Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Gift

A many number of weeks have gone by since Brother Bunji returned to NYC to work.

While it is not the ideal situation stemming from the ol' "sometimes you just have to do what you have to do", the HOchieS & Bro. are back together.

The work days are longer for all of us but especially for Bunji who more often than not works 14 hour days.

Sometimes though, we travel together.  It mostly happens in the morning and once in a while, we'll be together on evenings.

It's nice to travel together.  We joke around when we're not sleeping.

One morning this week, Bunji turned around (he was in the seat ahead of H1 and myself) and presented me with a closed fist.

I cautiously put out my hand to receive the contents which he dropped non-chalantly, and he turned around before I had time to even process what he gave me.



Thanks, Bunji.

They're in my bag if you're looking to get them back.

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