Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday Lunch

I kinda remember those days of Sunday Lunch in Trinidad.

The stewed chicken, the callalloo, the crab, rice and boiled plantains always made for the best lunch on Sundays.

Man, those were the days.

These days, some of those things are not as readily accessible and therefore, as regular for Sunday.

Though there still is the attempt to cook something that day for the family to enjoy.

A few weeks ago, Momma HOchie made something new to us.

 Salmon burgers

Burger insides.

With lentils, rice and yep... pig tail.  
You must have the pig tails in the lentils!

A beautiful meal now complete with beautiful chinese greens.

I may miss the old days sometimes, but these new days are pretty tasty too.


  1. I wonder when last MC get food like this?

  2. That's so mean.

    MC should come to NY for a week of good times.

  3. X I throw down like this every week for me and the wife. She can't get enough of my Sunday lunchables.

  4. Your comment MC, seemed dirty. You are always sullying BloggieBoo. It's probably the reason it asked me to moderate and approve the comments you left.


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