Wednesday, April 14, 2010

That Frien' of Mine

Last Christmas, Gen' Frien' put together a very thoughtful lucky bag for me.  It was the cutest thing - full of candy, drawing supplies and a bento.

Today, I received another package of greatness.

Look at the piggyh cups! Ah, she knows me so well.

"Mystery" candy? Intriguing! I wonder what awaits inside... 
will open it this weekend.

Thank you for all my accessories to a better bento box builder!

A thank you is in order for forcing me to start making them too. 

I sadly did not get to photograph them but the t-shirts you sent for the kids are INCREDIBLE.  I will take pictures soon.

The kids will model and get the work out there.  Indeed.

Sitting at the bottom of my box was the coolest bit of promotional material from one of my favourite bands, from their very first album.

 And for this, I thank you, 
Gen' Frien' for feeding my obsessions.  Heh.

Update on 4/15/2010: 
Okay, Gen'? Meltyblend are greatness! I don't know why that's the first time I've had them...
And the gummie were awesome.  I have to hide the rest from Bunji so that H1 may get some upon her return from her mini-vacation.

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