Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesdays Can Be Fun Too

The week got off to a pretty dismal start.

With not-so-cool work-related things and the rumours that Matt Bells might be 'dating' that whore bitch, Kate Talentless Hudson (WHY MATT?! Say it ain't so! And what about Gaia?!?! Sure she's part of the reason I have an unfounded dislike of Italy but at least she was SMART!), Monday seemed like the crappiest crap for crap in a long history of crap.

Then Tuesday came and I actually felt excitement.

Real excitement.  It's the kind of nerdish excitement that I'm not so sure I've ever truly felt before.

Nintendo's E3 Press Conference made me giddy; perhaps too giddy?

I'm coming off my high now but a new The Legend of Zelda called "Skyward Sword" is coming in 2011.  Truthfully I'm not feeling that incredibly excited about it as I thought I would, but I am catching Nintendo 3DS fever.

It's a beautiful thing.

I suspect it MIIIIGGGHHTTT give me a headache or nausea but rest assured that once I find out on Day 1 of release, I will be sure to update the blog of my sad follies.

The Launch Title will be Kid Icarus and while I was not hardcore back in the day to have ever have known the fun times (so says everyone) of Pit, I am feeling excited for that.

The long list of games is making my head spin and if the rumours are true and Ocarina of Time is getting a 3D remake, I'm even more excited that maybe Mask of Majora will follow soon after.

H1 would probably tell me to stop speaking nerd at this point and she is right.  I should stop.

But I have one question.

Which colour should I get?

photo source: www.kotaku.com

Classic black
Cutie blue

Or this stunning red?

I'm feeling slightly partial to the blue although the red is just awesome.  I would not get a black because H1's DSi is black....we've been there and done that.  However, our first DS was also red.  Not so shiny a red but still red.  


P.S. As for Matt Bells...it might be time to move on from one hid. Brit Matt to another.  I'm thinking Matt Smith.  What's not to love about Doctor Who?!


  1. I don't have a real opinion on Khud, so I shall defer to the Hochies. New Zelda game = good. More remakes = meh to bad. 3D anything is an increasingly tedious marketing gimmick, but we know regardless of 3D Nintendo was overdue for a "new" DS being as it's been an incredible 6 months or so since the last one. If it works as well for the uni-ocss as it does for the binocs then I suppose I would have to be a little impressed. But until someone actually does something with "3D" that has real artistic merit, that truly does something that the current media cannot, I say our money is better spent elsewhere! Nevertheless, the black is pretty sleek; second choice is red. Not fond of the blue.

    As for Matt 1, he had his chance! Time to move on!

    word ver: metolds

  2. I see your word verification as being "MeTolds" as in "You tolds me. End of story".

    Or Metolds... Metroid related. A stretch but Bloggie Boo is scary clever like that.

    While I agree 3D is a marketing gimmick, I was realistically impressed (colour me so!) by the sleek look of what Nintendo had to offer.

    I think I am of the percentage of people that does not "get" 3D. It doesn't work on me. I'm not sure since I have not watched anything 3d Since The Nightmare Before Christmas. However, you and I both know that Nintendo can have their bad days but they also revolutionize gaming.

    I have come to expect great things from them over the years. They might bright something new to the market then beat it over your head until you finally cry "uncle" but those bitches know what they're doing most of the time.

    I just read up some words on the New Zelda from Miyamoto. It has me slightly more excited. However, he also said that he does not want to do just porting of old games. Maybe one day in the future OoT and MoM will be "new" games!

    I feel slightly saddened that you were not half as impressed with Kid Icarus as I thought you might be...or the entire game list. So sad. Stop trying to ruin my Tuesday!

    My word verification: cheld

    Um, what?


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