Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Confession

I enjoy the music of Hall & Oates and have since the 80's.

That is all.


  1. "Priiiivate eyes, are watching you, they see your evvvvvvry move..."

    kinda creepy, but I love me some H&O, who secretly doesn't??

    "foutring" = faux trini???? never.

  2. "Out of Touch" has been running through my head all week.

    You? A Faux Trini? More like, Faux Indian.

  3. This also reminds me that MC owes me a disc!

  4. There is no shame in this. You should have posted a pic of the great Ginge and Mouche.

    - H1

    Verification word: zattl.

    The blog is delirious.

  5. Confession. There is no confession here.H & O are the truth. Out of touch is one bad azz tune forever. That and So Close.

    Solioniz- WTF


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