Saturday, June 12, 2010

England, Whip Them

It's that time again - WORLD CUP!

This year I will miss not having MC and Frass around for the finals and a trek to the city with MC to try to find a supporting team shirt.

So I haven't really been following anyone in particular but you know the drill from this HOchie - the teams for me are England and Germany.

Today is the England vs USA match and to those who think just because I live in the US that I should support the US team? That's bullshit.

Maybe when the U.S. starts calling the sport by its real name and people here stop their close-minded mentality, I might consider respecting them some.


In the meanwhile, England - go forth and destroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sadly England did not whip them, but this was the most exciting game of the World Cup, thus far!

  2. Huh? World Cup? Why do I suddenly feel so sleepy... yaaaaawn.

    And of course there's no sense rooting for the American team; all the best American athletes are off playing more entertaining sports!

    (Ha, says the guy from the country where people willingly blast themselves with UV rays huffing gas fumes as cars go round and round in circles a hundred times. So embarrassing. I'd bleed black and white for the international grass-growing competition that is "soccer" in a heartbeat if it got stupid NASCAR off the damned TV...)

    As for its real name, you are absolutely correct. "Association football" it shall be from now on. Since "football" is simply far too colloquial and vulgar an abbreviation to use for this, a most noble and kingly example of athletic prowess; how is one to feel elitist, after all, when one stoops to expressing one's self in the mangled and lazy and non-conformist nomenclatures of regional dialects? I will, of course, from this moment forward expect the Hochies blog to uphold this linguistically-neutral and overly-verbose standard of pontification. I will be very disappointed should the Hochies lower themselves to refer to the aforementioned competition in a manner so profane as employing but two lowly syllables!

    Harumph! And good day! I say good day!


  3. TD5! Ugh! I saw that fumble of a 'goal'. I hope Crouch & Co. twhomped Green good at the end of game!!! Poor guy...a header from Crouch would hurt like hell. bwahaha.

    Bughie J., stop blinding me with the Queen's English!


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