Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday to X and Luuuuuiiiiissssss.

As I was thinking about it yesterday, you two are one of three pair sets of frenemies that have birthdays on the same day.

Clee and Beetchie share a day.

Bughie J. and TD5 also share a day.

It's a bit of trivia I'm sure you didn't really care to know but now you do!

X, I went to McD's yesterday to buy you a donkayh but they rotated the toys already.  =(  Sorry...I'll search somewhere else.


  1. Would you say there are similarities between the pairs? I mean, I know the March pair is the most awesomest pair ever :)

  2. And this is what the blog has to say:


    Yes, bloggie boo, they are neurotic nuts - all of them.

    - H1

  3. Beetchie, I'm not sure about the most awesomest for the March pair.

    I was thinking the lamest.

    Bloggie Boo, Speaker of Truthiness. Always.

  4. yay birthday!!!!!! May definitely rules, but no dunkayh?!?!?! wtf...McD is messing with me...."quaner"

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  6. What are you trying to say then, Bughie J.?

    My frenemies are not special?!?! Because you guys are very special. Bwahahahahaha.


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