Thursday, April 15, 2010

Almost Time

Oh NBC Summer Concert Series at Rockefeller Center, how I loathe thee.

Let me count the ways:


14 Sting  - Not bad on the crowd.  Should be manageable. 
21 The Script - Who?
27 “American Idol” winner and runner-up - Who cares?


4 Justin Bieber - Shoot me now! Spare me the little girls who will be flocking Midtown with their hardback hard ass mothers screaming for this little no talent nightmare.
8 Christina Aguilera - Good voice, washed up by her own design.  Not expecting a crowd.
11 Rascal Flatts - should not be bad.  I will not be offended.
18 James Taylor and Carole King - ooo, classy.
25 Maxwell - I might have to hold H1 back.  Or something.  Hmm, crowd might be slightly out of hand.


2 Maroon 5 - LAME.  I hope no one shows up.
9 Lady Gaga - Let's see.  People will be sleeping on the street on Monday.  Not only will this be a ZOO, but it'll smell like one too.
16 Enrique Iglesias - Meh.
23 John Mayer - Would it be illegal to throw something at his smug, stupid face?
30 Carrie Underwood - Would it be illegal to throw something at her just 'cause?

  6 Train - H1, we are not lingering! Ugh.
13 Ke$ha - Illegal or not, I'm throwing Bieber at her head.
20 Keith Urban - Boring.
27 Katy Perry - ... I really dislike this idiot.  Ugh.  Why does she have a career again?

Thus H1, it appears on  June 4th and July 9th we must make plans to be elsewhere in the morning.  Surely we can walk a little ways away on a different street to get to work.

However, do you not think that a dim sum trip and/or a Cafe Zaiya trip might be ten times better than crowds, tweens, crazies and work?

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