Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday Lunch

I kinda remember those days of Sunday Lunch in Trinidad.

The stewed chicken, the callalloo, the crab, rice and boiled plantains always made for the best lunch on Sundays.

Man, those were the days.

These days, some of those things are not as readily accessible and therefore, as regular for Sunday.

Though there still is the attempt to cook something that day for the family to enjoy.

A few weeks ago, Momma HOchie made something new to us.

 Salmon burgers

Burger insides.

With lentils, rice and yep... pig tail.  
You must have the pig tails in the lentils!

A beautiful meal now complete with beautiful chinese greens.

I may miss the old days sometimes, but these new days are pretty tasty too.

Life and Art

Art, imitating Life
or was it?

Life, imitating Art - Body-Posing Support Guy?

I'm not sure, but whatever it was...Life did not appreciate being Art.

That was one bad-assed cut-eye from being photographed.  


Just a few days ago, I was having a bit of a thought.

I was pondering how it is I just missed when the trees started getting leaves.

I saw when there were buds but then, as if over night (or while I was at work) the trees just sprouted all this green (or pink, or white, or yellow...whatever tree it is).

What the heck?


I spotted H1's flower pot!

How and when did this happen?!

How did it go from this...

to THIS?!

H1 assures me that this plant comes back every Spring.  She also says we never notice because the deer usually come around and eat it.

That's a likely story, I feel.

What's even more impressive is how that pinwheel blossomed so fantastic like.


Curiouser and curiouser.

The Strange Tree

There is a giant tree in H1's yard.

As awesome as a great tree it is, it still has been a source of great dismay these past few years.

I suppose that is true of all trees to which we humans are allergic (and certainly is not the intentional fault of the tree).

As with all trees too, there's also always concern of falling branches in the winter or during fierce thunder storms in the summer.

Do not get me wrong though because I love the tree.

In the Spring time, it makes for a good place to cleverly hide Easter eggs.

In October, it harbours witches and ghouls for a frightfully fun Halloween.

And all through the year, it gives shade to Boo-Head's play house and has been a fine enhancement to the games of tag and hide-and-seek.

The other day, however, I noticed something rather peculiar.

What the heck?

What is that? It's almost of if the tree's growing another nub! Branch! Or whatever it is!


The tree's pregnant!

Thought for Today: If I Were...

...a poet.

Would I really write you a sonnet?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Our H & O Songs

H1 has been listening to Pandora as of late.

For those who may not know, Pandora's the music streaming program that suggests similar artists and songs based on whatever band you initially decide to listen to.

She went through many bands and 'baleeted' many upon Pandora's suggestion.

Curious to find other bands to listen to, I suggested everyone's favourite - Hall & Oates (yep, not just mine).

As the first song came up, X, H1 and I realised that we could probably find every frenemies' appropriate H & O song that matched their personality.

Here's what we came up with:

MC - "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)"
TD5 - "Kiss on My List"
Frass - "Private Eyes"
X - "Rich Girl"
H1 - "Maneater"
Or 2 - "Out of Touch"

Dinner with X and Moodou

X, Moodou and I went to Cafe Zaiya for dinner yesterday.

I think I may be on a mission to try everything in that place before finally being able to move on with my life.

In any event, we met up for some dinner and ice-cream and ended up buying most of the store.

We both went with the Tempura Udon which was quite good. 

A Gift

A many number of weeks have gone by since Brother Bunji returned to NYC to work.

While it is not the ideal situation stemming from the ol' "sometimes you just have to do what you have to do", the HOchieS & Bro. are back together.

The work days are longer for all of us but especially for Bunji who more often than not works 14 hour days.

Sometimes though, we travel together.  It mostly happens in the morning and once in a while, we'll be together on evenings.

It's nice to travel together.  We joke around when we're not sleeping.

One morning this week, Bunji turned around (he was in the seat ahead of H1 and myself) and presented me with a closed fist.

I cautiously put out my hand to receive the contents which he dropped non-chalantly, and he turned around before I had time to even process what he gave me.



Thanks, Bunji.

They're in my bag if you're looking to get them back.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good Colour, No?

Black Sesame Seed Soft serve Ice-Cream

Not only was it a great colour, but it tasted really good too.

H1 enjoyed it more - the nutty taste and the creaminess.

I can't wait for you to come around Beetchie!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Or 2's Shame

I'm finishing up the clean up of my MP3 music library.  By finishing up, I of course mean that I will be done in about 2 weeks to 1 month from now.

I am not really writing to give an update but really on orders of H1.

H1 would like to thank Bughie J. for some Tolkien related presents.

She would also like me to state that the only reason why she did not thank you before, Bughie J., is that it is my fault.

It is embarrassing but I have found discs of good things and music that I never put on my computer from years ago.

This one was almost 3 years old but I've found things since the early noughties.

For shame.

Up to No Good

H1 went on vacation for four days, and this is what she has to show for it.

For shame.

35 - 40 Hours In

Nearing the end of Chapter 11 of a 13 Chapters game and my PS3 decides to die.

Somehow I want to blame Square but really all I can do is blame my dastardly luck with Sony and electronic products.

Quite frankly, I'm surprised I managed to have the system for as long as I have without some sort of ill-luck until today.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Confession

I enjoy the music of Hall & Oates and have since the 80's.

That is all.

A Rip in the Space-Time Continuum

I do not know if anyone else noticed, but ever since I posted that blog about how The HOchieS have declared a self-imposed ban of a month - we entered a Time Skip!

An entire month went by during this Time Skip.

The strangest thing happened (as if that wasn't strange enough) but it seems as though we jumped into the future for an entire month and then, went back to the present!


I took pictures of these a great number of weeks ago.

Why didn't I post them?

Me? A Slacker?


Zarnyx drawings...but when are they ever NOT Zarnyx drawings.

I'm not sure.  Zarnyx actually does not smoke, I don't think.  That's more of a Raphael trait.  I think I just stuck it on him in a moment of lapsed judgment.  I was trying something.

I have to say, I have been entertaining the thought of drawing a new 'character'.

Oh, you two-day crazy rumblings for thoughts.  You'll soon go away just like everything else does, once I find something new to obsess over.

Currently listening to: "Warsaw or the First Breath You Take After You Give Up" by Them Crooked Vultures.  My like-hate relationship continues.

Almost Time

Oh NBC Summer Concert Series at Rockefeller Center, how I loathe thee.

Let me count the ways:


14 Sting  - Not bad on the crowd.  Should be manageable. 
21 The Script - Who?
27 “American Idol” winner and runner-up - Who cares?


4 Justin Bieber - Shoot me now! Spare me the little girls who will be flocking Midtown with their hardback hard ass mothers screaming for this little no talent nightmare.
8 Christina Aguilera - Good voice, washed up by her own design.  Not expecting a crowd.
11 Rascal Flatts - should not be bad.  I will not be offended.
18 James Taylor and Carole King - ooo, classy.
25 Maxwell - I might have to hold H1 back.  Or something.  Hmm, crowd might be slightly out of hand.


2 Maroon 5 - LAME.  I hope no one shows up.
9 Lady Gaga - Let's see.  People will be sleeping on the street on Monday.  Not only will this be a ZOO, but it'll smell like one too.
16 Enrique Iglesias - Meh.
23 John Mayer - Would it be illegal to throw something at his smug, stupid face?
30 Carrie Underwood - Would it be illegal to throw something at her just 'cause?

  6 Train - H1, we are not lingering! Ugh.
13 Ke$ha - Illegal or not, I'm throwing Bieber at her head.
20 Keith Urban - Boring.
27 Katy Perry - ... I really dislike this idiot.  Ugh.  Why does she have a career again?

Thus H1, it appears on  June 4th and July 9th we must make plans to be elsewhere in the morning.  Surely we can walk a little ways away on a different street to get to work.

However, do you not think that a dim sum trip and/or a Cafe Zaiya trip might be ten times better than crowds, tweens, crazies and work?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

That Frien' of Mine

Last Christmas, Gen' Frien' put together a very thoughtful lucky bag for me.  It was the cutest thing - full of candy, drawing supplies and a bento.

Today, I received another package of greatness.

Look at the piggyh cups! Ah, she knows me so well.

"Mystery" candy? Intriguing! I wonder what awaits inside... 
will open it this weekend.

Thank you for all my accessories to a better bento box builder!

A thank you is in order for forcing me to start making them too. 

I sadly did not get to photograph them but the t-shirts you sent for the kids are INCREDIBLE.  I will take pictures soon.

The kids will model and get the work out there.  Indeed.

Sitting at the bottom of my box was the coolest bit of promotional material from one of my favourite bands, from their very first album.

 And for this, I thank you, 
Gen' Frien' for feeding my obsessions.  Heh.

Update on 4/15/2010: 
Okay, Gen'? Meltyblend are greatness! I don't know why that's the first time I've had them...
And the gummie were awesome.  I have to hide the rest from Bunji so that H1 may get some upon her return from her mini-vacation.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Adventures of Last Week: Downtown Wednesday

This may be the last foodie adventure we have for a while because we have been going nuts as of late.

I'm sure Beetchie will thank us for not posting any more pictures for a good month or so.  That's how long we're giving ourselves for this self-imposed 'ban'.

Momma HOchie promised Frass an Easter black cake.  Why she would do such a thing is beyond me, and even more perplexing to MC, X, Beetchie and TD5.

She informs me it's due to the fact that Frass brings alcohol when he comes around (even though he hardly comes around).

In other words, I hope you lot are paying attention because apparently that is all it takes to get to Momma Ho's heart.

With a promised cake to deliver and a blog prize to give, we decided to meet with Frass for some good times downtown.

Adventures of Last Week: Midtown Tuesday

If Cafe Zaiya were not so far out from the job, I could see that place being frequented by The HOchieS more often that we should.

I guess that makes it a good thing it's not that close by after all.

Their soft serve Green Tea ice-cream is the best I've had since Kyoto, and their onigiri are pretty decent.

Last Tuesday, H1 and I decided to make a jaunt to see if we could muster up some dinner.

The problem with Cafe Zaiya being so distant from us is that they move products quickly.  Therefore, the lunch time crowd is privy to all the good stuff, and we...well.  We get whatever's left over if we happen upon there in the evening.

You can still get hot food which we have yet to try (Ah, Japanese downward spiral obsession), as well as pre-packaged 'hot' food.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Observations, Revelations and a Thank You

Observation (revisited):

How many years has it been since Apple first released the iPod?
Yesterday on the train, someone sitting two seats in front of me was blasting her Susan Boyle for me to hear.

I've been saying this for years but will say it again: Are people STILL killing their ears with those crappy ear buds Apple insist on packaging with their products?

It's not that woman's fault she's blasting way high.  Thanks to inferior sound quality, she needs to crank up the volume to hear anything!

Poor, poor people.

Oh and Apple? Thanks for ruining my daily experience by having to hear other people's music libraries.

Revelation I (revisited):

Yesterday, Beetchie was told that she has lots of patience.

I'm told that constantly by H1.

The reason I have determined, is our playing video games.

H1 is always amazed (and slightly disgusted) that I can try to 'win' something over and over again, no matter how many times I may need to restart.

But I ask of thee, who does not want to be ultimately rewarded for hours of hard work?

99 Tonberries - Beetchie and I are looking at you.

A thank you is in order: to video games, for giving us the super power of Patience.

Revelation II:

As much as I want to dislike Josh Homme, I cannot tell a lie.

The Them Crooked Vultures album is sounding pretty good so far.

I was trying to boycott that damned album because I am currently an angry elf at that man but Amazon allowed me to buy for $2.99.

I still don't like him for his bastardization of Arctic Monkeys and that is something I will never forgive him for.

But I cannot deny that the last QoTSA album Era Vulgaris, and now this Them Crooked Vultures album are both very good.  ::sigh:: 

Maybe...I can thank Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones for Them Crooked Vultures? And ignore Hommes' vocals?

Ugh! It's not working!

A Proper Thank You:

Yesterday, Alex said she had something for me.  Turns out she had a drawer full of goodies! Free cds! Wooooo!

I went wild and claimed some pretty good stuff including The Best of Sinatra, Blondie and some Miles Davis among others.

It was pretty damned cool that I got about 12 cds and now I will promptly take back the thank you and replace it with a "thank you".

Thanks for giving me more work, as if I needed more work.

I'm still trying to clean up my music folders here and now you've given me more to add!


Currently listening to: "Bandoliers" by Them Crooked Vultures.  ...damn that Josh Homme.

Obsession(s) of the Week: 2/22/2010 - 3/26/2010



Always two to five years later than most people, I am only now playing Okami. I am wondering if I should have gotten it for the PS2 vs. the Wii port. The Wii controls drive me nuts a bit but on the game: it is definitely deserving of all the praise it got (ahaha, praise...signs I've been playing it too much). The art and accompanying soundtrack are beautiful, the LofZ influence is strong but does not take away from a unique adventure that Okami musters up. Battling the big bad midway through the game did throw me for a loop but no matter, it only makes it that more sweet when you realise you're far from finished and your epic journey will continue.

Persona (PSP)

The music may be driving me nuts for the most part due to the repetitiveness. The controls might be frustrating with my constant banging into walls. But this the first in the series, makes you realise what potential it had leading to the greatness of the other installments. I do really enjoy negotiating with the demons. The dialouge's funny but character designs are not pleasant on the eye. No matter, I only just started and will continue because I'm waiting for something nasty to attack me and to see where the story leads. It's engaging thus far and will happily play to see how this progresses. 

Friday, April 09, 2010

Saturday Morning Shenanigans

The details of the Shenanigans last Saturday Morning have already been discussed on BooHead Hi Jinks. 

What we have not discussed is H1's missed calling.

H1 believes she could have specialized in the making of miniature food.


 For my fruit salad?

A strawberry!

Well done, H1.

Memorable Conversation of the Day:

H1: I missed my opportunity.  I like to make small food.
Or 2: Yeah.  I like to buy small food.
::a momentary pause::
BH: I like to cook small food.
H1: Hahaha.  Yeah, and Luuuuiiiissss would eat the small food!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Taking it Personal

Remember a few months ago, I created a Square Enix Avatar?

Did you click? Do you remember little Zarnyx the Squeenix Avatar: Avenger of Nothing with Trusty Purple Sword and Red Demon Eyes?


Already turned off from reading if you are not Beetchie and Bughie J.?

That's rather rude of you.

Let me just dust that dirt of my shoulder and continue with my upcoming tirade.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


The house is smug free, as the smug was promptly taken back to the store today for its suckage.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Bunji: No Love for a Shishtah

Can you believe that Bunji brought smug into my house?!

Yes, there's an iPad downstairs.

He bought it for Momma HOchie.

No, I'm not jealous.

Yes, I am revolted.

And yes, now I can only think of Plants Vs. Zombies and when I will be playing it.

But in my defense, yes...

I am always thinking of Zombie Scenarios and the Impending Zombie Apocalypse, and ways in which best to defend myself and H1 from certain Doom.


Don't feel so smug.

I can easily get my Zombies fix for my PC, too.

From Saturday to Friday: Too Much Adventuring! Part III: Oysters and Ice-Cream

My streak of aptly naming my blog posts in this series by using two words beginning with the same letter is over.

Friday met The HOchieS & Alex with a plan.

We took nearly one week and one half to sort out the execution of the excursion, and ultimately decided that we would hit up the Oyster Bar at GCS at 2:30 p.m.

How I managed to not eat my hand by the time it was time for 'lunch' is beyond me.

Suddenly I recall feeling ill for a better part of the evening before and most of that day, forcing me to not want food.  Let me not also forget there may have been some dipsy doodles for lunch.  (Okay.  It's good to know I can account for my hand being here still.)

A walk to GCS' 42nd and Vanderbilt is no real easy task.  Sure it's easy when you don't have to go back to work, or rush to catch a train but there's also a secret entrance.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

From Saturday to Friday: Too Much Adventuring! Part II: MoMa and Menchanko

Truth be told, I was the only one who got to see the Tim Burton Exhibit on the Saturday.  Boo-Head did not want to go in and really it was just too crowded to be enjoyed.

This time, H1's brain spurted out: Let's go to the MoMa on Thursday and then to Pommes Frites with Frass!

Her mouth was quick to follow.

My ears were within reach of brilliance and jumped all over her plan.

Plans changed somewhat as sadly, Frass could no longer meet us for our adventure.

We ended up going to the MoMa, and try as I might I could still not get a good picture of the entrance to the exhibit.

Then we ran through the new Picasso Exhibit, after which we decided to do dinner.

We opted instead to visit Menchanko-Tei on 55th.

We then decided it would be in our best interest to taunt Beetchie with photos of takoyaki and various other eats.

Really, I will say that H1 decided to do that.

She's a bit evil, that one.

I'm the evil one who will re-post the pictures here so that Beetchie may see them again.

From Saturday to Friday: Too Much Adventuring! Part I: Carts and Carousels

Last Saturday, I cornered myself by a good idea.

My brain spurted out: Let's go to dim sum and then to the MoMa!

My mouth was quick to follow.

H1's ears were within reach of brilliance and jumped all over my plan.

That was on the Tuesday of last week.

By the time Saturday came around, my will to move which always leaves me by Friday night was still in full effect come the next morning.

Unfortunately, H1's will to move and desire to eat dim sum was not.

So off to dim sum The HOchieS went.

Friday, April 02, 2010

"One Ha' Penny, Two Ha' Penny"

Hot Cross Buns

The days of Momma HOchie's waking at 4 a.m. on Good Friday to bake us up a fresh batch of hot cross buns were over even before we became recovering Catholics.  Rightly so, I may add.  That woman slaved enough for us when we were kids, and still does daily.

Tonight (Thursday night), she surprised me.

Even before I got into the house, I could smell something wonderful.  

I was greeted by those beauties and even though it's Holy Thursday today, it does not matter.

What matters is that Momma HO is funny and the best...even if I did have to hear her hateful, taunting rendition of "Hot Cross Buns" before work and periodically throughout the day.

I should have known she was up to something but I really did not expect all this.

"They're heavy," she says but I think they're just heavy on love.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

This is not an April's Fool's joke: we still want a great month! Good luck everyone.
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