Saturday, February 27, 2010


Really, Square Enix? A pre-order bonus of FFXIII comes with an excerpt from a full strategy guide?

Well don't I feel special and awesome.

I am disgusted.

Mega Tsunami

As I said a few weeks ago, this is the start of Armageddon. 

For years I have been convinced on how the world's going to go.  Unfortunately, my rants are coming true and the numerous earthquakes we have been having are to me, a sign of things to come.  Yesterday it was Japan's off the coast of Okinawa quake and today, word of an 8.8 on the Southern Chilean coastline. 

Earthquakes are terrifying enough and the intense magnitudes make them even scarier. 

My other fear?

Mega Tsunami.

Ever since I saw that program on Discovery many, many years ago about a "Mega Tsunami", I have been obsessed.

The earth's trying to kill us!

Poor Chile and all affected by this.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, MC!

I tried very hard to find a way to conveniently forget but alas, I remembered clear as day.  We both did, so I guess for once you get a true and proper birthday greeting on the blog!

Ah, well there's always next year I guess for some forgetting.  Ha.

Hope you had a great day!
We were sad to hear that you had a Wendy's lunch though.  =(  We at least hope it was good.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes go out to Alex today!

Sorry we kinda forgot what day today was.  Heh.

Monday, February 22, 2010

S8: 24 HC 12 AM to 1 AM

12 AM to 1 AM:

I missed the entire bit where Anil's brother ended up with these new people. What happened to the Russian traitor? Is he ded? I only counted 2 for the HC and I think I might be wrong.

Frass or MC, please fill me in.
I did laugh when Quasimodo asked Jack if he was "in" and Jack did a symbolic moving of his messenger bag strap over his shoulder. That showed that in all the running he would do in the future, that thing won't move unless moved by Jack. That, my friends, is how you know he's serious.

You know I had to go look up Freddie Prinze Jr. to see if he was born and raised Crooklyn, right? I knew it wasn't true because that was one bad tough guy accent.

Head Count: 2. Is Kevin really ded? Not sure but he sure should be.

Look of Death

Being sick is bad enough but then first thing in the morning, I have to get a shot of the evils from the cat:

Back at the Top

I finished No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle last night, which means I'm currently ranked at No. 1.

I'm not sure how I feel about this game after having really loved the first one.  I was incredibly happy at the end as the last boss fight was insane, and the end credits were just beautiful to watch and reminiscent of Kill Bill.

But herein lies the dilemma: Overall, the bosses mostly lacked personality, style and the technical oomph to beat.

The game's still pretty good though with the soundtrack amped up and much more bad-assed than before (read: A must-have, Bughie J.! Heh.), the 8-bit games were good times, Travis still has the best lines and I still found myself swooning over him and his twin Henry, dialogue was stellar as always but the story took too serious of a turn for me and the fact that Travis is not going to be in it anymore (eff you, Sylvia! Man, I hated her), I'm not sure what there is to look forward to.

Other than to ask H1 if she saw me coming for her rank, I am writing to report that I had a bit of nerd rush (and nervous scare) as the end credits rolled.

Takashi Miike.

Don't think I didn't see that!

I won't spoil it for Beetchie if she wants to play but talk about a.w.e.s.o.m.e - o.

Next up on the gaming list: Okami.

Hm, I can't remember the last time I burned through games like this (I finished Hotel Dusk: Room 251 yesterday as well).

All due to the fact that I had a pile sitting there and wanted to get as much done before FFXIII.  Though I have say, with Square Enix screwing 'me' over and the mixed reviews coming out, I'm not really feeling too excited to play this.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Racist Blog?

It has come to my attention that in my attempt to deter spam comments, the blog may have shown its true colours by being racist.

X swears that on two occasions she has received a word verification prompt that singled her out for what she almost is - an Indian.

I would be inclined to say that my blog is not racist because if it were, it would single her out to be the Fake Indian that she is.

Regardless, I would like to take a poll from you guys.
Please take note of when next you feel the need to leave a comment and tell me what word it prompts you to input for the verification.

Let me know if you too get something ending with 'dahl' or 'ali' or whatever inappropriate 'appropriate' phrase happens upon thee.

Obsession(s) of the Week: 01/24/2010 - 02/08/2010

Lucky Star

After J-List decided to throw all things Lucky Star at me as part of my Lucky Bag, I decided that I should go ahead and watch the series. It's a slice of life themed anime but the content is so RANDOM. I really enjoy it though and look forward to finishing it. So far all the characters have something endearing about them.

Update: I stopped at episode 8.  Note to self to finish this, really.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

I haven't truly played much of this yet but so far, my first fight was amazingly gruesome and the arcade style side jobs are fresh even if they invoke your 8 bit gaming day memories.  Sometimes, it's all about the classics! Travis is pretty angry this time around being hell bent on revenge but um, he's still pretty stupid.  He's still a loveable otaku 2 years later (a loveable otaku? There's a concept! Ha). 
Final Fantasy Tactics

I began playing it in earnest i.e. not dying in the swamp. Now I'm being slaughtered all over the world map in Ivalice...great. In all seriousness, 12 years after the fact, this game remains a masterpiece. It's not without its flaws in camera-turning mechanics or the often frustrating job building career choices or who to tailor to be awesome but I cannot remember the last time a story was this deep and engaging and in a language I could follow without being a convoluted headache (FFXII, you failed me there). Also, graphically it's impressive and the actions of the sprites are shocking and full of heart. 

Update: I finished it and wow.  This just shot right up there in my top 10 games ever played.  I admit it I may have expected something 'more' at the end and was surprised when it just up and ended but what an amazing experience.  I'm really happy I finally played this series even if I was too late to snag some swag and will be hard-pressed to try to find a Ramza figure now.

White Collar

Two days ago I was wondering when it was I became a USA Network Junkie. I attribute that to my constant need to watch L&O: SVU, which used to always run marathons on that channel. Then came "Burn Notice" and now "White Collar". Last season was interesting enough for me to warrant picking it up again when it began three weeks ago. The continuation has been ramped up and the show has found its niche. It's smart and funny with interesting characters and the right amount of humour. My favourite character has to be Peter (even though he's straight-laced and that is unlike me) though I find Moz really coming into his own as a support. Fun stuff! Now, how do I convince the rest of you to watch? 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nerd Post: Complete With Non-Zombie Rage and a Dash of Fan-Service

I, for one, am very much looking forward to March.

No, it's not that Spring is upon us in a matter of weeks.  As I have stated before I do not like Spring for it reminds me that Summer is right around the corner.

It's that the first week and a half of March will bring with it Muse @ MSG, the release of Gorillaz' new album, and the release of Final Fantasy XIII.

I was really happy until last week and now I am less so.


For some reason, Square Enix thought it was okay to eff over the US Sony PS3 users.

Why, Sony?

Why would you ass-effery have the release of a Limited Edition FFXIII console and not release A THING special edition wise for the PS3?


How many evil Microsoft dollars did they throw at you, Square?!?!

As a child of the Commodore 64 and Atari, I never had the 'fortune' of owning an SNES, NES or Sega.
The PS was the first 'console' owned by The HOchieS when that beautiful dirty grey little thing was released so many years ago.

Since then, I've been a Sony Girl and yes, I've dabbled in the arts of Nintendo too because you know, Link just screams 'luz me'.

I suppose this is a little of what Nintendo users felt when Final Fantasy VII was released for the PS.
Oh, so this is what a slap to the face feels like.


And might I say, "OW" while I'm at it?

As each day marches closer to March 9, I hope that Square will surprise me by dropping that awful "Enix" from their name, return "Soft" in its stead and with it, bring some dignity back to Sony when the PS ruled (although in Enix's defense, you guys may put out solid games that I've not played so I cannot be dismissive of you).

I cannot believe I bought an effin' PS3 JUST for this game only for it to be released 3 years after the fact and without two postcards as the UK version's getting.

I almost feel a boycott coming along especially since I have no towns to visit, with no bars to get sloshed in or play the piano, no houses to go into and steal elixirs from unsuspecting grandfathers and gil from wee ones.  Who am I supposed to make fun of now?!

It only hurts all the more after having finally finished Final Fantasy Tactics, after a personal fear of that game like no other for 12 years.

Now there was a game: an amazing story with so much deception and murder that those sprites shocked me with their 'stabby' behaviour, penchant for poison and heretic-branding rhetoric.

The music was nothing short of brilliant and the characters were many to keep track of but who cares? My little Zarnyx/Ramza was the cutest.

Although. he was a little, umm...too...defined in the ass for a sprite.

I'm certain those white pants didn't help the situation any either.

White pants never do.

They never do.

S8: 24 HC 11 PM to 12 AM

11 PM - 12 AM:

I have but only one inquiry.

Is it just me or is Hastings very Quasimodo-esque?

Head Count: 6

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blog-away: WINNERS!!!!!!!!

You guys are all winners to us, except today of course because it's VD.

But you all are winners in the Blog Competition!

Blog-away I: TD5 at Spamalot on Broadway

  • Winner: BEETCHIE's "...yes, I believe that he did just fart in our general direction..."

Blog-away II: CLee and Salt & Vinegar Pringles

  • Winner: MC's Looking back, our protagonist realised that the pringle wasn't the only special looking yellow thing in the room.

Blog-away III: X Marches

  • Winner: FRASS' "Where will YOU be when your diarrhea kicks in?"

Blog-away IV: Frass and Lettuce at Pongsri

  • Winner: CLEE's "really?? that's all the brains that I has.."

Blog-away V: MC Waits to Buy a Wii

  • Winner: GEN'FRIEN' wins by default.  H1 would have won it otherwise but she is ineligible

Blog-away VI:  Beetchie, Or 2, Squid and Shark

  • Winner: TD5's "The unaired in the US, Japanese Ad for "Shark Fin Soup" "

Blog-away VII: H1 the Chameleon

  • Winner: BUGHIE J.'s Despite appearances in several 'B' style sci-fi and horror flicks, the Gorn never quite recaptured the success of his epic battle with Captain Kirk. So what's he up to these days? Aside from occasional appearances at Star Trek conventions, the Gorn runs a modestly popular webblog called "Let By-Gorns be By-Gorns: Yes I Really Do Love William Shatner;" hosts a monthly public access home & garden show called "Good Gorn Gardening;" and enjoys an otherwise quiet suburban existence with his I'k'GhekKkt'lor, a human female, and two-dozen Gornlings from a previous marriage to an Andorian asteroid mining mogul.

Blog-away VIII: Beetchie and Godzilla invade Tokyo

  • Winner: X's "Damn this stupid human exhibit! I can't find this freaky lookin' thing in my program!" (not by default, X.  That was pretty good).

I'm sure you are all probably wondering what your presents are going to be but you will have to wonder a little bit longer.

We ordered them today and will surprise you when we receive them.

Thanks for participating all!

We had lots of fun with this and maybe we can do it again sometime.

HVD 2010

We would say that for the majority of the year, The HOchieS are awfully kind to our frenemies.

We have decided that this Valentine's Day, we will spread a little bit of dislike to you guys instead because you probably deserve it.

Rubbish Commercialized Day to you all!

Yours Always except on VD and Festivus,

The HOchieS.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I think I may be out of luck this year - I had no money on me to ring in Chinese New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Unfortunately I have no red packets to share with anyone or any of my own for that matter.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Jersey: Yes, It Still Sucks

The power of NJ's evil is so great, that not even a giant Japanese supermarket could save it.

The HOchieS & Co. took an afternoon out to visit Mitsuwa - the much talked about Japanese Supermarket complete with a huge Japanese food court, bookstore, steak house and Japanese-centric accessories, toys and knick knacks.

The food court was alright.  I opted to go with a spicy miso ramen.  It was not bad and the pork was definitely a lot better than what I get at Sapporo.  It was melty (as they called it) i.e. fattier and just what pork should be when it is in some ramen in my opinion.

Sadly though, I will never be able to re-create a great bowl of ramen as I did at the Ramuen Museum in Tokyo.

The Supermarket proved to be quite the let down too.

I think the problem with it is that I could get most of the items from it at J-Mart and the Chinese grocery in Chinatown or WP, leaving me unimpressed.

We then headed next door to see if we could find some toys, presents, something... the store certainly had lots but felt fairly 'junky' but on top of it feeling 'junky', it did not have 'junky' prices.  It was expensive in there!

All in all, it was a pretty big fail but we should have known better.

NJ's joy in proving that it is Hell managed to route us in the direction of LOST.  Some may say it was the GPS' fault that we were lost and ended up in a trucker's service station but the evil magnetic field that Jersey's got effed up the GPS for sure.

Frass, in a somewhat related issue, I decided to call you as I usually do when I'm in your Hellish State and got your mother.

Why that woman hates me, I don't know but please let me know her response if she ever gives you my message that I called.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Few Words on the Winter Olympics 2010

First, that poor luge Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili who died today - it's so sad.  I cried a little when Georgia did the Parade of Nations.  It's as H1 said - this should have been a happy time for them instead only teary eyes could be seen.

We all feel for you, Georgia.

Secondly, I'm watching the opening ceremony and I might have nightmares.  The totem things they set up scared the hell out of me!

The Lowlamps:

1. The scary flag bearer for Ireland, with her flaming hair and neon green pants was hella scary.  In fact, Ireland looked like a freakin' mess with all their neon green pants!

2. The Italians athletes are awfully scary as well and their flag bearer clearly did not know how to wave a flag.

3. The ugly coat dresses the Canadian hosts are wearing coupled with their bad dancing, makes for a viewing mess.  Though if I may make a confession, I actually kinda like the bad dancing.  It's slightly funny and cute.

4. The U.S. Team stealing the Moose from the Canadians by wearing them on their snow hats.  Low blow, U.S.  Low.  Blow.  Plus their smug white pants...they're killing me.

5. As usual, the U.S. coverage of any Olympics - they were focusing so much on the U.S.A. team that they completely disregarded the country after.

6. I could have sworn that Bryan Adams just missed his cue and is lip synching his Opening Ceremony performance.  And really, Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams?!?!
Why couldn't you just get Alanis to sing something racy instead?
O Canada.

7. I used to think French Canada was the Best Canada and the only Canada in the land.
Turns out it really is the bullsheet Canada...what with it's fiddlers, Irish River Dancing and Batman.  I always thought Batman was from the 'hood in NYC.  I always thought he was a bad-assed motha'chucka who went from the 'hood in NYC, (although the rich 'hood) to the Ninja/Yakuza 'hoods in Japan.

No, Batman's actually a fiddlin' fool from Canada.

My childhood has just been destroyed.

Thanks, Canada.

8. Slam Poetry and Canadians do not mix, my brothas... my Shistas.

9. Having commercials during the Opening Ceremony is the worst.

The Highlights:

1. That gOO'd looking Canadian who walked out Iran.  It pains me to say it but he really was gOO'd lOOking.  Ha.

2. There's a dancing Canadian host at the end who really can dance.  He's making the country proud and making my eyes feel better.

3. Okay, the hilarious story about the 1964 Olympics when the Mongolian athletes showed up without having an official entry form and not knowing they needed one but were allowed to enter anyway just goes to show : whether or not they win any medals during an Olympic ceremony, Mongolians will always hold the gold for Invasion.  Ahahahahahahaha.

4. Master Chi! Master Chi was leading out one of the countries (I forget which now)! Wait, shouldn't this be a lowlamp? Master Chi? A Canadian?!
In reality, that Asian was pretty gOO'd lOO'king and it's not that Master Chi isn't but he's like a brother.  He gave me Tenchu as a present before he left college, so yeah...  I'm going to go with the story that that Asian didn't really look like Master Chi but it is a fact that all Asians look alike.  Right, Beetchie?

5. It was sad, but yet so damned funny at the same time! I cannot believe they had technical difficulties at the most important time of the the friggin' Torch Lighting!!!!!
Those poor louts.  Man, Wayne Gretsky looked peeved.

Once again Inuits get screwed, as all Aboriginal peoples do.  The four torches was supposed to be representative of the Four Aboriginal Nations (from what I could gather from the very beginning of the Opening Ceremony) but when that last one didn't show, it seemed like a slap in the face to some Inuits to me.

Memorable Converstaions of the Night:

Or 2: I'm watching the Opening Ceremony, and China still has everyone beat.  See how immediately my Asian blood just conveniently comes out?
Bughie J.: Haha.

Or 2: Oh.  They made a maple leaf on the mountain.  Lame.
Bughie J. Well, what else could they have made.  Hmm...maybe a very big room...with a moose.

As Kazakhstan did the Parade of Nations:

Luuuuuiiiiiisssss: Where's Borat?

As Japan did the Parade of Nations:

Or 2: Awww! Look at my little Japanese! They're so cute!!! And look! They're...waving Canadian flags as well in addition to their little Japanese flags!
H1: Ass kissers!
Or 2: Hahaha, yeah.  But you don't really get to be a super power without being...
H1: Assholes! Wait, Ass kissers?!?!
Or 2: Ha, yeah.  Ass-kissers.  Sneaky bastards.

Or 2: I always knew there was more of a reason why I don't like Canadians.  They're hippies.

H1: What is that thing Sarah Mclachlan is wearing on her neck? Is that a maple leaf?
Or 2: No, man.  That's a hibiscus! She's representin' Trinidad!

The final word on the Opening Ceremonies?

H1: This is a boring shit.

Blog-away VIII

This is the final in The HOchieS' "Caption this Picture" competition.
Beetchie, I didn't realise I had a picture of myself with the shark 'hat' you forced upon my head back at the Tokyo Sea Life Park gift shop. Had I known, I would not have posted you at all.

As it turns out, you get to be featured twice and this time, it's ALL YOU.

Well, maybe a special friend too.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


For the past few days, I've been staring up at my figures and have been captivated by one of my Sephiroth toys.

Other than my usual adoration, my eyes just kept being drawn to him for some reason.

I only figured out why two nights ago.

His hand was missing.

His good hand.

The one that usually holds the Masamune.

Psh, well stupid me for not realising it sooner.  Honestly, how do you not notice that the Masamune is gone?!

It's kinda hard to miss!

After a good 5 minutes of frantic searching, I found it hiding under Patrick Star.

Nerd ranting aside, I decided I'd take pictures of him because I don't know if I ever did.

Besides being obsessed with figures and stuff, I actually use the things to help draw stances and form sometimes and now, to take pictures of in an attempt to take better pictures.

Any minor improvement I may have seen in recent days went out the window.

I'm going to have to have a photo shoot with him again at some point but for now... let's just say the only 'decent' one I could take was when baby was in the corner.

and no one puts baby in the corner...

Snow Day

At the tail end of 2008 into the first three months of 2009, we had soooo many snow days.

Those days combined with a bunch of days off due to various nasty colds, stomach bugs and NINfluenza, I was in danger of not making my hours at the jorb for the 2008/2009 period.

This winter so far, we had no snow days until yesterday.

Although I truly had a snow day, mind you. I was fortunate enough to bring work home so that this year I will not fall into last year's trap of struggling for hours.

I have to remember that I need to save my days for there's a potential trip to London in September and CLee Toy Story 3 buisness in June.

With all the snow fall this time around, I wanted to go out to take more pictures but these are the only ones I could muster up.

Wow, what a nice tree. 
It's not one that's in our yards though.

This is more of what's in our yards. 
Poor, sad, whatever you used to be, plant

At the side of H1's house is a lonely, keeled over flower pot.

Well this one is promising, at least this pot has company.
Also, nice shrubs you got growing there, H1.

What's growing in this one?


I dreaded the ice today and I'm dreading the ice tomorrow because if there's one thing I hate about winter, it's the ice and my inability to avoid slipping and cracking my assback.

Thanks for not falling today into Friday, snow storm!

No, that would just be too precious of you.

Blog-away VII


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blog-away VI

A new day, a new picture!

Truthfully, I am running a little low on the pictures of 'new' people here (ie. people who have not already been used for a photo op in this competition).

Just to show you people that The HOchieS are a fair lot, have at this next entry:

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Blog-away V

As if you could not guess, H1 and I have decided to post the winners list after the Competition is over.

Also, TD5 if you're reading this, I know you're in Carnival mode and all but you're keeling us here with your lack of comments.

Now for the next round!

Can I just say that I have a plethora of pics of MC that I could use but this is one none of you may have seen...

Confession(s) of the Week(s): 01/27/2010 - 02/09/2010

H1: I have to say, rice touching my meat when my food gets all mixed up like that is one of my biggest nightmares.

Or 2: Sometimes and for no reason at all when I'm all alone or really focused on whatever it is I have to do, I'll start humming the Double Dragon Theme Song from the early 1990s video game.  It's not a conscious effort and it scares me everytime.

Monday, February 08, 2010

S8: 24 HC 9 PM to 11 PM

9 PM to 10 PM:

I am still not seeing the point of the side story with the blonde and the ex-con other than a worthless distraction.

All other story elements have gotten slightly better and even though he was already dying, when that father shot the son poisoned with weapons grade uranium poisoning, it just taught you not to eff with Russians as if we needed another reason. 

Head Count: 7

10 PM to 11 PM:

Okay, when Jack was on the ground in pain from the stabbing then quickly pulled the knife out and threw it straight to the enemy's vital point in the middle of the neck, I may have laughed out loud.

The angle was off as far as I could tell and there's no way he would have gotten it like that but heck, it was funny enough that J.B. was two seconds before writhing in pain and then reacted as he did.

Jack Bauer needs not heed no stinking gravity!

By the way, when will Renee do a stabbing on Hastings? He might be deserving one.

Head Count: 3

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Blog-away IV

The fourth in our "Caption this Picture" competition is one you all may need some time to ponder over.


Erik King's small role in Burn Notice today was so perfectly executed and such a fantastic form of tribute to Dexter that it has me gushing!!!!

When his name appeared in the opening guest star credits, I couldn't place quite place where I knew him from.  However, when he showed up and I realised it was Doakes and then Michael Weston stuck that needle in his neck...

That, my friends, was brilliantly funny television.

The Lucky Bag Contents: 2009/2010

I took a few pictures of some of the things I got in the J-List lucky bag. 

It should be noted that my luck is always not great when choosing these things, as many of you know.  Even though I was excited to see figures from series I actually watched and like, it still did not mean I got characters I like.

Things can always be worse, they say.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Obsession(s) of the Week: 01/16/2010 - 01/23/2010

No More Heroes

Frass did me a kindness and bought me this Wii game for my birthday last year. With the $18 price tag, and stellar reviews of this 2008 release even though not a genre I play, I decided I could not go wrong. Sometimes, there's nothing wrong with a hack and slash game (only in games!). I like the quirky art from the Assassination missions to my part-time jobs, playing a classic arcade game on the subway and feeling like I'm playing an arcade game in of itself, the crazy character designs and boss fights, and well - the boys humour while not the best, is still pretty funny but the game would be not as fun without its star...

Travis Touchdown


The man is an ass. An otaku, a loser and a foul-mouthed sweetheart (at heart?). Travis really is a crude, loveable character with the lame one-liners, and no brain. I like his style, I like his beam katana, and I like dressing him up before a killing spree. Having only started this game on the 16th - unranked and at No. 11; today I'm currently the 3rd highest ranked Assassin of the UAA and loving every minute of the journey. It's unfortunate I'm tearing through this but it certainly has been fun playing the boy with "quite the name". Anyone who makes liberal use of the word "bitch" any chance he can and properly, I might add, as well as throwing in the term "Ass Clown" (always a personal favourite of mine) demands that I obsess over him. Love that Travis Touchdown and can't wait for his second (and final ::sniff::) entry in this fantastic series.

Currently listening to: Murdoc Niccals on Pirate Radio 2.  Please do not disappoint me new Gorillaz album!

Blog-away III

X is away on business and informs us that she can access all websites except this one.  She won't be able to see this until Saturday when she returns, so I suggest we all get our punches in before then.

Once again, click the link to view the picture:

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Happy Birthday, Papa!

Papa is six years old today.

Happy Birthday from your gOOd-lOOking grand children - Pumpkin, Jazzie, A'Face, BooHead and B'Cheeks.

And Happy Birthday from us, your kids!

Aren't you a bit young to be having grand chirren? or chirren for that matter?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Rest Well, Little Girl

Our little gum and candy stealing girl went to a better place today.

Beetchie, we're all sad but she's out there laughing it up.  You made her as comfortable as you possibly could and if anyone lived the good life, it was Wasabi.

Who's going to look out for us now and warn us of misadventures around the corner? The misadventures that happen in the form of exploding bakeries?

She was the best little girl and we loved her!

We'll miss you, Sabi. 

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

One month down for 2010.  January certainly was a trying month.

I hope February is great or at least without horrors for all.
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