Sunday, January 31, 2010

Observation(s) of the Week: 01/24/2010 - 01/30/2010

On the Wii:

There should be a warning in the manual for the Wii usage that states "Do not play around cats".

I know there's one to be mindful of people and objects around you and Jazzie was already a victim of the wiimote.

But where's the warning that says, "if you play the wii and your hand/cursor is spotted by your cat, be warned - cat may attack moving cursor"?

I really hope there are no scratches on the TV.  The sad part is is that I found it so amusing too until I realised the true menace Pumpkin was being to the flat panel.

On Final Fantasy Tactics:

Story wise, this game is amazing.  I am still having a few difficulties playing after all these years.  It's challenging and downright hard at times but I'm scraping by somehow.

However, I must remember to not go to bed with a battle weighing on my mind because all I can see in my dreams are ninja monks and the tiles on which they should be placed.  Ugh.

Nerd Quote of the Day:

"My Powerhouse of a Ninja Monk with his dual-wielding sword action is much more superb than your Ninja Monk! Unless of course you have better swords equipped..."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blog-away II

Hello Frenemies!

I have a bit of an update on the Round I activities.

So far, I thank those of you who have commented - they're all really fabulous and have H1 and I rolling around with laughter.

There are '4' more people left to comment but Gen'Frien' informed me that she's not really funny and I informed her that that's due to the fact that she's not a hateful biatch like the rest of us.
Then I was told by X today that after Beetchie's comment, she was not sure she could compete this round.
Being the clever bunch that you are, I logged in this evening to find two more great ones and now H1 and I are having a difficult time choosing a winner of that lot and goodness knows what's going to happen when Frass and MC have a crack at it...IF they have a crack at it.

It's Day II of the Blog-away but I am having a hard time choosing the next photo for one particular reason.
As you all know, The HOchieS are not really fans of putting ourselves or our friends out there on the internet in pictures.  However, some of the photos are just nothing without the expression on your faces.  I can draw bao heads to capture the moment but my drawings are terrible and more than likely will not do most of those things justice.
So, I have a proposal.
I am going to post the original pictures behind a cut.  If you want your pic. removed immediately just let me know and I will do so and I'll e-mail the pic. to the group instead.
Please know too that I will never keep the picture in its original form forever on the blog and will alter it at some point soon after your entries are in.
That said, click the link to see Round II's Caption This Picture Contest (and I'm posting it a bit earlier before everyone has commented on the last because X will be on a business trip for the next week and wanted a shot in this Round).

My apologies to CLee in advance...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Blog-away I

Wouldn't you know it?

This right here is the 1000th 1 or 2 HOchieS blog post.

To celebrate this day of millions of characters typed, 999 + stories told and memories shared with all of you frenemies...H1 and I have decided to do a little Giveaway.

Think of it as pyos to you for pyos to us - for all your hilarious comments to the snarky ones or to the times you glossed over (mostly my) ramblings.

Of course, we racked our brain to come up with some sort of blog-centric quiz because why would we just give you guys things without making it interesting?

Now, I can't say my solution is interesting but it'll be as fun as you guys make it.

For 8 future blog posts with this one included, I borrowed a little daily exercise from one of our favourite bloggers.  Ours may not be as gross as his but we're going to present to you a picture in a "Caption This Picture Contest".

I'll post a picture and in the comments section leave your caption to match.

The funniest one as voted by H1 and I will get a prize!

Of course, since we love all 8 of our trusted frenemies who participate actively on here (I luz you others too, I do!), we have decided to do 8 blogs of giveaways. 

The person who wins day 1, is free to enter a comment on any other day if so compelled but even though you may have a killer caption again - we'll pick the 2nd best to win on day 2 and so on and so forth until each person gets a prize.  Makes sense?

Okay... let's begin!

DAY 1: Caption this Picture

Putting the "ass" in Picasso

Ripped Picasso 'will be repaired for exhibition' in New York

Associated Press in New York, Monday 25 January 2010 19.32 GMT

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art says a Picasso painting damaged by a visitor will be repaired in time for its exhibition of his work in April.

The Actor, from Picasso's rose period, now has a 15cm (6in) tear in the canvas's lower right-hand corner after a woman lost her balance and fell on the painting on Friday during an art class.

The restored painting will be displayed as planned in the exhibition of 250 Picasso works drawn from the museum's collection, which will run from 27 April to 1 August. The museum has owned the painting since 1952.
- published by the Associated Press

H1 was trying to start a story that perhaps this unfortunate girl (who thankfully is not Sons and has also scared me off from going to any museums anytime soon...though you know if I were to take a tumble into Edward Scissorshands' scissorshands at the MOMA, it'd make for a bloody, fun yet not so much story)tumbled rear end first into "The Actor".
If that is the case, then all I would have to say is that that ass has some seriously incredible destructive properties.

Monday, January 25, 2010

S8: 24 HC - 8 PM to 9 PM


I can't say I was really paying attention since I was playing Final Fantasy Tactics or rather, there was not much to pay attention to.

I don't understand why they would let me sit through almost an entire hour listening to thumbless rant before offin' him.

I also don't understand why they're trying to give people hearts or stupid side story to characters I don't care about.  I never get why these idiots just do not go to authorities when black mailed.

Head Count: 1

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day Massacre

24 days after the fact, I have only today recovered from the horror to post this.

The Cheat and Diderick had the worst New Year's Eve ever. 

There was no alcohol - Diderick fell into a deep depression and I've not been able to console his grief, and once The Cheat got wind of that fact, he went on a rampage.

Full of spite, an innocent was attacked and The Cheat made sure to 'hit' me where it would hurt the most.

WARNING: the following images are graphic and disturbing

The Cheat, while not above getting his hands "dirty", decided to make it even more shocking by hiring muscle to take care of this job.

The hired assassin?

Always the one you'd never expect!
Who's naughty now?!

Monday, January 18, 2010

This Week(s) Obsessions: 01/03/2010 - 01/15/2010


Re-listening to my albums of the Noughties made me re-aquainted with this band. The blend of genres and talent on Demon Days is mavellous and I look forward to their 2010 release. I wonder what they will look like in Phase 3...?


I read bits of the Gorillaz history - what a mess. And hilarious. I also love 2D the most! Of course, it would figure I'd like the 'pretty boy' and he's really stupid to boot. Awwww.

S8: 24 HC - 6 PM to 8 PM

6 PM to 7 PM:

What's with the bad accents and menly women this season? It's not that there's anything wrong with that but it's just not cute.

Okay, way to make black people and hispanics look like jerks.  Good going Fox.  What neighbourhood is this? Crooklyn.  I think you Crooklynites should get to arms in protest.  This is BS.  I do however enjoy that the Asian is the good cop.

The story with the menly women is pointless and now it's getting nasty like MC.  Also this Kevin seems a bit scuzzy and reminds me of an Alaskan named Todd.  Ew.

OMG, I can't wait for Jack Bauer to beat the shit out of that cop.  But how come they make NYC cops look like shit? I don't think I like how they're portraying NY in 24.  I might be taking offense!

Head Count: 2

7 PM - 8 PM:

So when is it that Freddy Prince Jr.'s character will die? How come he's trying to be hardcore like Bauer?

Um, why all of a sudden the wife is all concerned about her husband? And like I said, you never trust an Indian with long hair and a helatious goatie thingie like Tony A. used to sport.  He offed that guy with a pen! That was pretty slick but now I feel sorry for the pen.

Chloe's sass isn't going over will with Hastings but does it go over well with anyone other than myself?

Ugh, Lork.  Do we really HAVE to bring back Renee Walker? Do we? She'll never be Bauer! And does she have to be such a bitch all the damned time? I'm not sure what she thinks Jack did to her other than laugh when that idiot boss of hers Larry died or maybe I was the one laughing but in any event, she should stop her rubbish behaviour.

On second thought, maybe I don't want to mess with her after that hand scene.  She just went all Wendy Testaburger.  If there's one thing you don't do, it's eff with Wendy Testaburger.

The way they were focusing on Eugene's body, I was half expecting him to Zombify or be that creepy liver/bile needing mutant like his role on the X-Files.  ::shudder:: Zombies in CTU! It'd all be over then.  Turns out it was just radiation material.  Meh.

Head Count: 3, plus one hand.  Yeesh.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

S8: 24 HC - 4 PM to 6 PM

I was debating whether or not to blog but since it may very well be Jack Bauer's last, here we go!

4 PM to 5 PM:

Not even 2 minutes in and 2 people are dead.  Not to mention the one guy who looks like a weird version of Keanu Reeves is kind of scaring me.

What the eff's with the disrepect?! Jack?! Who the hell do you think you are grandchild!! And stop being so blonde and needy like your mother! If I were you, I'd watch whatever Jack Bauer tells you to watch.

Woah, that evil eye little demon bauer grandchild gave makes her the next Bauer for sure!!!!

Lame, President Taylor is so lame.  Do you really think you can handle Anil Kapoor?! And you Farrad, shut up! You can't handle President Hassan either even if he is your brother!

Hmm, is it just me or did that car seat Grandchild Bauer got put in not look like the safest?

Um.  What? What kind of plot device is this...this blonde and Anil Kapoor?

Aaaaannndddd...the torture begins on the part of Jack.  Ha.  Wait, he didn't really do anything because he's retired.  Smart move, Bauer.  Smart move.

Yay! Chloe!!!!!!!! The evil eye to the ugly blonde! Yay! Times are good when Chloe's around.  Um...wait, who is this bitch to be talking to Chloe like that?! Can't wait for Chloe to taser her.

Not liking this Hastings at all...can't wait for Jack to torture him but not before Chloe tasers his ass.  I miss Bill! ::sniff:: Bill...

Okay, things just got seriously scary...I think that's Eugene from X-Files who just blew up that helicopter.

Head Count: 8, plus one pad lock.  That Jack Bauer's got the best shot but poor, poor pad lock.

5 PM to 6 PM:

Ah, the messenger bag returns.  I don't remember seeing it when he left but poof, here it is.  It's like magic, that thing.

Really hating this Brian Hastings, new director of CTU.  When is he going down?

Okay, am I really to believe that Jack is going to be sucked back into this mess by Chloe? Wait, no.  He's a cold bitch who left Chloe hanging even though she is awesome.  Stupid Bauer.  But no, he'll do it for Kim? Psh.  I find this very hard to believe.  And he listens to her! It's almost as if she wants him to die...but at least she knows if he doesn't, he'll be done in a day.

F-- to Grandchild Bauer's drawings.  Why does she see her family as onions?

I love it how Jack black mails someone then thanks them for their 'help'.

Head Count: 0

Observations of the (Past) Week II

Because I forgot to post this on the previous blog on this but really should have remembered, I'm giving it it's own.

Before I begin, I have said time and again that I am not an otaku.  Beetchie, you're not an otaku either.  We're anime lovers and certain things we love about Japan but we're not sad, little maubies.

And thus begins my observation:

On "Otaku":

This is very specific to the American weople who believe themselves to be "otaku".  How come...they're mostly maubies? Akward, self-righteous maubies who are misguided to label themselves as such?

I tried hard to curb my embarrassment when this week on American Idol (hey, it's that season again and Momma HOchie has control on the television, and therefore while I eat dinner I watch whatever she has on), my eyes received the following lashing:

::sigh::  Don't make anime loving people look like idiots, you idiot.

It's appalling and reminds me of many of the people I knew.  What.  a.  freaking.  nightmare.

Ugh, I have a headache.

On Celebrities:

I'm certain Armageddon is upon us.  2012 is just around the corner and it has me seriously worried - misguided  Conspiracy Theorist that I am.  Somewhere out there is someone blogging about what an idiot I am to be making a mockery out of Conspiracy Theorists.  Heh. 

What I am uncertain about however, is the number of celebrity deaths in the short span of time.  Scarier is the fact that many of them are under 30.  What the heck is going on? Last year was the bad year to be a celebrity and not much seems to be changing for 2010.

What a horribly, tragic week this has been for Haiti and many of us in the world too.

Currently listening to: Not sure.  Is that the fish tank filter or is it raining?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas is Way Behind Us; Winter Well Here

While today may be sunny and warm enough for me to sprint next door with no coat, February has not yet arrived and we all know how evil that can be.

Bye little disco snowmen in the tree, we had a wonderful Christrmas together with family and friends and are already 16 days into the New Year.

So here's winter and we're expecting snow, maybe a snowman built and purple snowflakes covering decrepid trees?

It's also blindingly white here at the HOchieS blog but we're just preparing for the snow that's sure to fall.

Currently listening to: "Natural One" by Folk Implosion.

Well, Then.

Oh the excitement!

After a month of waiting, my lucky bag from JList of Anime Goodies arrived and it's so much cooler this time!

If there's one thing the Japanese know how to do, it's how to package lots in compact spaces - from housing, to buildings, to people on the JR lines, to restaurants, to tiny boxes filled with a copious amount of toys:

And if there's the second thing the Japanese know, it's sekshi.  After I specifically AGAIN chose that I had no interested in anything people are seeing how they sent me more hip parade things, right? A Summer Series now?!

Still to come: a breakdown of everything in the box and a review of a lucky bag from someone who doesn't hate me - Gen' Frien'!
Currently listening to: "Charmless Man" by Blur

Observations of the Week

On The Beatles:

I finally busted open my The Beatles stereo box set collection the other day and began listening.  I've managed to go through maybe 4 albums of the 13 thus far and surprising.

Having never heard an entire album on its own I have to say that that LSD is something else (and whatever other manners of drugs were dabbled with) - aside from the stalking, murderous intent and songs about cannibalizing piggies (but who can blame a piggyh for cannibalizing, I say), they were pretty normal those boys.

On Vampire Weekend:

Some while now, I was first introduced to VW through their Stereogum contribution to the 10 year anniversary of Radiohead's OK Computer.  They covered "Exit Music (For a Film)", and while not the greatest it was certainly one of the better covers on that disc.

Then I used to make a point of it to get free music from Daytrotter Sessions.  Hm, I wonder why I stopped that? Regardless, I picked up some live/acoustic music by them from there as well.

It was sometime later that the craze hit.  Everyone LOVED them some VW and I refused to budge.  I found them okay and never bothered to get their first album or at least I forgot to request it from TD5 and I'm surprised he forgot to lend me a listen.

This week saw the release of their second album and at $3.99 on Amazon's MP3 store, I decided I'd take that chance while acknowledging that I should try to not judge having not heard their critically acclaimed first.

After APW, I knew they were great live and was not sure how they would translate to studio.  And my observation was that they sounded musically fun and interesting but there was something just OFF with the vocals.

Something annoying.


Wiki has confirmed for me what I already feared.

TD5 I will forgive for he knows not much about such things but Beetchie? Oh, sad days...I was stunned by her love of this band.

I spoke to her about it yesterday and she now blames me for ruining a band for her but in the long run, I was looking out for her best interest, I was.

Currently listening to: "Cousins" by Vampire Weekend.  Hmph.  I'll still get the first album in fairness but I am still feeling rather appalled at the moment.

The Battle of the Animated Bands

With my re-kindled addiction to the Gorillaz, I was reminded of a time in 2005 when I first walked into Toy Tokyo.  Maybe it was one of the first times but anyway, Beetchie and I happened upon the Gorillaz Kid Robot figures.

They were beautiful.

I wanted them but could not afford or even fathom spending the $300 plus dollars on the set.

Quickly consumed by at least 256 other obsessions, I forgot all about my Gorillaz love and my want of their figures until I stumbled upon the White Collection sometime a few weeks ago.

And they were affordable, but $119, I decided I did not need to spend that either.  I am ridiculous but I know my limits...occasionally.

Some searching later, I found 2D for sale at a much more reasonable price and decided he should join the Army of Misfits.

His boots are Misfit ready!

I'm not sure what role he shall play but it's guaranteed to not be part of the wheel that makes clever decisions.

Perhaps he can be our Harmony Smurf?

With better vocals and no bugle?
 Leading the AofM to victory and smurfberry muffins? ...Wait.

The lead singer of The Oxtails began clamouring from his bubble-wrapped slumber and demanded an immediate audience and battle of the animated vocalists to determine who would lead the call to Smurfberry pies!

With Zarnyx citing shenanigans, they both took to their mics without their Asian guitarists as back up (wow, the similarities between bands is amazing! Except our bassist is a true bassist and is black, and theirs is not.  And they also have a full time drummer while ours was off getting 'runk like a skunk and eventually booted from the band) and began a competition so fierce, I was lucky to withstand the sheer awesomeness of it all and capture these candid shots of all the action.

Though, of course...

Indeed, it looked rather grim for Zarnyx - no matter how many oxymorons,
 world-wide promoters, stars, clear microphones, or H1 for a band manager...
 if you can't even look your competition in the eye, you're nothing. fail later, Zarnyx opted for black and white press shots instead, having decided that he was too much of a cool kid to let something like height be an issue.

Because as we all know, we ALL look better in black and white...

...yep, no sign of a bruised ego here or a tiny, carney hand.

Friday, January 15, 2010

This Week(s) Obsessions: 12/07/2009 - 01/02/2010

The Legend of Zelda: The Spirit Tracks

There's probably one other character in my gaming nerdity that I love more than Link. Link is so adorable, with his little green hat of which I am a little green over and wished I always had. From a horse, to a boat to rail, Link continues to entertain and the LofZ series continues to be one of the most amusing, well-thought out gaming mechanics adventure ever to be created.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesterday as I was trying to use my download coupon good for the purchase of an album worth $5.00 on Amazon's sale, I discovered an area in my account where I could view my Media Library.

256 items.

There's no way I've bought 256 items off Amazon since 2005.

No.  Way.


This list might come in handy to help me take inventory of my CDs and games because I lost that list when I lost my old computer last year.

I feel slightly ill from this task and as I am doing it from memory right now, my list is looking kind of short.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bringing Insanity to (Video Game) Life

I finally purchased Scribblenauts and started playing at H1's request.

While the game controls are not sharp and quite frankly make me really pissy, the concept of the game is pure brilliance.

H1 and I seem to lack that brilliance sometimes but who's really checking?

Regardless, we have had some fine moments in our 4 days of gameplay.

Friday, January 01, 2010

The End of Decade Review III: H1's Best TV Shows of the 00s

Top 10 TV Shows of the 00s

10. Curb Your Enthusiasm

9. The Office (BBC version)

8. Firefly

7. The Colbert Report

6. Peep Show

5. The Daily Show

4. Deadwood

3. Dexter

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1. Arrested Development

Honourable Mention (by Or 2): Veronica Mars and Flight of the Conchords

The End of Decade Review II: H1's Best Albums of the 00s

Top 10 Albums of the 00s

10. Speakerboxx/The Love Below - Outkast

9. 8701 - Usher

8. FutureSexyLoveSounds - Justin Timberlake

7. Soundtrack to the movie ONCE

6. A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay

5. Turn on the Bright Lights - Interpol

4. The Blueprint - Jay-Z

3. Audioslave - Audioslave

2. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb - U2

1. Favourite Worst Nightmare - Arctic Monkeys

Honorable Mention goes to Original Pirate Material - The Streets

Happy New Year!

Or rather, Happy Rabbit New Hare Year Rabbit...Hare.

It's a tradition CLee and I are trying to start.

Well, here's to a new decade, a new year and hopefully a much more pleasant one for all.
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