Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dinner with X and Moodou

X, Moodou and I went to Cafe Zaiya for dinner yesterday.

I think I may be on a mission to try everything in that place before finally being able to move on with my life.

In any event, we met up for some dinner and ice-cream and ended up buying most of the store.

We both went with the Tempura Udon which was quite good. 

The Tempura was incredbily well-seasoned.  How pleasant!

Even more awesome? You get your own container of hot pepper for an udon topping if you so desire.  We were all over that of course.

For H1's dinner, we got Salmon Ikura.  That was some awesome times, man.  Awesome.  Times. 

Mini Cream Pan.  So cute.

Give me bread with custard and I'll be alright.  It was a little too sweet and much sweeter than I expected but still...

As I said, give me custard and I'll be alllrrriiiggghhhtttt.

Sweet Potato Mushi Pan. 

We also bought a sweet potato mushi pan which we did not get into until today.  It was a bit dense but pretty good.  It was not too sweet but potatoey? I may have been the victim of a prank!

I have yet to get into this cookie assortment but I saw green tea and got a little stupid.  Tomorrow we may try them.  The verdict is yet to come on those.

We did get our ice-cream.  X had black sesame and H1 and I had the green tea.  I believe X was rather pleased by her choice but I cannot speak for Moodou.  I'm not sure what that kid is into yet.

After dinner, we went to Grand Central to catch the train home.  Earth Day was on the 22nd but I guess GCS still had some festivities on-going.  Thus, we were encountered with smugger at GCS.


Desert? Cacti? Beef?

Oh, I see.  The History Channel is to Blame!

I cannot be the only one who finds something wrong with this greenery showing up in the RICH, ASS BUILDING that is Grand Central, right?

Whatevs, Grand C.  You are the furthest thing from Nature.  And no, a trip to Poughkeepsie is anything but natural! Talk about a Trip to Mini-Hell.  Don't worry NJ, you still got that title of "Hell" covered.

Currently listening to: Luuuuiiiissssssss blowing some ded brush and ded sticks off the porch with the leaf blower.  My town Green? Hard(l)y.  Bwahahaha.  Man, that is was just awful.  I should probably go to bed.


  1. SNL did some skit with a fake Gov. Paterson a few weeks ago and I almost choked when he referred to Peekskill as a hellhole in NY. LOL

  2. yeah, Peekskill residents were apparently all up in arms. They wrote letters to the mayor demanding an apology.

    Yep... all 5 disgruntled residents...

  3. ...I am hungry. You hate me with your consumption!

  4. No Beetchie, there is no hate.

    I am merely testing the quality of the food before I bring you there.

  5. To Mr. Pineapple Man:

    It was good. I was pleasantly surprised at how well-seasoned the tempura was.


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