Monday, May 03, 2010

Sunday with Cupcakes and Pennacools: May 2, 2010

I have decided to do a new feature here on the BloggieBoo.  It's not that I necessarily want to torture MC (especially this week, there's no torture AT ALL for him) but H1 and I have decided to chronicle our meals on Sunday.

Truthfully, The HOchieS rarely do "Sunday Lunch".  We do more of a Sunday Dinner but isn't the idea of "Sunday Lunch" the thing's that most sacred?

I would kindly ask that no one point out that we have not had a true Trini Sunday Lunch in some years now, thereby bastardizing anything sacred.

At my suggestion (because I am always so full of great ideas), we feasted on pesto spaghetti with shrimp.

H1 threw in a salad and garlic toast, and Luuuuiiiiiisssss bought whole wheat linguine instead of spaghetti.

I know, I'm not sure why it is people mess with brilliance and add their own things either.

This is a close up?
 The whole enchilada.  Or pasta plate.  
Whatever you fancy calling it.
Why hello, Shrimp and Pasta companion.
And hello to you, blue cheese dressing and salad friend of yours.
Lookin' good there, Garlic Bread.

If anyone ever wondered, let you wonder no longer.  I have the best shishtah.  She's the kind of Shishtah that goes to the local Spanish Grocery brings home a Spanish Milk Pennacool type dealie for me.

Not only does she bring home one, she brings home four!

Well, it may be that all four are not for me but that is alright! Because she brings me tidings of sweet potato flavoured goodness!


Now, call me crazy but I do not remember there being "flavours" to pennacools unless we're talking colour flavours.  You know: White flavour, pink flavour, green flavour, blue flavour and orange flavour.

I suppose though one cannot expect these pennacools to be Trini pennacools but never mind, they're still milky and good right?


My Batata one was yummy.  It was a little bit grainy as expected but yummy, nonetheless (I must confess that this was my true Sunday Lunch).

After a Saturday night debacle involving 1/2 cup too much of buttermilk, we created that great chocolate sheet cake and put it in cupcake form.

 Oo, those silicone cups I got from S. Cheeks 
really are something special.

Then we topped them with some really awesome butter frosting.

H1 did all the work this time - well, almost all of the work.

She may tell you that her cupcake was dipped all pretty-like into the sprinkles while mine was a disaster but I would like all to do a side by side comparison.

 H1's cupcake.

My cupcake next to H1's.  
Do not let the addition of cherry sway your judgment!


  1. Avocado pie. Recently discovered. Good times. Please reproduce for future visits. Thank :)

  2. What the heck is Avocado pie?

    Provide picture and recipe or description, and we will reproduce for ourselves when you are not around.

    And thanks.

  3. It's avocado with condensed milk. It will turn you into a "hoggento."

  4. I looked it up knowing fully well I would get no response from that demanding Beetchie - who does only that and nothing else.

    I'm not sure..I'd try a piece but to make a whole pie might just seem like it would go to waste.

    Therefore, Beetchie gets nothing.

    Thanks, X.

  5. So many questions..
    1. What the eff is batata?
    2. Since when do they start putting kids faces on penna cools? Scary much
    3. What's up with Luissssss and the whole grain? ehhhh
    4. Even without the cherry, H1's cupcake is a tad mor appealing. Well that really wasn't a question now was it.

    Oh and I got hiphom...Blog racism resurfaces

  6. MC:


    1. Batata is sweet potato

    2. It's not a child; it's Mamita! she makes the pennacools, it seems.

    3. Luuuiiiiiiisssssss doesn't like me but he may like our hearts and health.

    4. My cupcake is super awesome. You and H1 are just super jealous!

    The blog continues to speak smoothiness!


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