Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cart Life: Drinking Our Fruit

For some months now, the Fresh Fruit cart has made an appearance on one of the streets near work and we have been almost daily visitors.

It just occurred to me as I typed that that I wonder just how much money that effin' cart has gotten from me!

The cart is run by these two Asians.  The girl who mainly handles the money is a cutie.  She recognizes us when we come along and how could she not? We tip them every time.

The guy, who is less friendly makes pretty damned good smoothies.

But like every good cart, it has its shadiness.  The shadiness makes the smoothies taste even better probably.

There are fan-made Naruto characters plastered all over the cart.  They're all chibi and they hang from pictures of fruit.  It's not the only series borrowed from and most hilarious to me is the famous Misato picture of her enjoying swigging back a cold one.

Of course, the picture has been altered to represent a smoothie in hand rather than the trademark beer.  In no known universe would Misato be so excited to be drinking a smoothie.  No way.

Other shady dealings with the cart include the cups we get our smoothies in sometimes.

The first time we went, the smoothie cup had a franchise name on it for a smoothie and fresh fruit company.

The second time it had Regal Cinemas on it.

Every other time after that the cup has been some completely unrelated and I am wondering if a crap load of cups fell off the back of some trucks, hence the reason the smoothies are so cheap at $3.00 for a 16 oz.

It may also explain why the girl will sometimes draw a smiley face on the cup.  It's there as a ploy to distract me! It's all a ruse to make me think she remembers me and is friendly for a bigger cover up!

Whatever the case may be, the Smoothie cart wins and the colours from the blended fruit are beautiful.

Drinkable fruit is good stuff.


  1. The smoothie girl is flirting with you.

  2. Naw. She might be flirting with everyone. I think she's fond of Alex.

    WV is "Decanyin". I don't think this thing tries to be appropriate for me. I think it tries to act normal around me to make X look like she's talking the crazy talk.

  3. It must be trying to make me look a fool bc I got "bersting" as in "I want a smoothie bersting with berries"...and I do. I love smoothies..


  4. It's nice when people who serve food likes you. Or maybe the tips they get are satisfactory. I always lookout for a certain waitress at this Spanish restaurant I visit about 4 times a week because she gives me embarrassing amounts of meat every time. Yesterday, I could barely eat all the oxtails in the soup I ordered.

    As for smoothies, I like only all-fruit ones and typically get them from Jamba Juice (although the prices make me want to slap somebody!).

  5. What oxtail soup you be eating so? Where is this place? When are we going somewhere? Haven't seen you in a bit.

    We get only fruit blends as well. We like the papaya, mango and strawberry combination. It's good times.

    X - A smoothie berstin' with berries?

  6. The cups are the best. I'll have to go with you for smoothies if I visit in the summer.

  7. Oooo, if you visit in the summer Gen' Frien', we can go here. Yummy stuff! I need to try the stawberry, lemon and orange combo they have going.

  8. All this talk about smoothies made me buy one when I was at the mall yesterday.

    Every Thursday I usually have a large bowl of ox-tail soup from El Sobreso (or something like that) for lunch. Located within walking distance whether I'm at home or at work.

    Today I plan to go someplace else and get a Singapore mei fun. Extra spicy. lol

  9. What sort of smoothie did you get and how were those noodles?

  10. I got a 16 oz Five Fruit Frenzy with added energy. lol I could go for another one right now. :/

    I love those rice stick noodles. And that spicy curry flavor with all those meats. Yum! I just have to always remind them that I want de-veined shrimp. They de-vein the large shrimp but like to slip some small veiny ones for me in my mei fun. Shady.

    WV "pingy"

  11. Those noodles sound like good times I could eat right now minus the shrimp with veins. Gross.


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