on. Hold oooonnnn. Brrooowwwwn...



The different pairs of socks MAY have been slightly acceptable a few years, H1 but this new style is one that the world may not quite be ready for.

Memorable Conversations of the Day:

H1 on the train platform, muttering: Oh I hope I didn't...OH NO. ::hide hide::
Or 2: What's the matter?
H1: I'm wearing different shoes.
Or 2: Are they both at least brown?
H1: No ::showing, in secret::
Or 2: Ohhhhh...
H1: One's black and one's brown!
Or 2: Do you...have shoes in the office?
H1: No.
Or 2: Ohhhhh... Hmmm.

Or 2 to X: You know what? I could have avoided this entire situation. I saw a mushroom in the yard this morning that I was trying to get her to kick over and I was looking at her feet yet, I didn't notice they were different shoes. This was somehow my fault.
And you know what else that's horrible? The brown one's significantly larger than the black.

H1: You know what the sad thing is? It felt weird on my foot so I thought to myself, 'this can't be the right one!' and changed it (to the wrong one).

X: How's "Two Shoes" doing?

H1: You were laughing your ass off!
Or 2: Um. I was not. You are mistaken. I was just trying to get a picture. How could you even know I was laughing when you were hysterical with laughter and tears? Not to mention you turned away everytime I tried to look at you and then you'd go running around on the platform.

H1: I had to go back home. Or 2 left me on the platform.
Alex: ::Shakes head in shame::

Or 2: Did Papa HOchie laugh?
H1: Yeah. He was laughing at me in the car.

X: She (H1) told me that she hoped your dad didn't bring the other show out of the car so everyone could see her.
Or 2, ::thinking::: Oh Lork. I can see it now... he would too.

H1 to Or 2 on the phone: Aims was laughing so hard she was crying.

Aims to Or 2 in an e-mail: When you post that blog, you have to show it to me. I was in tears.


Nintendo announced their Elite Status Club Member Awards this week. For spending all my monies at Nintendo, I had the option of downloading the WiiWare mini game: Punch Out!!! with Little Mac's Trainer, Doc Luis as my opponent, sparring partner...Grasshopper Master to grasshopper, whatever.

Or, I could do the dishonourable thing and choose option two: a Life Size Plushie Mario Hat.

A friggin' Mario Hat.

I discovered earlier this week that the Japanese as per usual and their never-ending quest to screw me over and many of those stupid Americans living outside of Japan (ohohohoohoho), released in addition to the same lame ass Mario Hat, a GOLD Wii Mario Kart Wheel.


Sure I hate gold when Beyonce's ass is squeezed into tight gold dresses, but when you paint that shit on Nintendo products (wheels or ds Zelda bundles), I'm all about it.

Gold me up!

So hella lame number 1 incident was that I couldn't lay my hands on some gold wonder while destroying Mario CLee at some racing as Pimped Out Boo.

The second hella lame incident? I couldn't even secure my award this morning!

No Nintendo! Don't do me dirty TWICE in a span of 24 hours!

All is well now though. I ordered my Mario Hat and I will see it sometime before November 1st.

While I feel saddened and perhaps apologetic to Luigi that I played traitor by getting his brother's hat, I think it would make all involved feel much better to know that Mario's Hat will not be cherished in my room but rather, be cat scratched and sat upon by hairy friends - a well-deserved planting of cat asses for the ass that is Mario.

Thanks to Aims and Bughie J. for use of your coins.

Remember, the Nintendo Year began July 1st so let's keep giving them money so I can reap the benefits next year!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sometimes Walking Around in the City Can Be Dangerous

There's danger to our eyes on the daily but yesterday had H1 gagging a little by what we were walking behind.

Here is she is trying to pull up -

Butt ultimately, it was a failure.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Let Me Go...

...someplace so that I get away from The Fray!

The mini-concert of the morning at NBC was one H1 and I could do without!

Stupid Bunji!

Memorable Conversation of the Day:

H1: That sound, it sounds adult contempory to me.
Or 2: Yeah. Hmmm... ::thinking the unthinkable::
Woman on the street to small crowd: Who's playing today?
Man: The Fray!
Or 2 to H1: I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently listening to: Not The Fray!

Random NYC Adventures in Photos

Wednesday July 8th:

Had wafels and dinges from the tricked out truck again. This time, I got $1 off my order for scribbling the name of my favourite play on the chalk board as part of their "Question of the Day" segment.

(Mine was the very last one on the line, written in purple. How appropriate! Humiliate grapes...purple. Wait, I guess humiliated grapes are more of a dark brown shade, eh?)

Thursday, July 9th:

No luncch? How about Kim's Aunt's Kitchen for some fried fish sandwiches? We never tried it before and it was good. Sometimes, there are certain foods you can't really go 'wrong' with and fried just about anything is one of them. Though, I hope to never have to eat my words on that (or 'bad' fried food either).

I saw no sign of Kim or Kim's Aunt, or any Koreans for that matter but H1 informs me that's the mystery.

I guess we won't be going back to find out because while it was a decent eat, that's all it was. There's no need to run back there anytime soon, if ever. Although, we do hear the bulgogi is pretty good...

Monday July 13th:

The cats in the window on 48th!

It seems they are in festival mode right now and some owls have joined in the fun. Every morning, H1 and I say hello to our little friends, and every morning they greet us with wagging tails.

Though, for a while there the black one was none too happy at the start of summer. He seems to be doing better now that he's being festive, with an abundance of sea life to feed him and his pals.

The Tea Egg with Beetchie's Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken

After the debacle a couple of weeks ago, H1 and I skipped off to NYC Cravings EARLY so as to avoid another 40 minute wait in line for some meat.

We were first in line, and early enough to purchase an overpriced tea egg for Beetchie's lunch. You know, Asians and their's the one Asian thing I'm slowing getting used to (being half faux Asian ourselves, H1 and I often have a hard time understanding such things).

A girl from 'one of those food blogs' was there and took pictures of my luncch. I'm not sure why she didn't get luncch of her own but whatev. We will be on the lookout to see if and where pictures of our food ended up.

Currently listening to: "Dare" by Gorillaz.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sore Throat, Teary Eyes

An apology to Frass is in order.

H1 made plans for me without my consent, and Beetchie and I went to see Up today.

Save yourself the trauma, Frass. I cried through the entire thing! Finding Nemo's got nothing on this!

It was really good though. I enjoyed it a lot unlike last year's Wall.E. Sorry H1, I just didn't love that one too much.

Beetchie and I had a good weekend filled with good eats including frozen treats:

A Pink Cloud from the Treat Station.

I was told it's a strawberry soda ice-cream float. I liked it much more than Beetchie's Coke Float.

We also had cold stone creamery - banana caramel and some sort of nuts. I think that's the first time I actually enjoyed ice-cream from that place.

not pictured - curried duck, dahl, rice, parotha and again with the chocolate sheet cake.

We also got in a fair amount of Rock Band.

The Oxtails pulled many smooth moves as per usual including having a theme of "No Clothes Look" for many of our performances in Amsterdam. What can we say? Sariel and G. are hot biatches who deserve to show their tattoos of gold fish and cats!

I probably pulled too awesome a move on the very last song played though. Belting out "Master Exploder" to save Beetchie really did its number on me. While I can usually sing this (on a good day), singing it about 2.5 times this weekend plus many other vocal streneous songs (curse you, Bruce Dickinson!) and not getting enough sleep from our work misadventure on Friday of coming home at 4 AM only to sleep for an hour to be back at work 3 hours later really effed me over this weekend.

My throat hurts.

But we had fun times, Beetchie. Fun times.

Oo! Band Manager played bass too! I was quite happy that H1 picked up the guitar today.

Currently listening to: "Never Could Have Been Worse" by Tsuneo Imahori, from the Trigun the 1st Donut Original Soundtrack.

Hunting Our Uncle

H1 once shocked me by yelling out after I smacked a moth into oblivion that I killed our Uncle.

Our Carnival playing, Pastelle making and goo'd time Stuffed Snapper at Easter Time Uncle passed away some years ago.

I don't know why H1 blurted that out at me that one time but since then, every moth I see reminds me that he's been 're-incarnated" as a moth according to H1 and that I should be respectful and not go smacking them senseless.

Jazzie on the other hand, never knowing our Uncle and not quite understanding the concept of reincarnation, has no respect for anything that flies.

H1, Uncle got hit quite a few times last night and finally made his exit via the staircase.

Currently listening to: "The Clock" by Thom Yorke.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

As Good As We Remember?

Here we have our latest grocery list -

From Trinidad.

Because, as it is should already be clear to most, we love going to the supermarket.

It's a fondness of mine, going into supermarkets in different countries and wandering through the aisles (the snack aisle is usually the most interesting which should be a surprise to none), and discovering new foods to try.

In Japan there was Fugu Sake.

In London, H1 and I bought 40 pounds worth of candy. By the way, that's 40 pounds UK currency, not weight but still a staggering expense considering the conversion puts it at $80USD.

In Trinidad, there's everything from our childhood.

Whenever I go back, there are certain things on the list that I must buy, but are they really as good as we remember?

Ignoring the sprite and jumping straight to the Cole Cold Pear D: A. I probably drank this practically every day.

Natural Blue Waters: It's not from NYC, and then overpriced, right? Heh. It didn't make me sick so it gets a "A".

Blue Ribbon Chicken Vienna Sausage & regular: B-. That wasn't quite the same or maybe I'm just so used to my Libby's now.

Milo Cereal: "A" for awesome.

Tunnock Wafer Cream: "A"

Kiss Brownie: Meh. "B"

Nissin Oriental Ramen Noodle: "D"

Bermudez Vanilla Cookies: OMG. Amazing! And Amazingly Fresh! "A+"

Orchard Fruit Punch: "A"

Nestle Chocnut: "B"

Orchard Apple Cherry Drink: Bleck! Put me into a sugar shock, why don't you? "F"!

Orchard Orange Drink: Umm. I don't think I had any. "WTF".

Orchard Black Currant Drink: Also sugar shock but not as gross. "C"

Nestle Eggnog: I love that shart still, man. But I do recognize it's not as great quality as what I get at Christmas here. "B+" (probably mostly for nostalgia value).

Kiss Orange Cup Cake: Didn't have any and never wanted it. I hate Kiss cakes.

Maryland Double Chocolate Cookies from Cadbury: "D" Disappointing.

Bermudez Rough Tops: A lot more ginger tasting than I recall but oh so fresh and endearing. "A-".

PC - Oasis Dairy Cool: Milk Penna Cools. Yum. "A+"

Green Sands: "A"

Our Total: "E" for embarrassing.

Currently listening to: "Space & Time Act 2" by S.E.N.S. Project, from the xxxHOliC Original Sound File.
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