Monday, May 17, 2010

Because I Love You

Hey Frass,

Remember that song? Of course you do.  I'm sure you are a huge Stevie W. fan.

Well, I dedicate that song to you.  Or at least that one line. 


Because I loved you enough today to eat a Happy Meal and buy you a prezzie -

And you always thought I was the Evil HOchie.

You were incorrect!

If you wanted to find evil though, look no further than H1...

With Lots of Love today (and it's not even your birthday but that does remind me that X's is coming up),

Or 2.


  1. OK, now I have to ensure that song is in my iTunes library. Haven't rocked that classic jam in ages! And muchas gracias for Pinocchio! He looks awesome! He's my fave along with Gingerbread Man from Shrek. lol

  2. H1 had me confusing that one with the 'I just called to say I love you' track. I'm still confused.

    I went back today to get a Donkayh because I stupidly didn't buy him yesterday and he's gone already. I did get Puss n' Boots though...hilarious.

    No problem on the Pinocchio. I will call in a favour when Toy Story 3 toys come out...just you wait. Heh.

    Oo, I got the Gingerbread man yesterday for BH and myself. He cracks me up too.

  3. Oh, yeah, you meant to type Stevie B. I wasn't even thinking about the Stevie Wonder song.

    Toy Story 3! How rad! lol I wonder when those arrive? Maybe the first week of June?

  4. Ah, that's the one. You are correct.

    Rad? Who uses "rad" still?!

    As for Toy Story 3. I am a bit seems Shrek watches appear on June 11th followed by Avatar The Movie (M. Night Shamaladingdong) toys.

    If Toy Story 3 is coming out on June 18th, I don't see a release date for toys!!!!!!

  5. Cork peeps still say 'rad'. :D

    I did a google search and found this: :(

    "Movie fans won't see Toy Story 3 products at fast food outlets like McDonald's or Burger King, deals that were a part of the first two films.

    "We walked away from those partnerships a few years ago because of concerns about childhood obesity and health," says Dunne. "Now, the emphasis is on healthy foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, and you'll see a lot of those products in the food aisle." Disney has signed with a number of food vendors, including National Raisin, to create small, kid-size packages of Toy Story 3 healthy snacks."

    Lame. So now kids gets get to be fat AND have no free toys.

  6. Hahahahaha "cork" people--now that's one I haven't heard in years!!! Fat + no free toys does not equal goo'times.

  7. Frass, don't you mean "corked" people?

    I told you we weren't bringing that one back!

    Clearly X, you were not around when he brought this up in the not so distant past. He's been on a campaign to resurrect that word. Please do not encourage him.

    As for Disney - people do not have to buy the food from McD's. For $1.40 you can just buy a toy. They just want the money for themselves with the line, stinking evil Disney!!!!

    What a bunch of bullshart. I was so looking forward to it too.


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