Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh, X.

Did you see your boy Noel quit Oasis?

Here's what he had to say, "It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight," he wrote. "People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with [singer, his brother] Liam a day longer." (Source:



I didn't mean to laugh so much.

I'm sure they'll be back eventually after a solo album by Noel or something.

Then you could laugh at me.

Currently listening to: "Pretty Visitors" by Arctic Monkeys. In other AM news, P.Diddy is single-handedly trying to destroy AM by sending out a tweet telling all his 'fans' to go by AM's Humbug. What? Eff you Diddy! And eff you Matt for being 'friends' with that tool. Ugh. First he shows up at my concert and now this?! This has to stop!

Friday, August 28, 2009

What's Wrong?

Hmmm...the sneakers are correct.

The outfit is correct.

The movements are correct.

The face... not so much.

Shut up, Beetchie and H1. The face is not correct!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Necessary Rant

I'm actually too tired right now (and sick. Yes, again. I curse NIN nasties) to post the full rant on here because it is going to be long and hateful and I've already been ranting all day but the bottomline:

People effed up big time with the September 25th Giants Stadium U2 Show and there are a hell a lot of rightly-so angry fans in the world right now and The HOchieS are included.

Currently listening to: "Secret Door" by Arctic Monkeys. They effed us over too earlier this month. Hm. A trend? I hope not. New album though - I like it but like it even better live. It will all simmer over time as I learn the clever lyrics as they sure are to be. Loving "Secret Door" a lot though.

Update on 8/29/09: Honestly, better live. H1's right though...there's not much of an AM signature on half of these songs. Too many 'oo's. Too low key. Too much QOTSA? I still think it's a very decent album but where's the cleverness? The biting wit?

Matt's drumming isn't even shining through on this.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Beginning of the End

It was hot.

We were all ready to pass out, truly.

It was sweaty.

We were all sweaty but Trent was the sweatiest of us all.

It was plagued by a more than a few completely aggressive, idiotic sorry excuses for humans.

But we all had to be a little bit on the side of aggressive last night to combat what we were thrown into.

Despite the dehydration, disgust, and detestable behaviour on behalf of some, I made it finally...

And saw one of the best shows, from one of my favourite bands on one of their final tour dates in their 20 year long career.

The Nine Inch Nails "Wave Goodbye" Tour 8/25/2009 @ Terminal 5, NYC Set List:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


H1's right...being bitten by a mosquito under your foot is the pits.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, A'Face!

Today, our little A'Face turns 3.

He's always been quite the smart, funny kid and we miss him lots now that he has moved away.

I do not miss however that he told me off this morning in a conversation that went just a like so:

Or 2: It's your birthday! Happy Birthday!
A'Face: Happy Birthday, A'Face.

As if it only counts if I say his name.

Ugh, nice to see he's still a little biatch.

Currently listening to: "Could Well Be In" by The Streets.

Obsessions of Week(s): 7/19/2009-7/25/2009

Patapon 2

I just finished this game last night and it was scary times fighting that last demon. Many times my little one-eyed army got wiped out but they love me, their leader, the Great Znyx. And I love them. I miss playing that game already but the influence is present in most things I do. Just today for our arts and crafts project of wrapping presents for A'Face, H1 and I managed to stick Patapon eye(s) on his pyos. Obsessed, I tell you!


Another new character in Hitman Reborn - Fran the new Varia Mist Guardian. He's dry, crazy and awesome. I need to have a deadpan character in my fauxanga. I wonder who's most suited...probably Raphael at this point.

He's a smart ass, who is the kind of guy that needs to have a pose to unleash his special powers. Yep. Who doesn't need one of those? Um, one.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

I finally started watching this and it's as insane as I imagined if not more. The soundtrack including opening and ending theme is fantastic and I like all the crazies in Itoshiki Sensei's class. I do love Sensei too. He's...not quite right but he's often got a point.


The return of the Vizards and in particular, Hirako Shinji. I'm always obsessed with him but damn it, he's still just friggin' awesome. I hope he kicks ass like nobody's buisness but I'm fearful for him. Aizen's a complete bad-ass and I don't think it'll end well for the Gotei 13 and the Vizards. I'm also obsessed with Ukitake's unconfirmed death but I don't really want to talk about it right now. Curse you, Tite Kubo!

Currently listening to: "Twilight" by U2.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Horse to Water

What's that saying about leading horses to water?

It doesn't apply to cats.

Here's the water. I'm leading him just by showing it to him.

And he drinks!

A horse he is not, but a ham? Indeed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


With the new DJ Hero video game coming out, it reminded me that I had a conversation with our very own MC earlier this year about choosing a DJ name for himself.

Some things, especially when they involve MC, should not be kept to myself.

I apologise to all in advance.

Or 2: Ahoy hoy
MC: Greetings. Happy Spiritual Baptist Day.
Or 2: Oh. You have another unwarranted day off today, do you. Stupid island. Happy SBD to you as well.
MC: Unwarranted?
Or 2: Whatever. Is there is a Chinese arrival day?
MC: Excuse me. We work hard for our holidays,
Or 2: what? you baptist?
MC: They didn't want one. Stupid Chinese
Or 2: because they understand the value of work! no work means no money!
MC: We could have had another holiday, but nooo they want to keep their damn parlors and grocery stores open. btw I found my DJ name. DJ BroHo
Or 2: BroHo? you're not a Ho
MC: CLee came up with the name
Or 2: Clee needs a slap
MC: But I'm a Brotha to the Hos, As such. I am DJ Bro HO
Or 2: there are honourary hos that is sure, but you may have become dishonourable as of late
MC: Whatever, you have no rights over the Ho name
Or 2: excuse me
MC: I shall be from this day forth be known as
Or 2: How about..DJ Stoopid? har har. DJ BH. DJ BM
Or 2: for Brother Mitch
MC: ooohhhh I likes even better although its Brotha. Hopefully people don't think its stands for bowel movement and think I'm full of it
Or 2: sorry, Brotha' Mitch. That's exactly what I was thinking
MC: I know. Beeyatch
Or 2: MC BroHo. MC BAM! Brotha Andy Mitch. MC BRAM. DJ BAM, sorry
MC: DJ Bram. DJ Bam. I am loving this. Screw BroHo. DJ Bramalam. Lambam. DJ BLAM
Or 2: DJ Bram. Bramalam? you trying to reach out to our indian bros and hos? in an insulting way?
MC: No. Why would I want to reach out to them. har. DJ Bra
Or 2: DJ Bra. yeah, that could work too. kind of liking DJ Bram though. You know, having only recently found out what that is
MC: nahhh. Oh my word. So displaced are you and that is such a common Jamaican term. I would think you'd be up on it
Or 2: what? i don't know what you're talking about. i know nothing of Jamaicans. we could name you after food. Drop the DJ. be just Solo Bentley
MC: hahahahahaha. DJ Solo. Solo B
Or 2: DJ SoB
MC: oohh goosh. yeah yeah. SoB
Or 2: SoB in da' hous'! yeah
MC: yeaaaahhhhh. in da hizzle
Or 2: har har. and years after you've made your career as DJ SoB, and the fanfare is dying down; I'll circulate the true story behind the name. Named after Solo Bentley. not really hardcore, hence the fizzling out fate
MC: ahahahaha. A VH1 special no less
Or 2: yep, the corniest behind the music eva'. if Frass became one, he'd be DJ Zoomers
MC: ahahaha. He'd never make it with that name
Or 2: I'd be DJ Milk Penna Cool. i know, poor Frass. CLee would be DJ Zinger.
MC: Milk Penna Cool???? You too would crash and burn. rather melt
Or 2: I'd shorten it and switch it up. DJ Penny Milk.
Or 2: How about Milky Cool
Or 2: hmm, yeah yeah
MC: Or DJ Cool Milky P
Or 2: X.. hmm, DJ NibaNug
MC: or Milp
Or 2: ew
MC: What is that? ahahahahahaha
Or 2: nibble a nuggle
MC: I'm now rereading. Yeah Milky Pee not so much
Or 2: aha, yeah that's greatness but gross. DJ Nuggle - nibbling up the rhymes and spittin' them right back at ya. That'd be X's slogan
MC: Oh no. I like X's slogan though. funny as all hell. What will be H1's name? DJ Toolum
Or 2: oo, you asking to get hurt
MC: ahahaha
Or 2: DJ Soursop
MC: Ughh. That party will buss
Or 2: how come nobody's DJ Doubles
MC: or DJ Aloo
Or 2: yeah that too. X could be that as well. DJ Aloo. Maybe TD5? DJ Chicky Pea! DJ Channa

Remind Me

Tomorrow, when I'm sobbing that I was not awake at 3 AM buying tickets for what will truly be the most legendary concert in MUSE's career with my very own unique pass code for a very limited pre-sale opportunity, that the logistics and cost of being at Teignmouth, Devon in the U.K. would prove too difficult an endeavour for me to undertake.

Please do not remind me that the concert is happening on the weekend of Labour Day, I wouldn't be missing any work that I couldn't make up one Saturday before the end of September, the round trip ticket could be only about 300 something dollars, a train ride from London would make me feel like I'm on a proper holiday complete with Famous Five moors and screws of salt for my boiled eggs and cucumber sandwiches, Devon is near the seaside and is the home to Devonshire Tea which is the home to the greatest thing on earth and that's clotted cream and scones for those of you who do not know (I didn't until I wiki'd) and that seeing my favourite band at a homecoming gig would be priceless.

"I hate pros and cons!", she said in her very best Grouchy Smurf impersonation.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Doin' Stuff - Because I Haven't in a While

Sometimes, it really is ass that I am anal (har har) about my Itunes. I spend hours just organizing the stupid thing and since my computer went kaput, I have had to start plugging in all of our concerts set lists again into their individual playlists.

It's tedious but I must do it!

In other concert news, H1 and I experienced mini-concerts these past few weeks, all as we were near or walked by NBC and they have all been lame.

Bleck #1: On 7/31/2009, the day of All Points West, the concert day started awful because I had to hear Kings of Leon.

Bleck #2: The week before last it was Jason Mraz. While I don't mind his personality, I may mind his somewhat hippiness. I may mind it plenty.

Bleck #3: Whatever shart was on last week. I don't even want to know.

The following is just due to the fact that I never really wrote about my first true concert (sadly only in 2005 - I may have been a little bit deprived but I was happy, so no worries) -

I went to Ozzfest 2005.

That's pretty hardcore for a first right? I was asked by someone to go and though I knew just about no one on the bill for the most part, other than Rob Zombie who was freakin' hilarious, it was a decent thing I did and proud to say I was a part of.

Some Lowlamps that I recall:

1. It was in NJ. Why, oh why?!

2. It was in NJ, already Hell, the hottest day of the year.

3. Everyone from Mastadon were pretty cool except that asshole guitarist. He was such an idiot.

4. My seats. They were the greatest seats in the house and due to having those, I am forever spoilt and demand great seats to every show and can throw a real hissy if I get crap ones.

5. My poor luck getting anything from a gig. Ever since Maiden decided to give their drumsticks to the two blonde, really old, hideous whores in front (show some cleavage, get a drumstick), I have been cursed with not getting anything from any band. Everytime a band throws a drumstick, I never get it. Everytime they toss a set list to the crowd, I lose out... and what's worse, that Iron Maiden drumstick should have been mine because I was front and center and those two bitches should not have been bum rushing the stage to where I stood. Get your asses back there, stupids! You didn't pay for my seat! I did! Ugh, I'll never forget that shart.

The Highlights that I recall:

1. Fiji water saved my life and I attribute it this day to the arsenic. That water is the most awesome tasting thing. It may have cost me $10.00 for a bottle but I have no regrets!

2. Rob Zombie. Again, I never knew he was so damned funny before.

3. I got one of the hardcore guys from The Haunted to give me a thumbs up because I gave it to him after he signed my poster. I meant to give him the Victory sign but it came out thumbs up instead which was really lame on my part but really hysterical because his reflex was to do it back. And when he realised what he had done, he was all "WTF" in the face. Ahaha. A metalhead giving a thumbs up. That was one of my more classic moments to date.

4. Perhaps a bit embarrassing to admit but Mudvayne put on a really good show that day and I began a brief obsession with them. Hey, don't judge me.

I'm sure that kid who sat down during their set would judge me. He hated Mudvayne but the nice guys of that band thought he was dehydrated and gave him a water. He looked at it, shrugged his shoulders and tossed it away. It was pretty sad. Stupid ass kid.

5. Ozzy O. was ill. I've never seen Black Sabbath or Ozzy, so while it's not great that he was sick what was great was that Iron Maiden got to play their set AND Ozzy's!!!!!! All that Iron Maiden, all wasted on me.

I will admit that I was never a huge Maiden fan nor am I now but I respect them a whole lot. The HOchieS went through Iron Maiden days complete with patches and pins back in the 80's, true but never full-fledge, I can sing any Maiden song there is to sing.

I felt sad that someone more deserving (like Beetchie) of my front row and center ticket (literally, Bruce Dickinson was sweating on me, that's how damned close I was)could not be there but they were amazing.

6. Eddie on stage. Comical and Awesome at the same time. Gotta love Eddie.

7. Bruce Dickinson's story of how he was determined to be the lead singer of "That" band one day while seeing Iron Maiden perform "Phantom of the Opera" at a bar.

A Source of Light I'm not quite sure how to classify:

1. Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society threw beer on me. On the one hand, it's a highlight. Somewhere someone's wishing Zakk Wylde would throw beer on them! I mean, it's Zakk Wylde! (they're probably saying) and on the other hand, what a lowlamp. Beer. Nasty, germ filled Black Label Society Zakk Wylde spitty beer was thrown on me.

I'm cool depending on who listens to that story.

Well, here it is because I cannot re-create any other set list of any band that played of that all day event mostly due to the fact that I probably would have no luck finding it but I can at least lay down...

The Iron Maiden "Early Days" 7/26/2005 Set List @ PNC Bank Art Center:

The Trooper
Phantom Of The Opera
Run to the Hills
The Number of the Beast
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Iron Maiden
Running Free

Currently listening to: MSI, as I shuffle through their 163 songs in my library to find what I need. Tedious, I tell you.

Bad 80's, Bad Synth Pop, and All Sorts of Bad

I know...


I know I...


Forgive me while I try to spit this out.

Here goes.

I know I really should not have an opinion right now being that I've only had the opportunity to listen to 30 second sound clips of every song.

But...I'm thinking MUSE's new album might just be a tad bit craptacular this the 5th time around.

Every band's allowed one but wtf, man.


Less than a month to confirm failure or be truly mesmerized and eat my words.

Please let it be that I eat my words.


Currently listening to: "Undisclosed Desires" by MUSE. Oh, it was going so good until Depeche Mode invaded. I've got nothing against DM but MB, DH and CW need to stay away!

I should have known this would happen! This is the first album cover I like! Ugh.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Hitman Reborn Characters

I'm not sure I'm agreeing with these results on some but here they are:

Or 2 on the quizilla result:

And well, here's H1 - fitting like you wouldn't believe:

Our Quizfarm results for the Guardians quiz:

For some reason, H1 got Ryohei which I don't agree with at 60% and Chrome next. She's more of a Rukudo Mukuro (if that's what they truly mean, then yeah, that's more like her) but she could also have been Hibari.

I got Yamamoto again at 70%! Huh. I always thought I was more of a Tsuna but I guess I can see the Yamamoto thing. Second highest for me was Ryohei. No way. And why am I so high on the percentage for Lambo?! Lame.

The addy to the Quizilla:

The addy to the Quizfarm:

Currently listening to: "One" by Korn; "Fat Cat Sat" from the Seasame Street Original Soundtrack.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Almost, August.

In the history of August and everything therein, this one almost turned out to be a good month.


For a while there, it seemed like things were just falling into place.

I ended July right with free passes to APW and started August in Midtown with TD5 and H1 at dim sum in Chinatown, pate from the Grand Central Market and I even went to fix my glasses on Sunday finally.

We took TD5 to Shake Shack on Monday, which he enjoyed and I tasted a Purple Cow, which I loved (but Aims, it was Boobey Head who ordered it! I wouldn't drink that without you!).

Arctic Monkeys, while disappointing H1 and Beetchie could not attend, were amazing and eating a king cone and sharing ice-cream and memories, stumbling home at 2 AM on Tuesday was fun thanks to the company.

Tuesday we all had dinner together at Connolly's Restaurant and Bar (even though the food was just sadly just 'okay' after H1 and Or 2's great take out meals from there), Beetchie got the great news and we wish her all the best with her transfer to OSU and while sad, we saw TD5 off knowing he'd be back in November and that's not far away.

But then things went awry.

The other awesome bit of news we got was that H1 got invited to see U2 on August 15th at Wembley Stadium. Although H1 could not go due to work and recent unfortunate events involving Luuuuuiiisssss, I then got the invitation. Now, as horrible as U2's current album is, seeing them at Wembley Stadium would be amazing regardless. But seeing them at Wembley Stadium on VIP Hospitality passes would be even more hella awesome and a chance of a lifetime really.

I was seriously considering shelling the huge amounts of cash for this opportunity and was all prepared to jet set to the U.K. for the weekend but the invitation fell through due to work politics circumstances, and while I no longer have to worry about finding a plane ticket or the guilt that comes with spending so much money on an unnecessary purchase (that's right! It's NOT bread, water, toilet paper, Muse and/or Arctic Monkeys!), the chance to be an ass in VIP just went 'poof!' right outta my grasp.

Ah well. I'm doing okay with that.

The second horrid bit of HOchieS goings on is this - H1 sprained her ankle! She had a bit of a twist of the foot a few mornings ago, and yesterday, thanks to Luuuuuiiisssss' 'need' for a Nathan's hot dog, she took a bit of a twisted dive between curb and truck and ended up in the E.R.

We're thankful it's not broken but she still is a bit of a gimp, poor thing. I just hope Mario Cantone did not make fun of her at his stand up show.

The third reason that August remains the assiest of months is this - I'm sitting here typing all this out on a rainy Sunday afternoon, not looking forward to going to work tomorrow due to a touch of the cold I have developed.

I'm actually surprised I did not get one sooner than Thursday (it's been since Thursday, yeah) knowing fully well that I've been running myself down for almost 2 weeks now, granted these 2 weeks have been more fun than not.

Blast you, August. Blast you.

You've 22 days to make amends.

Currently listening to: "The Frail" by Nine Inch Nails. How stupidly appropriate for The HOchieS this day.

Anticipation Has a Habit to Set You Up

For disappointment?

I'm having mixed feelings, I am.

For one, I'm still very pissed that H1 missed, no fault on her part, her chance to go see Arctic Monkeys (Oye, H1, it's no fault of mine either!).

More so, when TD5 and I got to the Highline Ballroom, the place was so incredibly tiny that it didn't matter where you stood - there'd be a clear shot of the stage!

Feeling rather hateful and wishing I had some chicken bones, TD5 and I did the next best thing we could do to calm nerves - go to the bar for some drinks.

I'd just like to point out that I drank almost every day TD5 and I went out. Who's the bad influence?!

Anyway, so in addition to feeling cranky that H1 and Beetchie were not in attendance, I was also very excited.

Yet, there was something off.

Was it the fact that I couldn't bear to sit through another horrible opener as Arctic Monkeys likes to pick 'em?

Was it the feeling that my nemesis was in the room somewhere?

Was it having to deal yet again, with the little biatch, obnoxious children that attend their shows? Did I have to get nasty with peeps...for a third time?

Or was it that I was just really nervous that I would hate the new songs?

The Arctic Monkeys at The Highline Ballroom on 08/03/2009 Set list:

1. Pretty Visitors
2. This House Is A Circus
3. Brianstorm
4. Still Take You Home
5. Da Frame 2R
6. Dangerous Animals
7. Crying Lightning
8. Fluorescent Adolescent
9. Cornerstone
10. The View From The Afternoon
11. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
12. Leave Before The Lights Come On
13. Potion Approaching
14. If You Were There, Beware
15. Red Right Hand (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds cover)
16. My Propeller
17. Only Ones Who Know
18. Do Me A Favour


19. Secret Door
20. 505

Oh...that's what it was! The feeling I'd get when H1 blazed me for their playing "505"! I would not be able to handle the fury!

The Low-Lamps:

1. I have two evil nemeses now. The one that's standing in Suga'Face's way and has AT torn was there. I didn't see her, but I didn't need to. That bitch was there and I could sense it. It's okay though, he still looked at me. Twice.

2. "505". I can't believe those effs actually played it. We blame TD5. I was really sad this went down since H1 was not there and this is the one song she really wants to see them perform live.

3. The ugly merch. Really. I hope they release better t-shirts soon. That Matt Helders inspired hippy desert Native American theme is really horrid. Well, whatever. I can still rock it.

4. P. Effin' Diddy. Honestly. Sometimes I wish Matt would stop being friends with suspect people so that they stop showing up at my concerts. He and his entourage were annoying and the fact that Diddy Can't Dance makes for horrendous times. He did some version of the Running Man which is already a stupid ass move, to something he must have been hearing in his head because it certainly wasn't a beat kept by AM. During "Do Me a Favour". Ugh.

5. I did not see the Cookie very well. It's not really a bad thing though. He scares me, that Hooligan.

6. The new songs. Okay, so they're not really low-lamps. They sounded quite good and they are really good but I think it was the entire atmosphere half way through the set that had me feeling a little bit sad. AM started strong - all intense songs, all old songs, some of the new ones. But then, Arctic Monkeys changed. They toned out their concert vibe. They chilled out at the tail end.

When did they become such a super-serious, doom and gloom, "where's-the-fun?" kind of band?

They've matured. A lot. No longer are they the boys from Sheffield who are too shy to speak.

They're very confident now, which makes them better players and gives them better stage presence and it's not a horrible thing, but it's also not a very fun feeling either.

I didn't think they'd NOT change. How could they not? And I'm happy they're going off and creating different records because if it's one thing they can do, it's create a unique sound every time, but I guess I just need the time to let it sink in.

The bottom line is that it's all fun and games until some biatch comes around and "Yoko Ono"'s your band.

Yes, I went there.

I'm with you, rest of the band! You guys are still great! It's that ass who's the problem!

7. The almost complete absence of songs from the first album. WTF! No "Dancing Shoes"?! And they didn't even end with "A Certain Romance"! =(

The Highlights:

1. TD5 ACTUALLY finally agreed to come to a concert with me! All the way from Trinidad, he flew! That was a pleasant surprise but it just reminds me and angers up the blood that he's going to see MUSE at some no name Raymond James Stadium (eh? It has a name? but who knows it?) in FL. Psh.

2. That annoying rich, privileged Asian child was not there. Hooray!

3. Surprisingly, I was no where near obnoxious AM fans. In fact, I met some nice kids.

4. Okay. Can you people believe it? The opening act were actually...really good. Quite good. For a while, I was confused as to where I was. Their drummer was trying to channel Dave Grohl but there's nothing not cool about that. TD5 described them best when he called them "intense". Yes, Modey Lemon certainly were. Why didn't I buy one of their shirts instead?

5. Sound Problems. I don't know what's up with Arctic Monkeys but they're always plagued with sound problems. Their sound cut after the intro to "Pretty Visitors" for a long time, and then again later on. It was funny and they were good about it, as were the crowd. They made jokes. We laughed. And we were happy when they launched right back into it.

6. Alex's banter. So, he's talking a lot more now, and he's funny. He hit us with a few good memorable quotes:

"I've noticed some of you suspiciously singing along. So we have a new record coming out soon, it's called 'umbug. With a Hey-che."
And repeated the promotion of the album after the sound failed again.

At the end of "Leave Before The Lights Come On", he said "Thank you, I can walk to there by myself." to the bus stop.

7. Matt's banter with their number one roadie. I really need to go look his name up because it escapes me. But those two were having a blast while Matt was playing. It was cute. And Matt still managed to keep his beat even while distracted.

8. Nick! I don't care what H1 says, Nick O'MALLEY is a cutie and I like him. Nick O'Fatty he is not. You are wrong, H1!

9. The New songs. I don't think I'll be upset by the new album, which has me relieved that at least one of my bands won't completely fail me this music year. Already I had to suffer disappointment from Franz Ferdinand, U2 (big time!), The Streets (or was that late last year?), and some others I'm just not really remembering right now. It's also not looking too hot for MUSE right now, so I'm not holding my breath.

The new songs from AM are good. They're different. They're arranged oddly and I like them. I also like their cover of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds' "Red Right Hand".

10. I managed to snap "decent" pictures...for once! of AM! It's amazing, really.

I don't know why the other two in Modey Lemon looked like metal men but the lead singer looked like a preppy.

The Cookie's in there some place

I could actually see Matt tear up the drums for "Brianstorm" this time! Except I was too busy jumping to look at him...maybe next time?


Such a clear shot for some chicken bones

My favourite thing of the evening

Currently listening to: "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

All Points West

Every time I make a declaration that I'll never step foot in New Jersey, some thing happens that finds me slumming it in that forsaken marsh of smelliness that is that state.

I was seriously considering getting tickets for this event for the Saturday August 1 st date but ultimately decided, as I always do, that going to NJ is just not worth my time.

And then VIP passes, for free, to the Music Festival All Points West at Liberty State Park in NJ kinda fell into my lap on Thursday afternoon.

While not the Saturday show I wanted to go to, Free! (did I mention "free"?) VIP Passes, a free round trip on the Ferry and a chance to see Yeah Yeah Yeahs after wanting to for a while and not having luck with that, the choice really was clear.

I'd have to trek to Assland for the greater good.

Plus, TD5 would get to see Vampire Weekend - a band he loves, as well as Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I'd get to show him that The National are pretty damned good and he should be more appreciative of their music that I tried to throw at him at some point last year.

Oh, and I'd get to finally see what the big deal about Fleet Foxes was all about.

All Points West 2009 @ Liberty State Park on 7/31/2009:

The Low-Lamps:

1. Fleet Foxes.

To think I could have slept at the hotel for a bit instead of rushing to NJ sooner and for longer than necessary. TD5 and I both agree that this was pure shart. We don't know what was up with this band but they are horrendous!

The hippiness really got to me.

The 'harmonious sound' really got to TD5.

I really wanted to pass out from boredom and they just seemed to go on forever, and ever. And ever.

It was so bad, that as soon as they took the stage, they summoned rain clouds and thunderstorms threatened us although it was really muggy before, so the cool wind was very welcome at the time.

The only redeeming thing about Fleet Foxes was that they had personality but honestly, it wasn't enough to save our ears from bleeding.

Memorable Quotes:

"I feel like we're wizards on stage here." - lead singer, Fleet Foxes.
"Yeah, I'm going to ride off the stage on a white horse." - drummer, Fleet Foxes


2. New Jersey. Liberty State Park was as expected. Smelly. After it torrential down poured on us, it was even worse. It was smelly AND muddy. Never before have I been witness to so much ugly and mud before in one area. Gross.

Here's a shot of the main stage -

3. Mud People. Ugly mud people. Ugly mud people who insisted they get all hippy with their bad dancing. Ugly mud people who insisted they get all hippy with their bad dancing right next to where TD5 and I stood.

TD5 half wished they would fall into it but I really don't think they would have cared if they did.

4. That nasty feeling one gets after being in NJ. It's almost as if nothing you do will wash away that stench and grime. And sometimes, nothing can. My poor shoes are proof of that.

5. Getting booted from the VIP Bleachers. Everyone knows that there are certain places you do not want to be near during a lightning storm and unfortunately, the VIP Bleachers was one of those places. What sucked even more was that we got stormed out right after The National performed, before Vampire Weekend and during most of their set. So, at least we know they sound really good but we did not really get a chance to see them very well from the Beer Tent where TD5 and I found shelter from the storm.

Sorry TD5...

Vampire Weekend from the Beer Tent -

6. TD5 and his inability to tell me things of importance. For instance, the debacle that went down involving our being able to come back to All Points West on Saturday for free. Due to the horrendous rain, Friday Ticket Holders were allowed to come back for free on any of the other two days. TD5 heard the announcement by Vampire Weekend and I did not. So, thanks to him, H1 and I missed our chance to see Tool, Arctic Monkeys and Tokyo Police Club. WTF! WTF, TD5! Thanks. I'm still a little bit bitter, as you can tell.

7. Q-Tip. On our long trek back to civilization, ie the ferry back to NYC, we heard Q-Tip at another tent. He sounded horrid.

8. If not for having had enough of NJ, and being way tired, I think I would have stayed for Jay-Z. He's probably one of the few rappers I respect somewhat and I heard he brought his orchestra. So I missed seeing him perform and it was a bit of a lowlamp because I heard him on my way out and he sounded pretty decent. Ah well. See how quickly I got over that?

9. Once again, The National managed to butcher performing my favourite song by them, "Mistaken For Strangers". Again, The National? What's up with that?

10. I'm fairly certain I saw that smelly kid from way back when I went to I think, Muse at Hammerstein on the ferry ride to APW. That was not cute for my nose.

11. Not having H1 there as well. And also, not being BACK at All Points West for Arctic Monkeys and Tool with H1. Thanks again, TD5! That's right, you will not hear the end of this.

12. Being so close to NYC but not being able to escape, nooooooooooooo....! Freedom! So close!

13. The Statue of Liberty showing me its ass. Not only animals do this to me, but the Statue of Liberty too?! It's not right!

The Highlights:

1. Getting off the ferry back in NYC was awesome. Even the rain puddles were different and everything just seemed so less scary, even if it was Crooklyn. Har Har.

2. The National. It was fun seeing them a second time, even if this time I barely saw them from the side line thanks to the rain. I did like that the lead singer jumped into the crowd and rolled with the punches the rain was throwing at them. That was cool of him and not something I expected. He didn't sound too fabulous but the rest of the band sounded truly great. They also performed a new song which was really good and I'm kinda looking forward to their next album, whenever that may be.

Also, the fact that TD5 likes them now makes me happy.

3. Vampire Weekend. I can't say I'm a fan nor have I listened to their album to have a real opinion but they sounded really great live. I can see the appeal and I'm glad I got to hear them live instead of a studio album. Though, that might just make me not want to listen to a studio album now knowing just how great they sound live. Uh oh.

4. My gross dry sausage sandwich and my cheesey fries. I enjoyed it but mostly because I was really starvin' marvin.

5. The VIP Bleachers were good while they lasted. I also did not understand the NinjAnts.

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

6.1 Making sure TD5 was completely cured of his vertigo and that the swirly eyeball would not bring back his Lucille 2 Persona. It was only a highlight because it was funny and turned out he'd be okay.

6.2 Where's waldo? Rather, where's the eyeball? Floating over someone's head? Scary!

Karen O. was crazy as expected. I'm not sure what she was wearing... but her performance was classic.

Brian Chase was cool and I rather enjoyed that he never stopped beating those drums and that Yeah Yeah Yeahs continued each song in their set on his playing. All songs rolled one after the other with Chase's drumming as the connecting factor.

Then there's my Nick Zinner, who I love but curse him for not wanting to show his face so that I could get a picture, not to mention that stupid giant mounted crane camera kept getting in my way...

They performed lots of the good stuff - many songs from the new album, although not "Hysteric" which saddened me nor did they do "Rockers to Swallow". They also did an acoustic, stripped down version of "Maps", which while not the best was still cool.

7. The "destruction" of the microphone. Karen O. tried very hard to destroy that mic but it just wasn't happening but it was just not quite in league with her plans. It showed her!

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs 7/31/2009 @ All Points West Setlist:

1. Heads Will Roll
2. Cheated Hearts
3. Black Tongue
4. Zero
5. Human Fly (The Cramps cover)
6. Gold Lion
7. Honeybear
8. Turn Into
9. Skeletons
10. Soft Shock
11. Maps (Acoustic)
12. Y Control
13. Date With The Night

Best Song Performance from YYY: "Black Tongue".

Probably one of the best things to end the night was knowing I didn't have to rush to catch the bloody train back home and could actually stay in midtown that night. Phew, that was a relief and cool.

When we got back to midtown, I took TD5 to Sapporo for ramen, discovered they had a new menu of little eats such as kare-age which I had, and in need of a drink, I got a sapporo. Sorry, Beetchie! I'll try to not drink without you again because I know it's random I do and decided to do it when you were not there.

I know, I'm awful.

Currently listening to: "For Your Life" by Led Zeppelin.

Only the Beginning

Green Day was just the start to a week of craziness.

With TD5 making a special trip to NYC just for the August 3rd Arctic Monkeys concert, I had a bit of a plan.

It involved spending time and a fairly relaxed few days with him.

But then, an unexpected bit of luck befell me on Thursday afternoon.

Suddenly, my week seemed quite busy.

TD5 had no idea what was waiting for him and really, nor did I honestly.

After getting in way late (3 AM Friday morning to NYC), he decided to stay at a hotel in Midtown.

I met him that morning at 11 or so and we hustled off to Adventure 1 of Day 1.

Lunch at Brasserie 8 1/2 as part of Restaurant Week.


I was very impressed by them, and a little bit thrown by the fact that I was bouncing in there with a t-shirt and a busted up pair of pants.

The space for that restaurant was beautiful and classy.

The food was even better.

My pictures do not do the eats justice because for whatever reason, the food did not want to be photographed. Additionally, I had little patience due to hunger and did not really want to take pics in the fancy schmancy restaurant.

I did not even get pictures of TD5's food save his dessert - the blood orange cake, H1 wanted him to get. She loves Blood Oranges. Scary.

X, I thought of you. For my starter I had the belly pork slider. Beetchie, I also thought of you because for some reason it was topped with a quail egg.

That slider alone was worth trekking to 57th for.

Look at the porky goodness!

TD5 had the mulligatawny soup (and that too came with a suspect egg floating in it).

Next up, I had the lobster salad. Two pieces of lobster topped on a pea greens, diced mango and diced avocado. The greens I could have done without because they were a bitter type bleck I did not like, but everything else was good together even the strange gelatinous mango puree (?) type thing at the bottom.

TD5 had a pork with kimchee and daikon dish which was plentiful and okay.

For dessert, I had a banana bread pudding. It was okay and thankfully TD5 did not have an allergic reaction to the walnuts that were in it. Of course, I let him taste it and as he was putting it in his mouth I wondered if he had allergies to nuts. It turns out he did. Heh. Oops on my part there but it all turned out okay anyway.

Here's TD5's Blood Orange Cake with things...?

Next, it was off to Liberty State Park in ugh, NJ for Adventure 2 on Day 1.

Currently listening to: "Same Old Thing" by The Streets.
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