Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Non-Believers of Bieber Fever

As long as there are tweens (and those slightly older), there will be a tween "idol" who will be "the next big thing" to assault our ears and make our eyes bleed.

A few years ago it was Chris Brown, followed by Miley Cyrus and now that arrogant, incredibly stupid little child Justin Bieber.

As long as they exist, they will continue to show at Rock. Center to put on a show during the NBC concert series and I will forever be cursing everyone in the area.

Or I could wise up and take a different route to work so as to not have to deal with smelly girls, which is exactly what happened last Friday.

Cafe Zaiya really is a saviour, you know.

Of course, what fun would Bloggie Boo have or be if The HOchieS did not take pictures of the kids the day before?

Already I see pink.

Any shameless, old hardbacks in the line as with Chris Brown?
No, but...what's that boy doing there?! 
Trust me boy - 1. You don't want any tween who likes Bieber.  
Have some self-respect.  2. You don't want Bieber.  
The kid is ugly, stupid and is stuck with a permanent bad hair day.  
Again, have some self-respect.

Well, only a few parents there who are decent
parents that will not allow their kids to sleep in Midtown without supervision.  
So they went a little wrong and their kids 
ended up liking Bieber...stuff happens sadly. 
And what else do I see? One cut-eye from that girl in the corner.  Nice.

You know what hurt me the most about the day of the sleeping on the street before the "mini-concert"? The fact that it did not downpour like it was supposed to.  I was so looking forward to selling $5.00 ponchos for $50.00 to those fools...

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