Friday, June 25, 2010

Ah Yes, Futurama is Back

Let us all rejoice and curse that merciful Poseidon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Party on, Duck

Moodou had a party thrown in his honour last Saturday, and was presented with pyos of all the things he will need when he makes an appearance.

Even at a baby's shower, there is always that one fool who does not know how to act right.

 It's a wholesome affair for now...

Pink umbrellas, baby bottles, baby games.

A rocking horse, blue umbrellas, more games.

Broccoli and cheddar cheese quiche
with a beautiful side salad and veggies.

And then, 1 glass of wine later...

A duck brings out some chicks.

Like I said, no behaviour.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Toy Story About MC

This day, I made a revelation about MC.

Before I begin, I would like everyone to get a tissue in hand because this one is going to be a tear-jerker.  Of course, if you are a bastard then you might want to get a tissue to wipe up the spit from your computer screens from laughter.

It has come to my attention in recent months that MC hates the Toy Story series.

It baffled all as to how one person could dislike that series but I have finally figured it out.  The clues were in a bit of childhood history of MC's that some may not have known.

As a child, MC did not know he had a Birthday.  He did not know what a birthday was or what day that would be or anything of the sort.  It's a weird story but then, I surmise his Granny was somehow behind that sad, unbelievable tale.

The facts above led me to the conclusion that since he did not know about birthdays, he obviously did not have parties and perhaps, he did not get presents and more specifically, toys.

Having only been told on his 10th birthday at which point he probably no longer cared or believed such things existed, MC probably never had a toy to love.

Using my "B-" Logic assessment, we can conclude that MC has no heart or at the very least never had one to love a plastic or plush friend, hence the reason he cannot associate emotions with the Toy Story series.

I can also say that I spoke about my theory with MC today and he has confirmed that what I say is true.

No. 4 and No. 11 Only, Please

I recently stumbled upon greatness.

This August, a Doctor Who Box Set of all 11 Doctors in action figure form, is set for release.

It comes neatly packaged in a TARDIS box!

While this is one of the greatest things I have seen, I would only need the Fourth and Eleventh incarnations of the Doctor.

In case anyone is confused as to which those are, I have marked up a copy to demonstrate.

I believe the figures are all sold separately but I would also need a TARDIS to go with them.  Maybe two! That might be a dangerous situation though, so I will have to think about it.  I also have not watched the David Tennant series which I hear was quite good.  If I like Tennant, I may need the Tenth Doctor as well.

In other Doctor Who news, H1 and I watched the second of the two part episode today called "Cold Blood".  It was a twist of an ending that dealt with the overall main series story arc but it had me distraught.

I know none of you I know are watching it because you all suck, so I will go ahead and say it.


I fancied him but suspected that this was coming.  It was a bitter ending and just one of two shocks for the main plot.  I did not know how much more I could take but I only hope they do not write a crappy end to the arc because as of now, this show has been pure brilliance.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Conflicted: Pongsri or Pam Real Thai?

The HOchieS' may have found a new Thai place for all of us to try.

Great frenemies that we are however, we tried it without you all first to make sure it was even worth everyone's time.

It's a little bit of a haul from the office and is all the way on 10th Avenue and 48th St., and takes cash only.

We tried the food we would usually get at Pongsri except pineapple fried rice.

 Fried Taro Cakes

Even though a part of me is ruined for eating raw taro, I will still wearily eat it when presented in different ways i.e. cooked only.  I am happy that my brain is so stupid sometimes because the fried taro cakes were wonderful with lots of great flavour.

 Chicken and Mushroom Dumplings

The chicken and mushroom dumplings were our second appetizer.  I don't really enjoy chicken dumplings but again, they were well-seasoned and tasty with good texture.

We then tried a Thai sausage fried rice.  I'm not sure I liked the sausage that much but mainly because I think I am used to eating my lapchongs.

Thai Sausage Fried Rice

For once H1 was grateful for the cucumbers to cut the salt.

Next we went with chicken red thai curry.  It was not as sweet as Pongsri's but the flavour was amazing and more intense.  Pongsri lost that round.

 Thai Red Curry

We then ate a crispy fried duck and it was mega salty.  I prefer pongsri's duck due to the texture (and too much salt on PRThai's).  I know it said crispy fried duck but it was almost a wasted meal not being able to taste anything duck-like and to just have the duck fried to unrecognizable chewy bits of meat.

Ped Pad Grow (methinks) Duck - 
Sure looks good in that picture now though.

I did not get to try a dessert there, nor do I even know what was on the menu but that's okay.  There's always the next time! I did get a Thai Iced tea though and I liked it a lot.  It was good on tea and not too sweet to have the sensation of drinking condensed milk.

 Thai Iced Tea

I think right now Pam Real Thai might have a bit of an edge over Pongsri but needed to lay off the salt.  There are lots more dishes to try, so the next is question is when will we all go together to make a proper decision on which place is better?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Toy Story 3

From the moment the trash scene began until the end of the movie, I cried.

That's right.

I am not ashamed to say that I cried a lot.

Other than to say that I cried, I would also like to say that I'm happy Andy grew up to be semi good-looking.

I was worried about him for a while there.

The pixar short was the worst one though.

Happy Dropday, Brother Breadfruit


Happy Birthday, Bunji!

I did not get you anything for your birthday but intended I feel bad.  I'll pick something up sometime not that you care.

This does not mean I don't want pyos from you for mine, Bunji.

Poor June and Gen' Frien' get treated poorly for your birthdays.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cart Life: Drinking Our Fruit

For some months now, the Fresh Fruit cart has made an appearance on one of the streets near work and we have been almost daily visitors.

It just occurred to me as I typed that that I wonder just how much money that effin' cart has gotten from me!

The cart is run by these two Asians.  The girl who mainly handles the money is a cutie.  She recognizes us when we come along and how could she not? We tip them every time.

The guy, who is less friendly makes pretty damned good smoothies.

But like every good cart, it has its shadiness.  The shadiness makes the smoothies taste even better probably.

There are fan-made Naruto characters plastered all over the cart.  They're all chibi and they hang from pictures of fruit.  It's not the only series borrowed from and most hilarious to me is the famous Misato picture of her enjoying swigging back a cold one.

Of course, the picture has been altered to represent a smoothie in hand rather than the trademark beer.  In no known universe would Misato be so excited to be drinking a smoothie.  No way.

Other shady dealings with the cart include the cups we get our smoothies in sometimes.

The first time we went, the smoothie cup had a franchise name on it for a smoothie and fresh fruit company.

The second time it had Regal Cinemas on it.

Every other time after that the cup has been some completely unrelated and I am wondering if a crap load of cups fell off the back of some trucks, hence the reason the smoothies are so cheap at $3.00 for a 16 oz.

It may also explain why the girl will sometimes draw a smiley face on the cup.  It's there as a ploy to distract me! It's all a ruse to make me think she remembers me and is friendly for a bigger cover up!

Whatever the case may be, the Smoothie cart wins and the colours from the blended fruit are beautiful.

Drinkable fruit is good stuff.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Because I Need To Make a List

I know I have Amazon for it but not all these things are on there yet to be added to my wish list!

I took a second look at the games coming out for the 3DS today and made a list of all the ones I am interested in. 

I'll be cursing Nintendo a lot within the next year. 

Animal Crossing
Kid Icarus
Mario Kart
Paper Mario
Etrian Odyssey
Shin Megami Tensei
Resident Evil: Revelations (what the hell...can't be that scary on a hand-held, right? Bwahahaha, who am I kidding?)
Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle (more like Mask of Headaches...I can see frustration now from a 3D related puzzle.  Oh Hershel.)
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest
Codename: Chocobo Racing 3D

A Boy and His Blob

And all this for games that are not even out yet and ONLY DS related!!!  What about all the games I still have to play or want?!

The Last Story (no release in sight or details...phew)
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011)
Professor Layton and The Unwound Future
Super Scribblenauts
Rock Band 3

Thank goodness I didn't see anything from the PS3's Move list that I wanted.

And thank goodness for reviews.  I'll just wait for those...

Obsession(s) of the Week(s): 5/23/2010 to Until the End of June, I Reckon

Doctor Who

The HOchieS were fans of the Fourth Doctor many years ago. That series starring Tom Baker, was one we grew up watching as children. A love of science fiction was more than likely shaped by our many hours watching that funny man with big curly hair, and long colourful scarf as he travelled around the Universe and time in a Police Box, fondly known as TARDIS. Recently, I started watching the current Doctor Who series starring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor. With Steven Moffat (Coupling) as the head writer.

Matt Smith, The Eleventh Doctor

Having not watched the series in about oh...25 years, I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. I discovered that Steven Moffat was writing and that was reason alone to be interested. Then I saw that a new, really young actor was cast in the role of The Doctor. Times change but was it just some sort of idiotic plot to pump new blood into an already long-standing, well-established series to capture a young demographic? After watching the two part episodes involving the Weeping Angels, I must admit - I'm enthralled by Matt Smith. He can be a little hard on the eyes (but if he turns to the side, he's just fine) but his acting is superb. He speaks quickly and I cannot catch it all sometimes but he's doing a fantastic job playing this complicated character. He's harsh, witty, can be cute in ways, quirky and downright bitchy.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesdays Can Be Fun Too

The week got off to a pretty dismal start.

With not-so-cool work-related things and the rumours that Matt Bells might be 'dating' that whore bitch, Kate Talentless Hudson (WHY MATT?! Say it ain't so! And what about Gaia?!?! Sure she's part of the reason I have an unfounded dislike of Italy but at least she was SMART!), Monday seemed like the crappiest crap for crap in a long history of crap.

Then Tuesday came and I actually felt excitement.

Real excitement.  It's the kind of nerdish excitement that I'm not so sure I've ever truly felt before.

Nintendo's E3 Press Conference made me giddy; perhaps too giddy?

I'm coming off my high now but a new The Legend of Zelda called "Skyward Sword" is coming in 2011.  Truthfully I'm not feeling that incredibly excited about it as I thought I would, but I am catching Nintendo 3DS fever.

It's a beautiful thing.

I suspect it MIIIIGGGHHTTT give me a headache or nausea but rest assured that once I find out on Day 1 of release, I will be sure to update the blog of my sad follies.

The Launch Title will be Kid Icarus and while I was not hardcore back in the day to have ever have known the fun times (so says everyone) of Pit, I am feeling excited for that.

The long list of games is making my head spin and if the rumours are true and Ocarina of Time is getting a 3D remake, I'm even more excited that maybe Mask of Majora will follow soon after.

H1 would probably tell me to stop speaking nerd at this point and she is right.  I should stop.

But I have one question.

Which colour should I get?

photo source:

Classic black
Cutie blue

Or this stunning red?

I'm feeling slightly partial to the blue although the red is just awesome.  I would not get a black because H1's DSi is black....we've been there and done that.  However, our first DS was also red.  Not so shiny a red but still red.  


P.S. As for Matt might be time to move on from one hid. Brit Matt to another.  I'm thinking Matt Smith.  What's not to love about Doctor Who?!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

That Effin' Moonface

For a moment, there was excitement when I showed H1 the discovery I made in my Nintendo DSi Ware newsletter.

Oh how happy H1 was! She thought it was a game starring our favourites! Then she was less excited to discover it was only a book to be read on the DSi.  It's still exciting but less so for her, I think.  I was not sure how she wanted to play a game based on The Magic Faraway Tree.

She told me a story about how she would slide down the Slippery Slip and explore whatever crazy new world was atop the Magic Faraway Tree.

I've always wanted to eat a real google bun or pop biscuit but H1...she wants to push that Moonface down the Slippery Slip.

She has always had a hate for Moonface, she tells me.

Then, as if her rage was not bad enough for not only not having a game based on Enid Blyton's classic to play... she made note of "certain changes" to the text.

H1: Who the eff is Rick?!
Or 2:..What?
H1: "...their cousin Rick"?! Who is RICK???!!!!
Or 2: Oh.  It's Dick. Ohhhh.  They...changed it.

Currently listening to: "The Fool on the Hill" by The Beatles

Saturday, June 12, 2010

England, Whip Them

It's that time again - WORLD CUP!

This year I will miss not having MC and Frass around for the finals and a trek to the city with MC to try to find a supporting team shirt.

So I haven't really been following anyone in particular but you know the drill from this HOchie - the teams for me are England and Germany.

Today is the England vs USA match and to those who think just because I live in the US that I should support the US team? That's bullshit.

Maybe when the U.S. starts calling the sport by its real name and people here stop their close-minded mentality, I might consider respecting them some.


In the meanwhile, England - go forth and destroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Unhappy Observation for the Day

Exactly how much money did Mattel pump into Pixar, Disney and the new Toy Story movie?

What is the relationship?

Why is it EVERY FRICKIN' TIME I see a preview for Toy Story 3, there is focus on Barbie and Ken?

Fortune Cookie: The Lies Continue

H1 got the following fortune from her cookie on Monday:

Well, shit.

Don't ask me because I just don't know how she gave birth to BooHead either.

Non-Believers of Bieber Fever

As long as there are tweens (and those slightly older), there will be a tween "idol" who will be "the next big thing" to assault our ears and make our eyes bleed.

A few years ago it was Chris Brown, followed by Miley Cyrus and now that arrogant, incredibly stupid little child Justin Bieber.

As long as they exist, they will continue to show at Rock. Center to put on a show during the NBC concert series and I will forever be cursing everyone in the area.

Or I could wise up and take a different route to work so as to not have to deal with smelly girls, which is exactly what happened last Friday.

Cafe Zaiya really is a saviour, you know.

Of course, what fun would Bloggie Boo have or be if The HOchieS did not take pictures of the kids the day before?

Already I see pink.

Any shameless, old hardbacks in the line as with Chris Brown?
No, but...what's that boy doing there?! 
Trust me boy - 1. You don't want any tween who likes Bieber.  
Have some self-respect.  2. You don't want Bieber.  
The kid is ugly, stupid and is stuck with a permanent bad hair day.  
Again, have some self-respect.

Well, only a few parents there who are decent
parents that will not allow their kids to sleep in Midtown without supervision.  
So they went a little wrong and their kids 
ended up liking Bieber...stuff happens sadly. 
And what else do I see? One cut-eye from that girl in the corner.  Nice.

You know what hurt me the most about the day of the sleeping on the street before the "mini-concert"? The fact that it did not downpour like it was supposed to.  I was so looking forward to selling $5.00 ponchos for $50.00 to those fools...

Monday, June 07, 2010

Gear Up

After over a one year hiatus, the Oxtails are coming to you LIVE at some point in 2010.

After in-band dissent and controversy swirling around members, with added inspiration from idol band Spinal Tap and the affinity to being unable to hold a drummer, the Oxtails are re-grouping with its two stable members.

Life has somewhat changed for The Oxtails.

The Guitarist G, has become immersed in Veterinarian School and is currently learning how to induce anesthesia.  Surely her skills and acquired knowledge from Vet. School will be of use when other band members of The Oxtails become ill.
Certainly we can put her to use when Oxymorons faint on cue.

Surely her skills from her large, farm animals class will pay off...right?

Lead Singer Zarnyx/Sariel (which one is it?!) was still having an identity crisis but it was ultimately decided (at least today...who knows what tomorrow will bring?) that Zarnyx will step in to take over full vocal duties.

New Management? Hardly, as H1 is still at the helm - barking orders, ensuring frugal spending and kicking ass.

The Drummer: still wanted.  No set drummer has been enlisted since the scandal involving a drunken X, lack of band practice and now...a baby on the way?!?!?!

The Bassist: In an attempt to find his blackness and false truths (everyone but the bassist remembers his true calling), MC has gone off to spin tunes and has chosen a new solo career path as a DJ.
He assures us his skills will be returned to the Oxtails at some point to make the band even edgier.  We have yet to hear that he even got a turntable much less some beats.  We are not holding our breath.

And as if we needed to add more trouble to the mix...

For this new line-up, we are currently holding auditions for a keyboardist.

Bughie J. may have the most recent experience with a keyboard but if all else fails i.e. if Bughie J. cannot be our ivory wiz due to sickness from daily bug inhalation on his nightly jogs, H1 may have to step in as both Manager and Keyboardist citing 2 years of classical training in the piano.

"'Do-re-mi' and 'Chopsticks' nevah sounded so gooood", is what the world will be chanting.

Stay Tuned...

Happy Anniversary...! day late, MC and KImpossible!

I was supposed to go on here yesterday and do this but the L&O: SVU Killer Co-Ed Marathon sucked me in.


Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Brick

On Thursday, Alex and I were walking back from an afternoon break and came across a man, whose bag had fallen and opened up on the sidewalk.

He was quickly gathering his various belongings before losing them to the streets of Midtown.

I slowed for a moment to make sure he did not need any assistance but quickly realised he had everything under control.

He had everything weighed down by a brick in his bag.


It took me a few seconds to process it but yes, he had a brick and said brick was in his bag.

It's not everyday you come across A Suit with a brick in his bag.  Perhaps this is something Suits do and I am not aware?

Here are a few of the conclusions some of us came up with:

1. Alex on "The Sample Brick": Maybe that brick is a sample that he's taking home for a renovation project.

2. Or 2 on "The Murdering Brick": Or maybe we need to leave right now and pretend we never saw him.  A brick? In a bag? Looks like a soon-to-be murder weapon to me.  His wife... oh, no.

3. H1 on "The Swinging Brick": He's one of those New Yorkers who walks around with a brick in his bag to swing at people who try to mess with him.  Good thing you didn't help him.

So, those are our running theories at the moment.

And everyone else?

What do you think that brick is for?

The HOchieS look forward to your thoughts in the comments section.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Gen' Frien'!

I hope you have a wonderful day.  I hope I remembered the right day... heh.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit. Hare, Hare, Hare.

Best of luck to all this month...
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