Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Tuesday, Another 4 AM Stint

Last time I did this it was actually a Wednesday, it seems - so states the blog.  And the blog never tells anything but the truth.

Whatever the case, I'd just like to say that the whole world Time Zones thing is messed up.

Curse you BST with your 9 AM shenanigans and curse you EDT with your lack of EST'ness.  Who knew we were currently in EDT here in NYC?! I'm sure lots but the fact is, I didn't!

Well, that's not true either...I did know but forgot that's the proper term.

While I'm at it, curse my various systems with their various Time Zones and asking me to set clocks (I'm looking angrily at you PSP).

And curse the UK for being 2 minutes ahead of NY.

Okay, that last bit...was just a computer clock error on my part.

Rambling much?

Yes, yes I am!

Maybe I should go to bed...

With dreams of Gorillaz in my head.

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