Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Strange Tree

There is a giant tree in H1's yard.

As awesome as a great tree it is, it still has been a source of great dismay these past few years.

I suppose that is true of all trees to which we humans are allergic (and certainly is not the intentional fault of the tree).

As with all trees too, there's also always concern of falling branches in the winter or during fierce thunder storms in the summer.

Do not get me wrong though because I love the tree.

In the Spring time, it makes for a good place to cleverly hide Easter eggs.

In October, it harbours witches and ghouls for a frightfully fun Halloween.

And all through the year, it gives shade to Boo-Head's play house and has been a fine enhancement to the games of tag and hide-and-seek.

The other day, however, I noticed something rather peculiar.

What the heck?

What is that? It's almost of if the tree's growing another nub! Branch! Or whatever it is!


The tree's pregnant!

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