Saturday, May 08, 2010

Too Defined

I came across some pictures from the Jlist website of a Revoltech figure of Batman the other day.  This figure is set for release at some point this year.

To me, this particular figure is not very appealing.  The suit does not look good and almost seems too dull in colour, plain and downright ugly.  I am also confused by the golden gun/utility belt and I am fairly certain this is M. Keaton's Batman.

There's nothing wrong with M. Keaton's portrayal of Batman.  I would like to state right now that we should all agree that Kevin Conroy is the best Batman in the history of Batmen.

The thing that made me incredibly frightened by this figure was...

::here's your chance to avert your eyes to spare from burning and saving a weak heart if you have one::

his ass.

His backside is um... not right.

And now that I have drawn your attention to his ass, let me traumatize you further by drawing attention to that bit hanging down in the middle.

Will you also be having nightmares tonight?


  1. Wayne Enterprises must make a fortune in the guano industry!

  2. Yuck!

    That's where the money comes from!

  3. That is quite obviously the "Bat Cup"...and he's a WASP of course he has no bum. I say it's just realistic!

  4. Let us revisit that pic of the Ho's sticking their backsides out......

  5. Beetchie - that is true of M.K. I guess? I must say I have not looked to verify if it's really true.

    Alex has pointed out that there must be something in the food or water for the past few years. We have noticed an increase of major butts on some weople girls these the point of obscenity!

    Buckwheat: I've got an Assback. Alex on the other hand... She says she used to have better but JJ took from her at birth.

  6. B, turns out that's the figure for Batman 3. So it'll be Mr. Bale donning that ridonkulous outfit. I had a feeling it wasn't MK's cause he had a yellow utility belt and a yellow background to the batman logo on his chest (yea I'm a nerd, shaddup!).

    And what is this about a pic w/ backsides o_O!

  7. Say it ain't so, B.! Say it ain't so! Hmm...I still don't buy that is the jaw of Bale on the part of the manufacturers but thank you for the info.

    (And yes, you are a nerd but it may be that I am a nerd for knowing you.)

    Speaking of ridonkulous - H1 and I laughed when we saw the preview for Shrek: The Final Chapter and Puss in Boots called Donkey that. We thought of you.

    Picture? Backsides? Please review this blog post

    There was no asshattery involved.


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