Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Wash Out

Happy Halloween!

"A sunny, warm day", the weather people said and what happens?

The expected rain.
So Halloween was a bit of a wash this year thanks to the rain, and thanks to the rain some of kids' costumes cannot be seen under their coats but we commend them for coming out.

I am a failed cross-breed between Rock Band Zarnyx and Rock Band Sariel.

The house was nicely decorated, and did you all say hello to my little pumpkin friend on the blog layout for Halloween?

The House gets a "B+" for cuteness, and would have gotten higher marks if not for the cat in a noose in the front porch.

The kids I did see were not bad but nothing really to talk about - the usual witches and princesses. There was one little kid dressed as a red electric guitar and I almost picked him up and started belting out some riffs but I'm not sure anyone would find that amusing.

There was also one kid who refused a lollipop, saying that I should give it to his "lovely sister".

"She's awesome," I replied.

"She's a witch!" he yelled while running off.

Okay then.

H1 tells me, after I left, there was a boy with butterfly wings. Was it Nicholas from years ago?!

The kids got an "A-" for braving the rain.

We may not have gotten as many as our usual 100+ but we did get a good number still - 66 total.

Edit on Nov. 1, 2009:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Frass!

The HOchieS are a tad late with your present... Sorry! Hope you have a great day today, maybe soemone will take you to see Michael Jackson's "This is It"?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Diabolical Box

Some may claim that it is "Elysian" but that box had nothing on this one:

'Tiled', you say?

H1 and I showed you, BOX!

Ah the lengths we go to solve a puzzle.

If only we could do same for the "trash" puzzle that doesn't involve our dealing in trash...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Message for A.T.

Dear Alex,

"505" or chicken bones collected since August 4th?

Your choice.



Saturday, October 24, 2009

What to do Next?

Give him black wings? Give the background a good black solid paint over? confused.

Did I also mention I decided Zarnyx could do with a fur-trimmed coat?

(Note to self: No worries, his love of showing skin will not be harmed in the making of this coat)

I have yet to decide on the colour of said coat since I can't really even draw the coat right, but as it is, his pants-cape (capes are dangerous! don't wear them!) is red, his shirt and attachments is an off-white, and his pants are dark grey/to black.

I'm thinking a blood red for his coat might be my best option but...

He might be turning into a Trinidadian Flag.

Help me, someone.

Currently: Wishing every day could be a rainy Saturday. ::sigh:: The end of the year is fast approaching and I feel doom and gloom due to work, when I should be happy.

Also, the camera really does add 10 pounds. What happened to Zarnyx's face? It looks all weird from what I'm looking at on the canvas!

Not Only the Pumpkins

The apples have been possessed as well!

Have no fear, I killed any ghostly presence via ingestion.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Pumpkin and Jazzie are not allowed to go near H1's house.

I've seen what she does to cats!

Memorable Conversation:

H1: I feel so ashamed!
Or 2: As you should be.

Currenly listening to: "Blackout" by MUSE.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

After Durian

This is a disgrace to bacon.

While it may smell like bacon, the chewing part is quite gross. I knew it'd be sweet but I did not expect to feel like throwing up from the taste.

After durian, this might be the second most vile thing I've eaten.

Here's the offending bean:

Hmmm, I wonder whose care package I can stick this into...

Birthday Months

H1 and I are celebrating our birthday months (H1's was last month and mine still ongoing, as you all know). This is our list of prezzies to keep track and our very big thank you to all.

H1's prezzies:

1. Kitchen knives and pan set from Luuuuiiiiiissssss
2. Peanuts Gallery Collection 1967-1970, from Or 2
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Vol. 4, from Or 2
4. Muse T-shirt from our U2 concert, from Or 2
5. Wasted YYY tix (sorry, H1...), from Or 2
6. Japanese candy from JList, from Or 2
7. Sephora gift card, from MC & KimPossible
8. Sweaters and hipster clothing, from Momma HOchie and Papa HOchie
9. Scarf from Singapore, from X and Mk
10.Peanuts Pop Up book, from Sons
11. Lots of Birthday wishes from Frenemies: CLee, TD5, Aims, Andy Pandy, Frass and Bunji
12. Happy Birthday sung by A'Face

Those cut off for forgetting - Beetchie.

Or 2's prezzies:

1. The Beatles: Rock Band, from Luuuuuiiiissss
2. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, from H1
3. Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, from H1
4. Snakes and Ladders, from BooHead
5. Dinner at Cabana, from Aims
6. Lots of cool, crazy things from Japan and Singapore (pictured), from X and Mk
7. Sweaters, from Momma HOchie and Papa HOchie
8. MUSE hoodie from our U2 Concert, from myself to myself
9. MUSE - "The Resistance" LE Box Set, from myself to myself
10.Crumbs cupcakes, from Titi Nana and Sandy Cheeks
11.No More Heroes (and a Happy Meal), from Frass
12.A card, from Bughie J. (but Mario ruined the party!)
13.Lots of Birthday wishes from Frenemies: Sufi, Andy Pandy, MC, Sons, Bunji, Anj, CLee, Gen' Frien' (who does not have to get me anything!!!)
14. Happy Birthda sung by A'Face

Those cut off for forgetting - TD5 and Beetchie. I expect that kind of hatefulness from Beetchie but TD5? Tsk.

In Black Face

For some reason, I expected better from a Princess.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bad Enough

This is not who we like to see calling us.

It's bad enough the Jehovah's Witness call the house.

But then Jehovah's, Witne keeps calling too.

Can't get a break at the HOchieS house.


Currently listening to: "Better Than This" by Keane.

I Should Know Better

Don't mess with a boy and his earth magic

Currently listening: "Spiralling" by Keane. Best. Song. Ever. (Ha.)

Obsessions of Week(s): 8/30/2009 - 10/05/2009

Final Fantasy: Dissidia

So, maybe I'm just about "done" with this game. It was fun - my most powered-up character is Cloud. I may not love Cloud but he's probably my favourite main hero (choices in this game anyway) if I had to go with one. If it were up to me, Sephy all the way! Except, it's hard to level up the villains without a story mode. That's my one major complaint.

Mognet - Getting daily mail from the moogles is just about the most exciting thing in Dissidia. They're so ridiculous and well, let us just say I scared off that one moogle by asking for a present of a Moogle Pom Pom. Um, I lost my mind...and my moogle friend.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!

I remember buying part one of this game a few years ago and loving it. With 1000 free DSi points to use, I decided to spend 800 of those points (the other 200 on the "Animal Crossing" clock) on 'Minis March Again!' I'm blazing through the early levels right now but I'm still having goo'd times exercising my brain a bit before I take on...'Professor Layton'.

Currently listening to: "You Could Have It So Much Better" by Franz Ferdinand

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Unnecessary Panic

Oh yes, so the other night, Frass (who pulled an MC and Alex and FELL ASLEEP! He claims the cupcake did him in) and I went to see Zombieland.

Why was it, as I was hurriedly trying to walk down the avenues to catch my train that all I could think about was to watch my back?

And then again on the train?

Zombies, man.

Nothing happened so we'll call this Unnecessary Panic...

For now.

Currently: Awake because Aims' birthday dinner to me is not really sitting well, but do I need to panic?! It's 4:44 AM! That's the tri-force of evil dead numbers, right there! Yeah, you guys thought it was the triple 6 but I watch way too much anime to know that "4" is unlucky, I am part Asian and subscribe to Asian things (when convenient to my delusions)!

Orrrr, maybe I really need to just go to bed.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy Birthday!

3 years old today, that Boobey is.

I heard he was scared of the clown.

No worries, I hate them too.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What Do I Have to do to get the Don to Like Me

I sprayed on some sexy cologne that I got from a dame hiding in a bathroom stall in exchange for digestive medicine, that I traded for a pharmacy coupon I acquired for ordering the local restaurant's "special" menu item.

I slipped on a "soft" and "Shimmery" dress - it looked suspiciously like that cotton dress I wore a few years ago, but okay... if they say it's a silk dress, I will believe them.

For once...for once! I didn't have to wear that offending wig on my head. That one that came from a questionable man's underwear. My squats were 16 to 15, so I got a blonde wig.

So let us review - a blonde wig, a silk dress and some sexy cologne. Doesn't that sound irresistble?

And STILL I am not dressed to impressed.

I mean, look at me!

I look fabulous, don't I?!

I even have the concubine...umm, lady-like hand clasp down perfectly!

Bitches are just jealous!

See? The men think me beautiful.

What's the Don's problem?!?!

I also had a revelation...maybe my hatred for Aerith really stems from this whole incident and not her whorish ways with that whole Zach thing. She builds up my confidence...

...only to stab in the back later on. That stupid biatch!

By the way, what was Tifa doing before I found her? Did you see this room?!

Scary stuff, that.

But not nearly a fraction of what's to come at the HoneyBee Manor.

Thinking about what lies ahead makes me have the immediate reaction:

Ow. It hurts.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Obsession(s) of Weeks: 7/26/2009 - 8/29/2009

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor.

It's a pretty brilliant game in terms of gameplay and story. I was enjoying it much until they fed me some sort of nonsense story about the Tower of Babel and the Internet. I can see it but I'm probably just disgruntled that I was being preached to and did not unlock the all 'bad' ending where I side with the demons by being lord and master and then destroy the angels. Ah well. Next time, maybe?

Fat Princess

I only just started playing this last night and I wish I had 64 friends to play with. Unfortunately, I only have myself and my second controller so I guess I'll have to play alone but curses, carrying that princess is a task after she's been fed copious amounts of cake. I only played for a few minutes so it was overwhelming but I love the art and the craziness of it all. So far, so good.

Currently listening to: H1 distraught on the phone after watching The Mist.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Out of Scotch Tape

Distress on the face...

...with the knowledge that there's no one to spare a square...

...can lead to a hideous mess...

You know, I think there was a dime at the bottom of that bowl too.

The things a person can shit out when scared...

Currently listening to: "Psychedelic Souljam" by Taku Iwasaki featuring Lotus Juice, from the Soul Eater Original Soundtrack.

A Blatant Show of Disrespect

Sirius...did you pitch marbles with Johann Sebastian Bach and now you're on a "initials-name" basis?

Currently listening to: "Kiseki" by Suga Shikao, from the xxxHolic Original Soundtrack.

Nothing for Free

You may think that snagging a diet coke out of the vending machine on someone else's $1.25 (and they gave it to you because they chose an incorrect selection) is a hell of a good time freebie.

Things in life can never be truly 'for free'.

For instance, opening said 'free' coke only to discover it smells like B.O.?

That sure sounds like payment for anything but refreshment.

Currently listening to: "Rain" by Steve Conte & Yoko Kanno, from the Cowboy Bebop Original Soundtrack. Suddenly the lines, "If there is a hell/I'm sure this is how it smells" hit me like that coke.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

Ah, glorious October.

Don't you be a disappointment like the rest of the year.

Not holding our breaths though but we're thankful for many things too.

Good luck to everyone!
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